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Climb (クライム) is the former bodyguard of Princess Renner of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Owing to her for taking him in, he served the princess with unwavering loyalty, oblivious to her true nature. Even after his mistress blatantly betrayed the Kingdom, he was tricked into defecting to the Sorcerer Kingdom with her.


Climb is a young man with short blond hair and blue eyes. He wears pure white full plate armor given to him by Renner and is equipped with a broadsword and a shield.


Climb is described as a hardworking and hot-blooded person and has pledged absolute allegiance to Princess Renner. For her sake, he trains tirelessly every day to improve his swordsmanship in order to repay her kindness. Because of the preferential treatment Climb receives from the princess, he has no close relationship with anyone other than Renner. However, Climb has proven himself to be quite loyal and determined to protect those he cares about. If need be, he would even sacrifice his life for her. He is also rather naive, and dense to Renner's true personality.


Climb lived in Re-Estize during his childhood and encountered misfortune during his lifetime. His parents were gone for unknown reasons when Climb was very young, and he became a street urchin subsisting on whatever scraps of food he could find, living in an empty house where he was comfortable. Half-starved and close to death, he was later saved and taken in by the Golden Princess by chance as she passed by.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Renner and Climb about to meet Ramposa III and Gazef

Climb first appears in the Valencia Palace, while escorting Princess Renner. He greeted both King Ramposa III and Gazef Stronoff. Climb was told by Gazef that he needs to improve his swordsmanship to be able to protect Princess Renner under any circumstances.[1]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Climb was training by himself when he was interrupted by Gazef Stronoff. The two of them sparred with Gazef ending up the winner. After listening to the Warrior Captain's advice, he left to guard Princess Renner in her room.[2] He arrived to see Renner having tea with Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Tina. He was then sent out by Lakyus into the streets of the capital to send a message to Gagaran and Evileye.[3]

While heading back to the palace, he saw Sebas confronting a group of drunkards who were beating up a defenseless child. Admiring the man's strength, Climb followed Sebas into an alleyway and then tries to ask the man to teach him how to become stronger. Sebas accepted the young man's determination, agreeing to offer him a quick lesson. As a result, Sebas releases an extreme amount of killing intent directed from himself towards Climb and Brain who secretly followed them. After the blood-lust ends, Brain decided to reveal himself to the two who were conversing until now. However, their conversation was later interrupted when they were attacked by a group of assassins who were sent to kill Sebas.[4]

After defeating the assassins, Brain, Climb, and Sebas travel to the brothel. They infiltrated the brothel and captured Succulent, one of the members of Six Arms who is affiliated with Eight Fingers alongside Cocco Doll, leader of the slave trade department. It was during his fight against Succulent that Climb unleashes his newest Martial Art: Limit Breaker Mind, which he learned from confronting Sebas' killing intent. Thanks to the training with Sebas, this allowed Climb to increase all of his abilities by one level for a short period of time and uses it to fight Succulent but is ultimately unable to defeat him. He watches Brain defeat Succulent in one move while Ampetif Cocco Doll is incapacitated by Sebas. Later on, Climb went to report his findings to the Princess and explained the entire situation that had occurred.[5]

When Sebas is told to come to a warehouse alone, due to Tuare's kidnapping, four of the Six Arms were there waiting for him. Climb, Brain, and Lockmyer decided to help Sebas out with his urgency to rescue Tuare. While Sebas was busy handling the majority of the Six Arms, they went off to search for Tuare and found her in one of the cells. Although in reality, it was Succulent who was disguised as Tuare in an attempt to get the latter to let down their guard, the attempt ended in failure as he is defeated by both Climb and Lockmyer. On the other hand, Brain fought against Zero until Sebas showed up and killed Zero with a powerful heel dropkick. It was right after the fight that all four notice a wall of flame within a distance of their location. Climb realizes the sudden change and decided to head back to the palace to find out what was going on. Sebas offered his thanks to the group for taking part in the success of rescuing Tuare and all parted their separate ways soon afterward.[6]

