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Circlet Demon is a type of Dead Tree Demon.


A demon with a fiendish physiology. It had no head, and its body was like a withered tree. Two meters tall and had no wings or a tail. It had clawed hands, and its slender body possessed an unimaginable strength.


The Circlet Demon belongs to a class of demons of that type could equip themselves with the heads of magic casters and use the powers of the heads’ owners. Circlet Demons can use two heads and cast 6th tier spells at most.[1]


  • A Circlet Demon served as one of Jaldabaoth's subordinates in charge of the conquered Roble Holy Kingdom cities in the North.
  • The severed heads of both Kelart Custodio and Grand Mother are being used by the Circlet Demon while fighting against Neia Baraja, Shizu, and the Zern Tribe.
  • This is one of the three demons who tried to advertise rune weapons and runecraft, the others would be Jaldabaoth the demon lord and CZ-Delta the "demon" maid.


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