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Clavu (クラヴゥ) or Sous-chef (副料理長) is an NPC of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. He normally works in the Canteen of Nazarick, but during a specific day of the week, he manages a bar on the 9th Floor.


As a myconid (Mushroom-man), Clavu's head is similar to the mushroom Hydnellum peckii.


Proud of his profession, Clavu is satisfied working in his bar. He prefers silent, elegant male guests. The myconid also gives careful consideration to his guests, like giving a straw to Éclair, though those without proper etiquette will upset him. Like all the inhabitants of Nazarick, he is fiercely loyal to Ainz and the Almighty Forty-One Supreme Beings. While he dislikes outsiders joining the Great Tomb of Nazarick like the other denizens, he is willing to cooperate and see the potential advantages they would provide to Ainz and Nazarick.


Clavu manages a bar that is quite small, spanning about eight seats altogether. The appearances of his regular customers, such as Demiurge, Cocytus, and Éclair, are few and far between. Being drunk is treated as being "poisoned" in YGGDRASIL but most of the NPCs are resistant to poison, preventing them from getting drunk. Still, there are guests who come to enjoy the atmosphere.


The Lizard Man Heroes Arc[]

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Sous-chef and Shalltear

Sous-chef entertaining Shalltear.

The Clavu, in a case of misjudgment, had initially invited Shalltear Bloodfallen to his bar on the ninth Floor after seeing her depressed state from her involuntary rebellion. Unfortunately, Clavu soon discovers that Shalltear's graceless behavior upsets him, so he adds food coloring to vodka and serves it to her.

Entertaining her as best he can with his bar-keeping skills, the two are joined by the assistant butler, Éclair Éklair Éklare. Clavu, Éclair, and Shalltear talk in his bar about the recent changes and additions to the 6th Floor, particularly the Dryad and the transplanted crops.[1]

The Two Leaders Arc[]

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Clavu is one of the frequent visitors of the recently established village area on the 6th Floor of Nazarick. Since he is located there at that place, Clavu was seen by the Floor Guardians, working the land alongside the dryads and treants, tending a small field. In addition, he has been raising a batch of mandrakes, teaching the semi-intelligent plants to praise Ainz Ooal Gown’s name.[2]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc[]

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It was mentioned by Ainz that Clavu was among those in Nazarick trying their hand at selective breeding with fruits to enhance their tastes.[3]

The Dinner Is All Nazarick Members Arc[]

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The Sous-chef attended a private meal hosted by Shihouto. His signature cocktail drink, Nazarick, was served at the table. Though was disappointed when no one was partaking in its taste.[4]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

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The Sous-chef was mentioned by Foire when she came looking for the him and the Head Chef in hopes that the cook could use a pumpkin she brought from the 6th Floor into something delicious. Unfortunately the cook was nowhere to be found in the canteen and the maid ended up getting possessed by the pumpkin.[5]

For the Tsukimi, the Sous-chef, prepared Tsukimi Sake which Shalltear drank in excess at he moon-viewing.[6]

The cooking staff of Nazarick was charged by Sebas Tian to prepare a banquet for visitors coming for the National Foundation Day Ceremony.[7] For the banquet portion of the event he provided the brand of alcohol for the guests.[8]

Sous-chef was at the repaired bar serving Shalltear, when Demiurge brought in a refrigerator to use as a base to develop a new product. The myconid was amused by the item as he saw it as an inferior version to what he had in the bar. His feedback on the item wasn't constructive as he didn't find any need to improve or create a new item, though was still interested in using the refrigerator to possibly chill drinks.[9]

Sous-chef would permit the use of his bar to develop a new prototype of dagashi sweets so as to not overcrowd the kitchen at the canteen. The cook also tested the use of Entoma’s webbing to serve as material to divide the candies in individual candies confirming to Yuri that it was safe to consume.[10]

While manning the bar, Sous-chef overheard Cocytus venting his frustrations to Demiurge of how useless he felt as a Floor Guardian, due to his lack of opportunities to show his skills. Sometime later, hours after Demiurge vouched for Cocytus to be in charge of the development of a new chocolate product with the theme being chilled, Sous-chef was at the counter serving the demon a drink and informed him that Cocytus would soon be arriving.

When Cocytus showed up to express his thanks to Demiurge for supporting him in convincing Cocytus he was the right person for the task, the cook brought out two new drinks for them that he made with the help of a general made. Said beverage was made of raw chocolate, cream and liqueur. Though admitted that the confection was too soft to be carried around, like the Golden Chocolate In A Bottle, but hoped the beverage would help inspire Cocytus. The cook and Demiurge were then smiling as Cocytus left the bar, more confident on the future of his task given to him by Momonga.