During the Demonic Disturbance, Climb along with Brain and Lockmyer, are in charge of finding the civilians captured by the demons. On the way to the warehouses, they run into Shalltear Bloodfallen. Brain tells the two of them to run while he handles the vampire. They don't follow him and run into each other when Brain flees. The three of them check as many warehouses as they can, but only find one warehouse full of people. As they prepare to escort them to safety, a powerful demon with injuries landed near them. Brain and Climb decide that since it's injured, they should be able to defeat it on their own.[7]

After the Demonic Disturbance, Climb reports to Princess Renner of what happened in their mission. He laments that Eight Fingers can't be held accountable for the event, which was assumed to have occurred due to the strange item found in one of their warehouses, because the higher-ups want to keep the item's existence top secret. He is saddened to hear from the Princess that the women saved from the brothel earlier were all murdered in the confusion, likely by Eight Fingers' operatives. He asks what happened to the corpses because they might contain clues. Renner responds that they were found in the poor district and that they should be allowed to rest in peace. Climb apologizes and comforts the Princess, because of how sad she feels at this occurrence.[8]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Climb was having a lively discussion with Brain and Lockmyer in E-Rantel. After Lockmyer left, the two men were joined by Gazef. Gazef asked the two of them to join him at the top of the city's outer wall. The three of them talk about a variety of topics, from advice for Climb to Ainz Ooal Gown's strength to the famous adventurer Momon. The three of them then make a promise to meet and drink together after the war ends.[9]

Later on, during the war on the Katze Plains, Climb alongside Brain witnessed the rampage of Ainz Ooal Gown's Dark Young. The two of them agree to act as bait in order to give a chance for Ramposa III to escape. Saddened at the seeming waste of life, the King tells them to name what reward they want, and if they survive, he will grant it. Climb asks for nothing, saying he exists to serve Renner. He is shocked when Brain asks that Climb be allowed to marry Princess Renner and again when the King replies that he should be given a lordship first.

He and Brain later run into Gazef on the battlefield, where they both see Ainz Ooal Gown for the first time. Climb is terrified when he sees Ainz and apologizes to the two of them. He is shocked when the Sorcerer King asks for the Warrior Captain's fealty in exchange for halting the Dark Young's rampage. He and Brain serve as witnesses to Gazef's duel with Ainz Ooal Gown after the former refuses the deal and challenges the latter. Climb rings a bell as the signal to start the duel. He and Brain do not see how Gazef is defeated due to Ainz casting a "Time Stop" spell as soon as the duel begins and his subsequent use of a Delay: True Death spell to instantly finish the battle. Ainz tells them to tell the royalty and nobility that the Dark Young will not attack the capital if E-Rantel and its surrounding areas are ceded to him. Climb and Brain can only watch as the Sorcerer King takes his leave. Brain decides to carry Gazef's body back while Climb carries Razor Edge. They talk about how war is likely to happen if a creature like that calls himself a king. Climb thinks to himself that the most important thing is to protect Renner.[10]

Later that night, Climb finds Brain on the outermost wall of E-Rantel, grieving over the death of his rival and friend. When Brain asks him what Gazef was thinking, Climb responds by saying that he personally believes that Warrior Captain challenged the Sorcerer King despite knowing he would die, because he wanted the two of them to know Ainz Ooal Gown's power, in the hopes of using that information in the future. They talk about Gazef's desire to not be resurrected and how Climb says that, if he could, he would accept resurrection and serve the Princess until he becomes dust. Brain says the two of them should drink in order to try and get past the sorrow they both feel right now.[11]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Climb is waiting outside an orphanage with Tina until his pocket watch vibrates, signaling that it's time to leave. He goes inside to tell Renner and Evileye that it is time to go. The four of them leave in a carriage.

Inside the carriage, Renner tells them her plan to use the orphanage as a tool to make sure orphans don't turn into criminals, a way to give the widows from the war a job, and a way to find promising new talent for the future. He hears Evileye say that she can't defeat the Sorcerer King and that she is uncertain who is more powerful between the Sorcerer King and Momon. Climb personally believes that the undead magic caster is more powerful due to seeing his power firsthand.

