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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Chocolate Is Colored With Gems (チョコは珠玉に彩られ) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on February 1, 2023 to February 15, 2023. The event was re-released on February 2, 2024 to February 15, 2024.[1]


A chocolate confection distributed in E-Rantel as a special product of the Sorcerer Kingdom. In response to the slight decrease in the income of this trade item, which should be consumed stably, the Guardians banded together to come up with an improvement plan. Contribute to foreign currency acquisition with "Ho-Ren-So"![2]


Presently E-Rantel is undergoing a remarkable revival due to the intervention of the Sorcerer Kingdom. At the Adventurer's Guild, a bustle of clients and adventurers is occurring. A receptionist at the desk greets the returning Swords of Darkness from their successful request, giving them their reward and souvenirs. Peter Mauk exclaims that the souvenirs are a new bonus, a card with a portrait of an adventurer from the new collectible twenty-card set "Great Adventurers".

The rest of Peter's examine the card, Dyne Woodwonder commenting that it's a shift from the previous line of stuff animals and figurines. Lukrut Volve finds the change good as the new souvenirs are more compact and easier to carry. Above on the second floor of the guild, Pluton Ainzach, the protagonist and Surako are watching. The guildmaster is relieved that the reactions to the new souvenirs are well received. There was worry that the previous stock of plush toys would have overwhelmed the guild's warehouse, but now thanks to this new idea by the protagonist their inventories of souvenirs will be stable as paper cards are smaller and easier to produce. The cards also serve as a great way to leave an impression of the achievements of former adventurers to the public. In the future, the collection of relics that the protagonist provided, will be showcased in newer cards as well as the past exploits of adventurers so that their deeds will be remembered. Surako anticipating this has already prepared a framework for cards based on the adventurers of Kralgra. The proposal is given to the guildmaster by the protagonist which Ainzach accepts as it will help boost the image of the Adventurer's Guild.

Later outside at night, the protagonist and Surako, discuss the acceptance of the new card products and how quick the cards became so valued. Overall their aim was successful, in that they created a new measure as a diversion to inquire about the decrease in chocolate sweet sales at the guild. Since the Sorcerer Kingdom relies on the sales, the decrease in desire for their trade goods is concerning. As they cannot solve this problem by themselves, the homunculus decides that he and Surako need to return to the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

The next morning, the protagonist and Slimeko deliver the current state of affairs of E-Rantel to Momonga, and the Floor Guardians in the Round Table Room. When the protagonist's report ends, he expresses his apologies for leaving the situation in E-Rantel as is, but felt that the greater whole should be informed as Nazarick's is tabling introducing daily magic items as a means of earning foreign currency.

Albedo listening to the homunculus, states that the plan for the magic items is still in the prototype stage, with minimal goods sold through the Adventurer's Guild and currently production is being outsourced to the city. The protagonist adds that the Dark Warrior goods are selling strong and contributing to the Sorcerer Kingdom's profits, but feels that they should increase their confectionary sales. Though the issue with that is the limit of ingredients which the protagonist asks for Momonga's wisdom. Aura comments that also the fading interest in chocolate has to be considered and maybe they should consider creating a new menu.

Even though a new menu item may revitalize the chocolate interest, Shalltear Bloodfallen reminds everyone that the current menu item was development through a lot of trial and error. The protagonist knows this, aware of Shalltear and the others for their contributions, and gives his own reminder that the chocolate item was established as a luxury trade item in E-Rantel, after which the content of chocolate in the item was reduced and the price was lowered turning it into dagashi. Cocytus believes that its should be easy to make some improvements with the current product, although Aura suggests that they might need some new ingredients.

Mare wonders if it is possible to control the tastes of humans. Demiurge feels that they need only to answer the demand and asks the protagonist to share any insight on this. Sadly the protagonist wasn't able to obtain any new information. From what he heard from Ainzach, before they started making the candy, some customers said that they wanted to taste the richness of natural chocolate. However since then no one made any specific requests, majority simply accepted the "more affordable" version. This causes Albedo to curse at humans' stupidity to not fully appreciate chocolate as it is a rarity, even in Nazarick as they have a finite supply. Mare then raises the question on the supply that Momonga provided.