Later the Sous-chef at the bar while serving Narberal and Cocytus who were sharing information on plans for their chocolate, saw other like Yuri Alpha and Demiurge lending their assistance to help the pair develop the chilled chocolate. The myconid offered the services of himself and the general maids who also wanted to help by doing a reenactment of the taste event that they did for the previous chocolate dishes.

After Cocytus and Narberal successfully developed the Chilled Chocolate Confectionary, the cook served drinks to Demiurge and Cocytus who were having a small celebration. They were joined by Narberal who wanted to practice sparring with Cocytus. The two left the bar together, leaving Demiurge and Sous-chef smiling. [11]

The myconid found his bar's quite atmosphere being disturbed by a depressed Shalltear, still distraught over the incident of being brainwashes. Since she was a patron, Sous-chef has no choice but to serve her drinks and put up with her "drunken" stupor.[12]

At the formation of the Bard Plan and the creation of Βγδth, the Sous-chef permitted the rock band to use his bar as a venue for their second debut. While the music was loud, in contrast to his vision of a quiet bar, the cook allowed it as it was for the benefit of Nazarick. After the performance he served Shalltear a drink and the two discussed the unique musical performance.[13]

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Abilities and Powers[]

Sous-chef is second in command of the restaurant of Nazarick, so it can be inferred that he is a skilled cook. In addition, due to the new source of fresh produce from the 6th level, he is able to create high-quality dishes, though he is limited to making drinks. Though his cooking can grant magical effects.[14] Furthermore, it seems that he also has some skill in gardening.


Blue Planet[]

Blue Planet is Clavu's creator. As with the other NPC, he greatly respects his creator.[15]

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Although no screen time is shown with the two; it would be assumed that he is loyal and deeply respects Ainz.

Éclair Éklair Éklare[]

Éclair is one of Sous-chef's closest friends. Since they both work on the 9th Floor, they see each other almost every day. Given that they share a close friendship, the Myconoid allows Éclair to call him by his nickname "Piki." Unlike the treatment he gives to Shalltear, Sous-Chef is considerate to Éclair's inabilities to use his arms, and gives his young bird friend aides, such as a straw to be able to drink in a dignified manner.


One of Sous-chef's regulars at the bar.


One of Sous-Chef's regulars at the bar.

Shalltear Bloodfallen[]

Initially, Sous-chef had no prior association to Shalltear after the 'Bloody Valkyrie' incident. After Shalltear was freed from her mind control, she was filled with self-pity and embarrassment that she interned herself in the Sous-chef's bar, much to his displeasure. He found her to be lacking gracefulness and character as compared to his other male patrons. However, since she is a Floor Guardian, he kept a face of politeness, though subtly being rude to her and providing cheaply made drinks.


  • In the Web Novel, Sous-chef is the main manufacturer of potions within Nazarick and has 3000 healing potions stashed away, but can manufacture more if needed.[16] Later his race is mentioned as myconid in the Second Half.[17]
  • Sous-chef’s current urgent problem is a cocktail named "Nazarick." Having ten colors in a glass, this drink looks very beautiful but does not have any taste, so he is trying to fix it.
  • After Nazarick's teleportation, the Head Chef along with Sous-chef have been charged in evaluating all outside food consumables.
  • His name is fully revealed in a special edition of Overlord Volume 16.
  • His appearance is based on the mushroom species Hydnellum peckii.
  • At one point Sous-chef was seeking a way to be able to make culinary works. However it was deemed impossible since he specialized in making drinks and it was tested that those without the needed cook class would turn their food into charcoal. However he learned about the Maillard reaction from Demiurge and believed that he could use the burning method to cheat into order to prepare a dish. Hence he then went to Ashurbanipal to acquire a book on chemistry.[18]
  • During Pestonya Shortcake Wanko and Nigredo disobedience in sparing the abducted children from the Demonic Disturbance, the Head Chef and Sous-chef secretly helped them by providing baby food.[19]


  • (To himself about Shalltear): "Wanting to say something, yet unwilling to speak out, that is why women are so troublesome. Gentlemen are more suitable for this kind of establishment, not troublesome women. Barring women from entering...is impossible, it would be too disrespectful to the Supreme Beings. I really messed up this time."
  • (To Éclair): "Could you please refrain from waving your flipper around? If you insist on doing that, I will put you in a basin and push you out."
  • (To Shalltear): "Could it be that it is the one which Ainz-sama brought back? I heard from Albedo that he was experimenting to see if outside fruits could be cultivated in Nazarick, to serve as replenishable consumables."
  • (To Shalltear): "Then in the future we also need to become role models, displaying more loyalty to Ainz-sama. I don't think anybody but you will rebel against Ainz-sama."
  • (To Albedo): "It seems like a tomato. It’s a tomato you all know very well. Not the type that gathers sunlight to explode, not the type that attacks you suddenly, not the type that glows like gold when you cut it, but a regular tomato."



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