Along the way, Climb accompanies Renner as she talks with her older brother. A few days later, when the Sorcerer Kingdom's emissary asks to speak with the Princess alone in her chambers, Climb grew apprehensive. He ultimately decides to follow through with Renner's orders and leaves the two of them alone, exiting the room afterward.[12]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

It was revealed that Climb was appointed as one of Renner's guards outside the throne room where the meeting between King Ramposa III and Albedo had transpired. After the meeting was over, he and Brain who were waiting outside the room have been later ordered by Renner to go to her room while she went off with Zanac to have a meeting with Ramposa.[13]

While the capital Re-Estize is already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, Climb, Renner and Brain were informed by the few remaining knights that Blue Roses was waiting for them after they had returned to the palace. To guarantee Renner's escape to safety, Climb and Brain had discussed in secret about arranging a carriage outside of the palace. Before meeting with Blue Roses, Climb prepared water and a towel for Renner to wipe away her sweat before heading off with Brain to take a quick shower. Since the maids weren’t there, Climb had no choice but to help groom Renner.

After a discussion between Renner and Lakyus began, he was shocked to find that all of a sudden, Gagaran and Tia launched a decisive combo attack repeatedly on their team leader. He went to Renner's side, shielding and covering the princess from whatever harm the remaining Blue Roses members were plotting against Lakyus. He was threatened by Evileye to hold still and not make any foolish move on them until they successfully accomplished their scheme which is to drug and cast [Charm Person] on their leader.

However, upon learning of Blue Roses' reason for acting the way they did towards Lakyus, he lowers his guard and feels worries about Renner's decision if they should escape with them. Stressing and already knowing how Renner would respond, he can't help but in the end, respect his liege's wish to stay behind within the Royal Capital. Although his thoughts were solely on survival at first, Climb resolves to be by Renner's side no matter what. As Blue Roses is finally gone from the city, he expresses words of comfort to his liege Renner, believing that she was saddened to see Lakyus who is her friend no longer around with them.

When Brain bids farewell to him and Renner, Climb voices his disapproval of the warrior's choice to leave them and fight the Sorcerer King. He was adamantly against Brain's idea of handing Gazef's weapon Razor Edge to be given to him. Before he could complain any further, Climb was stopped in his tracks by his liege as Renner told him to respect the decision Brain had chosen. Frustrated at what the Sorcerer King had done to drive his friends away from his life, he bitterly walks away with Renner to help make some preparations before visiting her father.

After Renner finished the task of preparing, Climb accompanies her to the room where her father King Ramposa III was at. Although he was ordered by King Ramposa III to take Renner with him and flee from the Sorcerer Kingdom's army, Climb silently refuses to do so as the former could not disobey his mistress's wish. It was to the extent that Climb had even chosen to turn down the king's offer for his daughter's hand in marriage with him all for the sake of following Renner's every word without resistance.

Under Renner's order, he was given the task to hide everything including specific items that look symbolic of the throne and the Kingdom to prevent the Sorcerer King from easily finding out about them. Climb was handed a map drawn by his mistress to use in helping him find his way to the small warehouse in the abandoned warehouse district. Once he reached that place, he would have to hide the items in some unknown basement from there. Climb was reminded by Renner to avoid engaging the enemies in a fight but that he should run to prioritize his safe return back to Ro-Lente Castle alive and unharmed after he completed his job. Before he set off to carry out Renner's task, he was informed of the hidden passageways from the palace to the capital by her father.

Once Climb was done hiding the royal treasures in the basement, he headed out of the warehouse to find himself spotted by an unknown dark elf who is from the Sorcerer Kingdom in hiding. To avoid further suspicion about his action until now by the enemy, Climb continued to make his escape out of her presence. While having reached the passageway safely, he noticed that several buildings are collapsing, the capital being on fire, and how there are no traces of his fellow citizens' presence or their screams. Upon returning to Ro-Lente Castle from the passageway, he swiftly headed back to the room where Renner and her father were at but found none of them around. Finding familiar instructions written by Renner to go to the throne room, he immediately left Ramposa's room to check what she and her father were doing while he was away on his mission.