Momonga answers that the current inventory of chocolate is managed by Pandora's Actor, who reports that at the current pace of consumption, they should still have an ample supply that will last several years. The amount astonishes the protagonist but is relieved to know that there is no worry of any deficient. Demiurge seeing the relief of his colleague reminds him that such material still needs to be put to good use. In regards to returning to Nazarick for his report on the status of the chocolate sales, Momonga praises the homunculus for the thoroughness. The undead advises that they need to grasp the human customer's needs correctly in order to increase the sales. to which the protagonist recommends that they target the "enthusiasts" or those who frequently buy and eat chocolates sweets on a daily basis. Hearing about these "enthusiasts" Momonga suggests that they need to solicit their frank opinions on what preferences they like about chocolate which Demiurge feels is akin to hanging bait out. It is doubtful by Momonga that these people will answer truthfully verbally and such comments from them must be taken with a grain of salt, but their feedback could still prove useful. Momonga then sends the protagonist to gather information and also to employ Ho-Ren-So.[3]

Some time after Momonga and the protagonist left the Round Table Room, the remaining Floor Guardians are led by Albedo in another discussion. They of the same opinion on deciphering Momonga's unsaid actions, such as to why he did not mention "Valentine" in regards to chocolate since the item is synonymous with the Valentine's Day holiday. Demiurge recalls that last time when the word "Valentine" was invoked, the aim then was to increase the number of clients by having the Adventurer's Guild monopolize the chocolate sweets. Using chocolate as a trade good of the Sorcerer Kingdom the plan was to invite people to join the guild as well as revitalize the economy and gain profits. The plan then evolved by converting the chocolate product into something affordable. As the original chocolates were at a luxury level it can be assumed that they will have to revise their plan to get out of the low profit and high sales situation. Shalltear assumes that is why Momonga did not mention "Valentine" as it's now a little different to the original plan.

While the admire their master's foresight and reasoning, the group still struggle to devise how to solve the current problem so they can live up to Momonga's expectations. In the mean time they agree that there should only be a select number of people to advise as too many will be too confusing. Shalltear even concedes to allow Albedo to handle this task, as she feels that it's not related to the Trial of Love. The vampire then excuses herself to attend the Chaos Beast subjugation in the Throne Room, leaving the rest of her colleagues to muddle through the chocolate improvement issue.

Meanwhile at the Treasury, Momonga is visiting Pandora's Actor to reconfirm the amount of chocolate in stock. From the Area Guardian, Momonga learns that the stock of chocolate is greater than he believed. Pandora's Actor takes credit for lengthening the supply ever since production was put in place to use nuts as a core for the confectionary candies. By his calculations, at the current rate of consumption, he estimates that he had lengthened the supply of chocolate for about twenty-four months than what Momonga assumed. Pandora's Actor is impressed by his master's foresight in stockpiling chocolates to be later used a strategic materials. Momonga in truth confesses that the items were not collected by him per say, but the stockpile was contributed by each of his guildmates who had leftovers. To Pandora's Actor, that makes them all more precious to use and treat with deference, even though Momonga thinks them as just surplus but still has a pleasant memory of how he saved the chocolates as sentimental relics, hoping that his guildmates would come back.

