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Christopher Olsen (クリストフェル・オルソン) is a member of the smuggling division of Eight Fingers.


Christopher was said to sport the face of an honest merchant. He was in his forties with a thick layer of fat around his waist.


A professional individual, though he had complaints of his own, he desired to maintain friendly relations and be diplomatic. For that reason, he was often the type who will avoid any and all violent confrontations throughout his lifetime.


Christopher Olson was a man who's parents had been merchants. At one point in his life, he had been ensnared by Eight Fingers, but prior to when the organization was taken over by Nazarick. He owned warehouses in Re-Estize, but they were looted clean of various types of goods during Jaldabaoth’s rampage.

During the past, he used to supply alcohol to some tavern in the capital city that was being funded by the Eight Fingers.


The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Christopher had originally intended to borrow money, managing to receive an audience with the division heads of Eight Fingers. The loans usually would have been handled by his managers but he was approached for reasons unknown to him. He was given the task of handling the transport of grain being shipped from the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Holy Kingdom. Therefore, for someone like Christopher who did not know of any trustworthy mercenaries, he selected 24 men from his own division as his probably best choice to escort his caravan. For this mission, they were his only choice as it was a direct order from the higher-ups to use these men.

While on his mission to deliver the goods for the Sorcerer Kingdom, Christopher and his mercenary subordinates had their trade caravan halted by a large group of villagers that were blocking their path. He tried to find reason with Philip who was the leader of that group to step aside and let them pass through. As Christopher and Philip exchange words with each other, he grew suspicious about Philip's identity and the behavior he shows towards him and the caravan. After assessing his thoughts and the various options to take, Christopher figures it would be for the best of him and his band of hired mercenaries to give up the caravan and leave this place.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

In addition to being a member of the smuggling division, his words carried quite a bit of weight on the major trade route connecting the royal capital to the west side of the Kingdom. Christopher was no warrior and thus could not properly grasp a person's strength.


Eight Fingers[]

Originally a minor subordinate in his division, he was given the opportunity to meet the heads of the organization, which was an unprecedented event given his position. He found the leaders to be contrary to what was expected to be of mafia bosses, but rather friendly and professional. Still, even though he was entrusted with an important mission by them, he could not help but feel anxious that there was an ulterior motive. The recent changes in the behavior of the heads only confirmed his suspicions.

Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat[]

Christopher did not know Philip personally but was aware that the nobleman had the backing of Hilma Cygnaeus. This in mind, Christopher was told that though this man was moronic, he still had value, so it was best to just ignore his own humiliation.

Wayne Delvin[]

Though he didn’t know him well, they had had conversations back when Christopher supplied alcohol to some tavern in the capital that was being funded by the Eight Fingers. Christopher had not been given a warrant of appointment, so he had never done business with that noble even when he had to pass through this section of road in his demesne before. But he believed that the new lord would be potentially worthy of his attention. After encountering him with Philip, he wonders why a man like him is in cahoots with a moron.


  • It was highly presumed that Christopher have children of his own, considering he was concern about sabotaging their future chances of inheriting his business.
    • Given that he also has a family of his own and his own sense of loyalty and capableness, its possibly that Christopher was one of the subordinates the Eight Finger's leaders had chosen to be evacuated together with his family.


  • (To the Mercenary Leader): "An organization that could rival the Eight Fingers… Is that even possible?"
  • (To Philip): "...I see. Looks like there has been some sort of a misunderstanding, we are just transporting the Sorcerer Kingdom's food aid to the Holy Kingdom."
  • (His thoughts about Philip): "What the fuck is this guy talking about? Or rather, what kind of thought process would lead you to that conclusion?"
  • (Deducing the identity of Philip): "That's it! It's an illusion! Someone’s trying to frame Philip so they faked his appearance. Maybe those villagers aren’t villagers after all..."
  • (His thoughts towards Philip): "He's talking like a retard...The man pretending to be him must also be thinking why he'd have to say something so dumb. But..."


  1. Overlord Volume 14 Chapter 1: An Unexpected Move


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