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Chotchino Takaioji (チョットチィノ・ タカイオジ) is a doppelgänger from the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Chotchino Takaioji usually takes the form of an old man with a moustache. In his human form is attired in a white shirt that has a vest over it with a cap wrapped over his head.


Chotchino seems to portray himself perfect as an old man and appears to have a better understanding of humans and their social cues. Additionally he was described in personality as a ladybug or butterfly, but in retrospect thought of himself more as a rhinoceros beetle or stag beetle in description. He was very insightful and was not limited in keeping his opinions from his superiors.


According to Yuri Alpha, Chotchino is a doppelgänger who was mixed in human society for research purposes by Nazarick to better infiltrate and study it.


Overlord: The Undead Oh![]

Main article: Overlord: The Undead Oh! Arc

After hearing from Ainz Ooal Gown about Narberal's unfriendly attitude as Nabe, the senior maid attempted to correct it by having Narberal practice with Chotchino who posed as a human to help Narberal practice on the appropriate way to interact with humans. However he often ended out getting outright rejected by Narberal who stayed in character as a human-hating female. Eventually Yuri came to see that Narberal could not changer her behavior as it would be detrimental. According from what she heard from Narberal there was a person outside Nazarick who enjoyed her condescending attitude. Misunderstanding that this individual was a shifty but powerful member of human society Yuri rollback her training with Narberal.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Chotchino as a doppelgänger appears to be able to flawlessly shift his appearance as a human. Though it seems that he is inferior in physical ability, at least compared to one of the Pleiades as demonstarted when Narberal threw him on the floor.


Yuri Alpha[]

Yuri is his superior, but while he is deferent to her, Chotchino is also able to provide criticism to her teaching.

Narberal Gamma[]

Narberal though having higher standing than him in Nazarick, Chotchino found himself on the wrong end of the stick when trying to teach the rude maid on how to act accordingly with humans. And often was physically attacked by Narberal, but did not hold it against her, out loud. He was the first to understand that changing Narberal to an overly nice person would create issues.


  • So far it is unknown if Chotchino Takaioji is the doppelgänger's real name or just a fake name. Though it is probably fake as the doppelgänger is most likely a summon.



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