This brings to Momonga's mind about how he never attended many Valentine's Day events, and causes him to realize he forgot to mention it to the the Floor Guardians in reference to the previous "Valentine Plan". Momonga doesn't think too much about it as he and Valentine's Day are mostly strangers to one another. Pandora's Actor catches on to his master's thoughts after Momonga blurts out the event partially, but its enough for Pandora's Actor to divine its meaning and guesses that the undead is trying to avoid saying the name of the holiday. Pandora's Actor guesses that the reason why Momonga did not say Valentine's Day is to avoid repeating himself at meetings, to allow his subordinates to get creative and take initiative. This is proven correct as Momonga claims that he did not mention the topic as to allow the other NPCs to think for themselves and hopes that Albedo and Demiurge will come to the same conclusion. The undead hopes his brief slip up will lead to the NPCs of developing ingenuity and creativity during this little project.[4]

The protagonist and Slimeko arrive back in E-Rantel to immediately begin collecting information from chocolate fans. Just outside the fourth wall, they encounter Saint Clementine and Jugem, one of the members of the Goblin Troop. From the saint they receive comments of wanting to try a different flavor as opposed to the current "dagashi". For the goblin he would prefer to have a taste of something chewy or a different texture. The two pass on their comments to the adventurers and hope that their feedback help, Clementine especially hopes that the candies can be improved as they bring much joy to the children.

The Nazarick agents they find themselves outside the Adventurer's Guild where they interview the members of the Swords of Darkness. The news of the protagonist wanting to improve the chocolate candies come as a surprise as some such as Peter feels that it is delicious enough and a bit sudden. Ninya though feels that it would be good if the chocolate could be divided into smaller pieces so that it's more convenient to share. Her idea is well received by the others, as it would satisfy just a small taste of sweetness once and a while. Their comments are taken to account by the protagonist and Slimeko who thank them. The protagonist remembering what Momonga stressed on about quality of information, rather than quantity, aims to narrow down the list and interview "enthusiasts" who regularly purchase chocolate confections from the guild.

Thus the next series of interviews leads the homunculus and slime to Nigun Grid Luin and Ian Als Heim at a room in the guild. The members of the Theocracy stationed in the city are among those who are fans of chocolate. The two priests are happy to provide feedback on the chocolate product to improve its needs for the city. Nigun is more wary as he is concerned that this may be a prelude to the rise in cost for the chocolate goods. The protagonist taking it as a warning, assure Nigun that it will be taken into consideration on behalf of the Sorcerer Kingdom. As a show of good faith, the protagonist allow the priests to listen to some of the comments he collected. From the priests, the protagonist and Slimeko learn that chocolate is used by the Sunlight Scripture as a substitute for food on missions or carry-on-food as the men find it to be a good source of vitality. Though another reason, that the priests don't mention why members carry it, it to test it for poison in case the Sorcerer Kingdom is plotting something.

The protagonist admires the priest use of the candy as chocolate is a nourishing agent as described in documents in the Sorcerer Kingdom. When it's mentioned that chocolate can be drunk as a tonic, Ian finds it intriguing, though Nigun brings it as another area where the current chocolate can be improved. Ian adds that they candies should disclose what ingredients are inside them, which Slimeko feels can be arranged, though some materials in chocolate can be found in the Sorcerer Kingdom. Still the protagonist feels that they are making headway as they can incorporate the suggestions from their previous interviewees with the members of the Sunlight Scripture to improve the marketing of chocolate and feature it as a travel food which the group agree.[5]

At the 6th floor, near the Gigantic Tree Aura invited Yuri and Pestonya to a tea party. While entertaining her guests, Aura proudly boasts that Momonga will officially give her instructions to begin the development of the improved chocolate prototype.

Yuri at her suggestion recommends they assist Aura as they were part of the original "Valentine's Plan" for the chocolates. Aura doesn’t mind as Momonga didn't say that they could not and it would do her well to have a smaller group advise on the plan.

Yuri then starts by stating that they need to review all the recipes of the previous "Valentine plan". Though even Aura cannot recall all the dishes that were made at the time. Pestonya already it covered as she brought Foire and Cixous to serve the dishes for the tea ceremony that were made in the original “Valentine Plan”. Among the dishes are: Healthy Blood Marriage, Natural Forest Chocolate, and Crispy Delicious Bites. The all the dishes culminated in creating the dagashi being sold in E-Rantel. Yuri finds the dish to be perfect and wonders why sales in the city slumped, though Aura cannot answer that. Cixous has an idea that it could be that consumers got so used to the flavor of the dagashi, that it eventually got boring. Believing that to be the cause the ladies brainstorm on how to revive the flavor for their chocolate product, by mixing it with a new supplement. The group looking at the chocolate laid out before them, have fun, each voicing their effective opinion leaving the tea party on the 6th Floor a success.

