Chimera (キマイラ) is a legendary hybrid monster.

Background Edit

There exists many species of Chimera, no doubt due to its hybrid nature and unnatural creation.

  • Chimera Lord

Appearance Edit

Chimera possess the heads of both a lion and a mountain goat, as well as the tail of a snake, paws of a lion, and legs of a mountain sheep.[1]

Abilities Edit

In YGGDRASIL, Chimeras walked around on two sheep legs and used their lion legs as arms to initiate attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • The appearance of Chimeras in YGGDRASIL were based on the medieval demon Baphomet.
  • Demiurge told Ainz that he has been breeding "Chimeras", in reality hybrids between species, at his ranches on the Abelion hills.


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