Seeing that the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces have already infiltrated the Ro-Lente Palace, he was on guard until none of them show the slightest interest of getting in his way to the throne room. Hence, Climb proceeded to enter the throne room without resistance from the enemy. Once there Climb was shocked at what he saw; the Sorcerer King himself sitting on the throne surrounded by some of his minions, King Ramposa murdered on the floor with his daughter Renner next to him and the Sword Razor Edge both covered in Ramposa's blood. Before he proceeded to fight them, Climb was forced to kneel before the Sorcerer King by Demiurge's power. Realizing Demiurge's control over him, he came to the conclusion that Renner was likely also mind-controlled by one of the Sorcerer King's subordinates to kill her father Ramposa III. After Climb was set free from the mind-control by Demiurge under Ainz's order, he immediately sprinted into action and picked up the Razor Edge weapon laying on the ground, preparing to fight the Sorcerer King with it. Angered by the presence of Ainz and how he had orchestrated the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Climb launched a surprise attack by letting go of the weapon and proceeded to strike a punch at the Sorcerer King's face. However, it failed to work on the Sorcerer King and Climb was mockingly tossed aside and played with by Ainz who then proceeded to lecture the warrior. He fought back against Ainz with all his strength, despite knowing that the Sorcerer King is simply toying with him before deciding to finally end his life.

After he was killed by Ainz with [Grasp Heart], he woke up to find himself alive in an unknown room alone with Renner. Due to being resurrected back to life, Climb's entire body was without strength, so not even his vocal cords or muscles could move to his whim much to his confusion. He began tearfully crying, thinking everything bad that had to happen in the Re-Estize Kingdom was a horrible nightmare. However, upon seeing Renner's new form as an Imp, it brought him back to reality, refusing to no longer console himself. Hearing how Renner had chosen to become a demon and swore fealty to the Sorcerer King as a price in order to resurrect him, he began tearing up again but only to be comforted by his mistress. Climb had decided to become an immortal demon as well in the hopes of staying by Renner's side forever.[14]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In the aftermath of the Catastrophe refugees began to spill into Re-Estize, Climb on behalf of Princess Renner helped get the refugees settled in. He later spoke briefly with Gazef on the dire situation and was vital in informing the Warrior Captain of another strong arm that could aid the Kingdom. While the Warrior Captain left to locate the person, Climb requested to be assigned at the refugee camps. At the same time he was requested to assist in an investigation, as the refugees were being robbed by thieves. Climb acting as bait, lured the gang of thieves to him and was assisted in apprehending them with Gagaran's help.[15][16]

In a determination to grow stronger he sparred with Gagaran to improve himself.[17] When Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier sent a letter to Princess Renner on the latest developments of the city, she informed Climb that it would make the second summit of the Tripartite Alliance interesting.[18] The bodyguard arrived at E-Rantel with the princess and the latter promptly hired the famed protagonist to solve the mystery as to why there were many refugees vanishing before the news tarnished the Kingdom's reputation among the Alliance.[19]

When the summit for the Tripartite Alliance was about to take place, the bodyguard being not allowed to attend the event, wished the protagonist and his team good luck.[20] When Gazef was out on a mission, Climb was busy training in the training ground of the fortress city. He was visited by the princess who tried to convince him to take a break, though the bodyguard insisted he train to get stronger in case the city was ever attacked. Lakyus who was in the area decided to help him by sparring with him which he accepted.[21]

Another attack on the city did happen as a result of a deal with the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. The demon saved the city by destroying a horde of thirty thousand Chaos Beasts but as payment he demanded the riches of E-Rantel and Emperor Jircniv. When the Demon Emperor's minions began to ransack the city Climb was a few of the remaining warriors that rose to stop them. Fighting beside Brain, the two encountered a strange demon who indicated that she was not suppose to kill one of them. Climb witnessed the arrival of the protagonist in jet-black armor and his abilities in repulsing the Demon Emperor and his cohorts from the city.[22]