Some afterwards, Mare is waiting patiently in another area of the 6th Floor, when Aura joins him, jumping down from above and having come from the tea party. Before Mare can ask about the tea party, duty calls when the Crack nearby activated and the dark elf twins ready themselves to cull the Chaos Beasts. Only until the monsters are all eliminated do they resume their conversation. Mare informs his sister that he will be heading to the 10th Floor. At first Aura thinks that Mare is going there to guard the Crack, but it turns out Mare is being summoned by Albedo to talk about the literature he read in the library.

At Ashurbanipal, Albedo reading through the treasure trove of knowledge collected by the Supreme Beings wants Mare's insight on some of the material she found. One work in particular that caught Alboed's interest is Aiming for Valentine, the book which started everything. Mare looking at the book recalls how he thought the book was on archery and magic, though was corrected by Momonga who revealed the true details and introducing him and Nazarick to the concept of Valentine's Day. To Albedo it highlights how Momonga explained to them the importance of researching and independent thinking. But the reason why Albedo called Mare is to ask him about a certain topic in the book: "Finish him off with this! Ultimate Handmade Style", which turns out to be part of section of chocolate recipes for Valentine's Day. Mare is impressed at Albedo's find and the two begin to collaborate to help in the development of Nazarick's newest chocolate product.

Outside E-Rantel, Slimeko and the protagonist are alone discussing their work in collecting feedback from the people in the city on the how to improve the chocolate candy. They have a literal mass of information and hurry back to Nazarick for it to be reviewed and put into practice.[6]

At the Round Table Room, Momonga, the Floor Guardians and the protagonist gather once more to share their information. The protagonist starts the meeting, bringing up the feedback from chocolate fans from E-Rantel. The news is well received, especially pertaining to the Theocrcay’s stance on chocolate as Momonga hopes to use it as an edge against them.In the matter of disclosing the ingredients for their product, Momonga sees no harm as the materials can only be found in Nazarick, thus insuring their monopoly.

The other opinions are considered, which are requests like "something with a different flavor", "something with a pleasant texture", "something that is easy to divide", "something that does not dissolve easily", and "something that is easy to carry around". Additionally they suggestions contain A which that it is "as cheap as possible". Momonga believes that they have enough to make a prototype of a new chocolate confectionery which throws the Floor Guardians in a frenzy of enthusiasm.

Albedo in agreement with Momonga maintains that the Floor Guardians are ready citing that they committed themselves to "ho-ren-so", as they talked about sharing their ideas.

Momonga allows the Guardians to speak, eager or hear everyone's opinions. Shalltear proposes implementing anew "color" to the chocolate to make it more visually appealing using her "Healthy Blood Marriage" as a template.

Aura proposes mixing different flavors into the chocolate to give it a different taste so that it wouldn’t be boring for customers. Plus her idea would complement even better to Shalltear's idea of ​​adding color.

Momonga thinking on this wild means that the color changes according to the taste of the chocolate candies.  If there are multiple flavors, it seems possible to give humans the "fun of choice".

In addition, Demiurge recommends that for those who are concerned about portability and ease of distribution, they make the chocolates into bite-sized pills, as it would be easier to share with other people.

Momonga agrees on the concept of individually wrapped chocolates as well as making the chocolate harder to melt. Cocytus has suggestion to that problem. To prevent melting, they simply let the chocolate cool down as cold chocolate has more vigor, and it's about as sweet as it gets. Such a technique would require the right equipment which concerns Momonga.

Demiurge has something worth considering.  It would be useful to create a special feeling in the chocolate shop, and also to appeal to usage of the Sorcerer Kingdom’s line of "refrigerators".

