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Chocolate Drink is the tentative name of the item in possession by CZ2I28 Delta.


CZ2I28 Delta had a brief drinking session with Neia Baraja during a discussion they have together for the first time after meeting each other.


According to Neia Baraja, it is shaped as a small bottle of brownish liquid. It has a cap that keeps the liquids closed in shut.


Neia noted of how sweet this chocolate-flavored drink is upon tasting the liquid inside the container. It is considered to have a sweetness that was completely different from that of fruits or honey. Shizu measured the rate of calories in the bottle as being around 2000, which is a little higher.


  • While the chocolate texture was sticky and needed some effort to suck up, Neia described the content to be cool, refreshing, and delicious.
  • Shizu has multiple of these kinds of items in her arsenal.[1]


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