A few weeks after the attack, Climb came from the Royal Capital at the permission of the princess with Blue Roses to observe the adventurer tournament and also witness the protagonist in combat again.[23] Climb watching the tournament with Brain witnessed the staff fight abilities and sword techniques of Shall and Ku. He was shocked that Brain decided to partake in the tournament and after his friend beated Shall and Ku, he was given some chocolates to give to the princess.[24]

While staying in E-Rantel, he and the Princess were visited by the protagonist and his allies inquiring if there was anything strange lately concerning Blue Roses. The young warrior had a training session with them but other than that he didn’t seem to think anything was out of the ordinary. The princess as well did not think of anything, though after she was told of Lakyus and Evileye’s bunny girl costumes she and Climb were confused as to why the two women would be in such attire. After the adventurers left, Climb asked Renner if they should be concerned that the protagonist was investigating their allies as it was suspicious. Though his concerns were put at ease by the Princess to trust the protagonist as he has never let them done before.[25]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

He tends to work hard relentlessly in order to become stronger, both to better serve Renner and to keep her safe from harm's way. Unfortunately, despite his constant training to become stronger, he has no special talent for the sword at all. He has self-evaluated himself to be equivalent to a gold rank adventurer, holding a respectable amount of strength.

Job Classes

Martial Arts

  • Ability Boost: It allows the user to increase one's own abilities.
  • Evasion: It allows the user to increase one's own evasion skills.
  • Fortress: A Martial Art that raises one's own defense to be able to handle direct attacks on their bodies.
  • Greater Evasion
  • High Vertical Strike: Gagaran had taught Climb this martial art in an inn's backyard.
  • Limit Breaker - Mind: A Martial Art unique to Climb. Its effect is to remove all limits imposed on the body by the brain. Therefore, all of his abilities would then increase by another level, including his physical ones. The only downside to this effect is that if he uses it for an extended period of time, it would cause physical fatigue and muscle tearing. He learned this skill by braving the killing intent of Sebas Tian.
  • Slash: A Martial Art that increases the slash damage from the user's weapon attacks.
  • Strengthen Perception: A Martial Art that increases the perception of the person's surroundings.

Main Equipment


Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself

Climb is extremely loyal to Renner and felt indebted to her for saving his life. He wants to become stronger so he can protect her and repay her kindness. But he's completely unaware of her psychopathic personality and is willing to do almost anything she asked him to, no matter the danger to himself.

Due to this blind admiration, his intense loyalty toward her, and Renner's attempts to better the kingdom for the "sake" of the people, Climb has become completely blind in noticing her true psychopathic personality and sociopaths traits. Even when some of Renner's actions become suspicious, he deludes himself immediately, believing that his mistress had good reasons to do what she does. And due to Renner's skill in acting and manipulating him, Climb easily overlooks or ignores these "strange" actions done by the Princess.

Later, after the complete destruction of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Climb still continued to show immense loyalty and practically blind faith towards Renner and her words. As seen where he completely bought into Renner's act of being "forced" into working for the Sorcerer King due to wanting to survive, and after learning of how she swore fealty and loyalty to the Sorcerer King and became a demon and hearing of her "sadness" at the prospect of living forever alone, Climb was more than willing also swear fealty to the Sorcerer King and even agreed to become a demon as well after learning it was done by her in order to revive Climb and him wanting to stay by her side forever.

Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself

Climb's outlook on Zanac was generally negative due to the latter's frequent badmouthing of Renner. He believed the Second Prince was simply jealous of his sister. Climb also believed that the Prince was purposely trying to provoke him to find an excuse to separate him from the princess; thus, following Renner's instructions, he refrained himself from showing any conspicuous signs of anger in his presence.