Momonga finds it to be a wise idea, as they could advertise the magic item and also avoid directly adding the cooling cost to the product chocolate. He then addresses the protagonist in his opinions, who critique ma of how impressed he was at the wonderful synergistic effect of everyone working towards a single purpose to generate and develop ideas.

That being said, Momonga allows Mare and Albedo's to express their opinions. The two Floor Guardians report that they had been researching chocolate-related literature again, and after that, there are some measures that they would like to try.  An oral explanation is difficult——therefore,Albedo asks for her master’s permission to test this measure within Nazarick.

In regards to the prototype of the chocolate, Aura reports that she has already consulted with Yuri and the general maids.  With Momonga’s permission, she can make a prototype immediately.

Pleased that preparations have already been made, Momonga permits them to do as they please.  He asks if they know who will be assisting them. For which Albedo answers that Aura and Yuri, will be part of the team as they were active as advisors last time.  Additionally she would like to have the general maids help her with the prototype, leaving her and Mare in charge.

Hearing the selection, Momonga comments Albedo chose people who are able to consume food and cook. He offers to include the other Pleiades in the plan, but Albedo declines as they should focus on the cost aspect this time.

When Mare mentions that this was part of Momonga’s plan, not mentioning Valentine’s Day, to allow the Guardians to come to the conclusion, the undead gives pause.  They are under the assumption that Momonga’s omitting of the event was intentional, despite it was totally accidental. Though they think this is a result of Momonga’s peerless mind, he does not discourage it, and is happy they were able to divine his intentions.

For this upcoming plan, he bequeaths it the name the "New Valentine's Plan". The protagonist is assigned to be Albedo and Mare's assistant as it would be easier for him to grasp whether there are any discrepancies with the opinions of the locals. He ends the meeting to begin the plan, hoping everyone in the room will continue to cooperate with each other in making improvements at any time.  And has high hopes for the new chocolate of the Sorcerer Kingdom ——expecting that it will become a crystallization of Nazarick's collective wisdom.

Under Momonga's orders, the New Valentine's Plan was activated.  The guardians remained in the room after Momonga left and discussed the details of the plan.

They are all proud to be able to follow Momonga far-reaching and thoughtful deliberations. And finding fortunate that their ideas connected to each other in a positive ways. While they realize Momonga has given them some considering how to proceed with the plan, the Floor Guardians are in congress that they can’t afford to afford any mistakes.!To that end, Demiurge they shall continue to follow the protagonist’s lead in "reporting and contacting".

The chocolate prototype that is being imagined by Albedo requires some trial and error but the Overseer Guardians believe she can come up with something as she collects ideas from others.

There is another mater bright by Mare, the "individual packaging" which might be a little difficult. Albedo advises that she and the dark elf head to the library for further research and is joined by the protagonist and Slimeko l.

Aura also recommends that Yuri and the maid assist in the actual cooking as they did previously. Once everyone has their tasks, they head out accordingly.[7]

In a room on the 9th Floor, Albedo gathered Yuri and general maids to share her chocolate prototype ideas. Upon hearing some of the ideas, Pestonya and the maids are receptive to the changes, with Foire and Cixous adding that they have devised various ways to improve the chocolate’s flavor. Knowing that the hardness would vary depending on the ingredients they, Cixous just came up with the idea of ​​coating the surface of the chocolate. If the coating is done well, it might be possible to prevent the chocolates from sticking together. Furthermore if the woman can keep the small pieces of chocolate from sticking together, they can put different flavors in the same package for the sagas hi.

Yuri was be able to find an effective material for the coating, highly transparent, tasteless and odorless substance.  Even if a living thing eat it, there is no harm and confirmed it with Sous-chef. The discovery is credited to Entoma but since Yuri has a skill in cooking, she was able to utilize its usefulness.

Currently, there are some concerns if the material can be stably procured. While Yuri waits for an answer from Entoma, she is confident that there will be no issues.

