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Chaugnars (チャウグナー) are a race that exists in YGGDRASIL.


No information is given on a Chaugnar's appearance.


Chaugnars are a race that does not have good attitudes. But they are known for their upfrontness.[1]


  • In the Web Novel, one resident in the Great Tomb of Nazarick is a Chaugnar, possibly the Master Musician. Yuri Alpha and Lupusregina Beta talked about him and described him as being unfriendly.
  • The name Chaugnar is derived from Cthulhu Mythos, more specifically Chaugnar Faugn, the Horror from the Hills. Chaugnar Faugn is a vampiric elephant-like humanoid horror that is worshiped as a god in H.P. Lovecraft's literary works.


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