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Claude Raunales Lokia Culbelk (クロード・ラウナレス・ロキア・クルベルク) was a nobleman of the Re-Estize Kingdom under Archel in the Overlord Web Novel.


Claude had a clean and respectable face. At a glance, he had the air of a noble that it was impossible for one to gain without living that lifestyle.


Claude was more diplomatic and considerate compared to most nobles.


Claude at one point became a member of the Nobility Faction.


Overlord First Half Arc[]

Claude was part of the delegation from the Re-Estize Kingdom sent to open a dialogue with Ainz Ooal Gown. The Kingdom's delegation were made to wait, causing Archel Nizun Eike Fondoll to fume and become irritated which Claude tried to placate. Meeting with Yuri Alpha he couldn't help but gaze at her beauty. When Archel refused to wait inside the tomb, Claude asked Yuri about her relationship with Ainz. He was surprised to learn that several maids served under him. Out of curiosity, he asked if they were as beautiful as her. Yuri stated she did not know, stating that beauty was to the beholder. Claude inquired to Yuri why she didn't categorize herself as a beauty. Yuri matter of factually stated that she was a beauty. Claude was confused by her nonchalant statement, but considering the women he encountered in her life, her statement gave her credit.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Besides being a noble that held territory, Claude was described as a warrior suggesting some fighting skills.


Archel Nizun Eike Fondoll[]

Claude was Archel's subordinate, however, due to him being a warrior, Archel was somewhat respectful to him.

Yuri Alpha[]

When Claude first made an acquaintance of her, outside the entrance of Nazarick. Though he was respectful to her, he acted with lascivious intentions, gazing at her with sexual desires.


  • Though Archel was the appointed representative of the Kingdom and Royal Family to Ainz Ooal Gown, the six soldiers accompanying him were actually guarding Claude.


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