Aside from trial and error that will shortly occur, Albedo asks for the protagonist’s input, to which the homunculus is just simply overwhelmed by all the great ideas from his comrades, seeing that the plan is shaping well.

When the chocolate is completed, he thinks that the people of E-Rantel will experience more surprises and taste happiness than he is feeling right now and looks forward to the completion.

Mare exclaims that it's like a crystallization of the wisdom of all of Nazarick. While the maid ready to create the prototype chocolate, Albedo takes Mare aside to discuss what has been mentioned in the literature, a certain "ritual".

After some days, Momonga in his office is retrieved by Entoma to escort him to the bar. In order to avoid occupying the kitchen of the cantina for a long time, the maids received permission from Sous-chef to use the kitchen of the bar, and allowed to make their prototype there.

Momonga is eager with anticipation as the [Message] he received from the maids reverberated with confidence. He and

Upon entering the bar, Momonga is met by Mare and Aura in a chocolatier outfits. The sight is a bit unexpected to Momonga but he manage to recover to greet the twins. By the look of things, everything appears to be nearly finished and are left with tying ribbons to the packages of chocolates.

Mare having re-read literature on Valentine saw that there was an article about a "jinx that conveys feelings through rituals"...hence why the focus on the tying of ribbons with diligence.

Momonga asks about Mare’s gear, which the elf explains is related to hygiene and was prepared by Pestonya. Finding the twins matching outfits cute, Momonga inquires about Mare’s work in “kissing the ribbon”.

From the boy’s research, it a jinx that when one person writes their initials and the other person's initials on both ends of the ribbon that wraps the chocolate, and kiss them lightly, they can convey your feelings.

In this case the names of the Sorcerer Kingdom and E-Rantel are written on the ribbons to symbolize mutual friendship.  But one batch has initials that are different, which Mare states they represent his and Momonga’s initials.

Momonga unsure of what to think, praises Mare’s work and decides to save the ribbon to show to Bukubukuchagama.

When Momonga tries asks what's inside this ribbon-wrapped package, Albedo appears in a naked apron. Her appearance shocks Momonga but he manages to asks where she came by such an idea, which Albedo reveals that she got inspired after reading an article

"Let's Kill Him With This! Ultimate Home-Made Style". From it she recreated with the formal wear as she heard it can buff chocolate with affection. Since she is full of feelings for Momonga she thought it was right to wear it.

Momonga wanting to redirect focus on the chocolate prototype, asks the protagonist to give his report. Based on everyone's opinions, the homunculus announce that they devised a bite-sized chocolate product.  It has a pill shape that is easy to process.  There are several types of chocolate with different flavors, and the colors are also different.

Inside the transparent glass bottle that Mare attached a ribbon to, chocolates shaped like chess-stones made of crushed pills were neatly packed while giving off a glossy shine. Momonga sees that, the inside is colorful and vivid.  However, he asks if this means that the chocolates will melt and stick to each other?

Pestonya adds that by coating the surface of the chocolate, it is possible to keep the shape without melting each other, courtesy of the maids. Cixous and Foire step forward stating it took some trial and error to do, but thanks to Entoma they managed to get the right ingredients for the coating.

Proud of their ingenuity Momonga showers them with praise. Though he is briefly worried when Entoma reports that the substance is from an insect that produces a resin, but he is abated by Demiurge who states that the resin is harmless. In fact from the literature it’s similar to a substance called shellac, which was used as a lustrous material for furniture and food, as well as for coating pills.

With the colorful candies now being contained in transparent bottles, will be more transparent and also pleasing to the eye. Plus the chocolate piece were kneaded as more as possible, in leaf shape by Albedo who tries to entice Momonga to try. She is declined by Momonga master as his body is undead thus unable to consume food. For the next step in the production of the product, Albedo would like to equip the skeletons who will be working in aprons like hers. And would like to take responsibility and give a lecture on the correct way to knead and how to put affection in the new trade item of the Sorcerer Kingdom. This is granted by Momonga who then thanks the hard work of his subordinates and is kindly received by the NPCs proud of their accomplishment.[8]


At the Adventurer's Guild, currently a long line had formed at the entrance, with everyone looking at the tip of the line——the reception desk—with anticipation. This is the result of those who tasted a completely new chocolate confectionery and advertised its splendor to those around them. Describing it to be a new, colorful, delicious and light confection.

