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Chief Blacksmith (鍛冶長) is an NPC created by Amanomahitotsu.




During his time in YGGDRASIL, one of the Supreme Beings, Amanomahitotsu, created the Chief Blacksmith who was designed as his apprentice and assigned to do blacksmith work.[1]


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc[]

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Under the identity of Momon, Ainz Ooal Gown had successfully gained the approval of Pluton Ainzach to engage the vampire plaguing the vicinity of E-Rantel. He made preparations to create evidence of a battle, ordering the Chief Blacksmith to create a duplicate set of his armor with realistic battle damage.[2][3]

The Two Leaders Arc[]

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

It was mentioned by Aura Bella Fiora that the blacksmith was in the process of making a suit of armor for Hamsuke.[4]

Ainz Raises Money Arc[]

Main article: Ainz Raises Money Arc

After receiving gold coins from Ainz Ooal Gown as part of their salary, Shalltear Bloodfallen had the Chief Blacksmith, craft two of the gold coins into a brasserie for her to wear.[5]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

The Chief Blacksmith assisted the protagonist in crafting diet training casts for Albedo where she sought a method to lose weight. The blacksmith also created various other cast designs for commercialization though it was determined that it would not be feasible given that humans would not be able to carry the load comfortably.[6]

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Abilities and Powers[]

The Chief Blacksmith appears to possess superb skills as a craftsman, as the NPC was able to create a suit of Momon's armor, complete with replicated damage. For example, the scorching and damage on the armor was enough to fool several veteran Magic Casters and blacksmiths when they examined it.

Main Equipment[]



Chief Blacksmith served as his apprentice.


  • The Chief Blacksmith's creator was revealed in Amanomahitotsu's character bio found in Volume 12.[7]
  • In the Web Novel, when Ainz Ooal Gown moved to Arwinar as the Archduke, the Chief Blacksmith was assigned to create furniture using leftover lumber from the base Aura created, as well as materials from Ashurbanipal.[8]



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