Sebas Tian

Climb sees Sebas as a powerful person after seeing him beat the leader of a group of drunk men who were trying to beat a young boy. He admires Sebas for his heroic act to save the weak and respects him. He even asked Sebas to teach him how to fight and overcome his limit to protect someone precious to him. Climb also recommends him to act as a second "arrow" in the battle against Jaldabaoth.

Brain Unglaus

Upon seeing that Climb survived after being exposed to Sebas' killing intent, and finding his reason for why he could stand up, Brain started to hold some degree of respect towards him. Thanks to Climb, Brain went through a drastic change in his personality and restored his confidence that was once lost because of his encounter with Shalltear. Brain Unglaus cares for Climb, as he was willing to help him on many occasions. Climb believes Brain is the only one worthy enough to wield Razor Edge after Gazef had passed away. He sees Brain as someone who can potentially inherit Gazef Stronoff's will. Compared to Gazef, Climb had gotten much closer to Brain. To Climb, who held Renner as the most important person in his heart, Brain was someone who came a close second.

Gazef Stronoff

Climb greatly respects Gazef and has a friendly relationship with him. Gazef knows Climb doesn't have any talent for the sword, but still gave him some advice and even offered to train alongside him. Gazef also lent Climb his valuable ring to help him survive. He respects Gazef's decision to challenge the Sorcerer King.

Blue Roses

Climb is close to some of the members of Blue Roses. Gagaran even taught him some of her sword techniques and Evileye sometimes gives him some advice. He was saddened when the adventurers fled the Kingdom to avoid its downfall, but could not do anything to stop them.


Climb and Lockmeier first met during the mission to raid an Eight Fingers' stronghold. They fought together to defeat Succulent of the Six Arms. Lockmyer later volunteers to help Climb in his mission to find and recover citizens captured by demons during the Demonic Disturbance. Lockmeier is reminded of his younger self in the past when he looks at Climb. The two are later seen conversing pleasantly when preparing for war with the Baharuth Empire.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Climb first heard of Ainz from Gazef and displayed gratitude towards him for saving a man that he admired. However, upon actually meeting him during the Massacre of the Katze Plains, Climb felt nothing but sheer terror upon seeing his power and that he was an undead. Afterward, Climb came to believe the Sorcerer King to be the most powerful person in existence.

As the state of the Kingdom and his own personal situation continued getting worse, Climb came to blame Ainz for all of it. Thus, Climb attempted to extract vengeance on his during their duel. During the said duel, Climb felt a mix of anger, rage and hate towards the Sorcerer King, yet at the same time not help also feeling anxious, awestruck and somewhat intimidated by his power and charisma. Following his resurrection after being killed by Ainz, Climb actually swore fealty to him to continue staying by Renner's side; though it is very likely he still greatly despises the undead monarch.


  • In the city of Re-Estize, even among the Warrior Troop, very few people are stronger than Climb. Climb is stronger than the average Imperial Knight and slightly stronger than a member of Gazef's Warrior Band.
  • The ring created through Wild Magic that he possesses, which was lent to him by Gazef, used to belong to Rigrit.
  • During his duel against Ainz, Climb attempted to attack and destroy the Red Orb inside Ainz's chest thinking that it was his weak point using Razor Edge.
    • This observation was similarly made by Roberdyck Goltron in the Web Novel during the Worker Invasion.


  • (To Zanac about Renner): "Your highness, I’m grateful for your words but Renner-sama is not a monster. She is kind and beautiful, some even call her the Kingdom’s treasure."
  • (To Gagaran): "What is beautiful and what is ugly is different for everyone. And to me, there is no one who is more beautiful than Renner-sama."
  • (Thanking Sebas): "...My name is Climb, and I am a humble soldier of this nation. Thank you for your courageous action in completing a task that should have been rightfully mine."
  • (To Sebas): "I have been studying the martial arts for a long time and I would like to improve my skills further. After I saw that impeccable movement of yours just now, I was hoping that you could teach me a little of your technique, if it pleases you.”
  • (About Sebas) "..Could he be one of the Thirteen Heroes?"
  • (About the Sorcerer King) "...How did it end up this way... Sorcerer King... if only you didn't exist..."


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