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Chronicles of the Prince of Phenia (フェニア貴公子の物語) is a series of books that Keno Fasris Invern has in her book collection.


Based on Keno's own words, it can be highly suggested that there are at least three volumes of this book series which she must have already read so far. However, she noted it to be a very brief story that she manages to shortly read through without problem.

Overall, it was implied that Keno may have seemingly enjoyed the story at some point in the past. This was shown when she thought Suzuki Satoru's idea of needing to disguise themselves meant they will be wearing masks similar to how the "Chronicles of the Prince of Phenia" portrays it in the book.

According to her, in Book 3 for Chronicles of the Prince of Phenia, it detailed the idea that when the princess set out on a journey, she has chosen to cut her long hair. Keno committed to such action the same way as what the princess had done from that story.[1]



No abilities, though it appears to be a literary work of the New World that existed two hundred years before the start of the series.


  • Keno made it known to Suzuki Satoru that she owned Book 3 of the Chronicles of the Prince of Phenia. It's unclear whether she have the previous volumes that were released before it.
  • This book was found in Keno's personal room and later introduced to Suzuki Satoru about it.
  • As Keno Fasris Invern is her counterpart, Evileye should also know about the existence of these books. Coincidentally, in the main series, Evileye is wearing her own mask that her counterpart have suggested to Suzuki as a way for disguising themselves.


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