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Cherubim Gatekeeper (門番の智天使) is a level 80 Angel summoned from Pantheon, a powerful super-tier spell.


Cherubim Gatekeeper has the head and mane of a lion. It has a total of four wings, with one pair of wings stretched out and another pair folded around them. Clad in a suit of shining armor, it is armed with a shield adorned with eye patterns in one hand and a lance of fire in the other.


Cherubim Gatekeeper are well-suited to the task of being a tank and their considerably acute sensory abilities also make them excellent sentries.[1]


  • Cherubim Gatekeeper is a member of the First Sphere in the celestial hierarchy in Christianity.
  • Six of them were summoned as bodyguards by the Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown.


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