Slimeko and the protagonist overseeing the transactions are glad that the new confections are a big hit and expect sales to peak.

Nigun and Ian having arrived after hearing the news of the release of the latest chocolates, marvel at the novelty. The protagonist seeing that they are present apologizes for not coming to them sooner as he was planning to bring them samples. The priests don’t mind as the protagonist naturally has to prioritize his customers. They of course want to know how the protagonist developed this candy, which the receive an answer that is it the result of adopting as many possible opinions from the other day.  A chocolate that is in bite-sized pieces, easy to divide, colorful luster and coating that prevent the chocolate from melting together. For the latter invention Slimeko adds it to be the result of research from the Sorcerer Kingdom’s library which Nigun attributes to containing the application of the technology from the “Boastful Sage”.

To show them that it’s edible and tasty, the protagonist offers the priests samples to try. Though he withhold knowledge that the coating resin is a byproduct from an insect knowing if would put people off. The members of the Sunlight Scripture try the sample and are even more surprised not only by the taste but that there are many flavors in a single bottle.

Nigun left in awe of how the Sorcerer Kingdom not only contains the legacy left by the Boastful Sage, but also used it research and ingenuity to develop such a revolutionary product. The protagonist answers that it was a combination of efforts and thanks them after the priests take their leave. The two adventurers then go down on the sales floor to assist Pluton Ainzach struggle with the orders. The Guildmaster seeing the success of the chocolate by the protagonists jokingly asks if the next idea would be chilling the candy. Slimeko replies that would be a great idea, as chocolate is tasty when chilled and offers to install a Sorcerer Kingdom-made refrigerator at the reception.

Ainzach is happy to consider it, but most importantly wants to maintain a good relationship with the protagonist and his patron nation. And adds that he wants to try out their idea for a “cooling towel” for the adventurers.

Later at the Round Table Room, the protagonist returned to Nazarick to report the situation to everyone, on Nazarick’s release of Golden Chocolate In A Bottle. And the cover story of the Sorcerer Kingdom being associated to the Boastful Sage played out beautifully as well. Thus it is now known that in the Sorcerer there are people who can unravel the past and prepare things that are suitable for the present age. Not only that thanks to using the name of the legendary minotaur, as familiarity and providing their nation’s credibly.

The other Floor Guardians though are more excited that Cocytus idea for Chilling Chocolate was accepted by the guild in E-Rantel. Even Cocytus is excited on putting into next time’s agenda.

Momonga agrees to that, though he has one more pressing issue to address, why Albedo and Mare are still dressed in their patisserie outfits. Mare claims that it was at Albedo’s insistence as "Enriching Flavored Chocolate" is the crystallization of everyone's tranquility.  To celebrate its success, she thought it might be a good idea to hold a small tasting party.

In the meantime, she asks if it is okay if she use a little more chocolate. Momonga allows this, as Nazarick has more than enough chocolate in stock, so she can treat everyone in Nazarick to her heart's content.

Albedo first wants to use chocolate as a reward for Momonga. Shalltear sensing something warning her master Albedo is plotting something. And sure enough Aura guess that Albedo wants smears chocolate all over herself.

Albedo snuggles close to Momonga justifying her act is a  recreation of the ultimate chocolate recipe found in the book she read. However Momonga counters not everything that is written is always true. But it only confirms to Albedo that she must then experiment.

Mare then approaches the two and prepares to slather the chocolate on them. Angered at this display, calling a part of the Trial of Love, Shalltear’s demands to be cover in the confection room with Momonga. Momonga is left to deal with how to handle the confounding situation that has gotten out of control.[9]


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