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Chaos Stone is an item found in the Mass for the Dead.


After the Catastrophe that engulfed the New World, which resulted in the near destruction of all the kingdoms, several of these strange stones began to appear. Additionally, these are item drops that appear after a Chaos Beast is defeated.


A glowing amethyst crystal, which according to Momonga, looks similar to a YGGDRASIL data crystal.[1]


In the game, Chaos Stones have many uses, such as limited-time summons, chaos summons, health recovery, quest maintenance, etc. For example, using 15 chaos stones, a player can restore stamina in a quest. Chaos stones can also be used as a means of resurrection when a party is annihilated in a quest.

There are two types of chaos stones: free ones that can be obtained without charge and paid ones that can be obtained with charge.


  • Chaos Beasts appear to be made of Chaos Stones in Mass for the Dead.
  • Chaos stones are items that are necessary to draw gacha. Basically, the consumption of one gacha is 50.
  • Chaos stones can be earned as a reward for completing a quest.
  • During missions, one chaos stone is earned daily and thirty weekly stones.
  • In the Memory of Chaos, 50 chaos stones are available for the first time by clearing one person.


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