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Chaos Beast (混沌獣) is a type of monster that appears in Mass for the Dead.


Chaos Beasts are endemic to the New World, appearing after the Great Tomb of Nazarick transferred from YGGDRASIL during the Catastrophe. They appear from purple fissures that erupt spontaneously throughout the regions and even in Nazarick.[1] These monsters serve as some of the major antagonists in the ruined New World as the three surviving nations: Re-Estize Kingdom, Baharuth Empire, and Slane Theocracy struggle to rebuild.

Types of Chaos Beasts


These creatures resemble creatures made of amethyst colored metal and crystal, which appear as Chaos Stones. In other rare cases, these stones are embedded in the center of their bodies.


A few powerful types are mostly humanoid and wield weapons and other special abilities. They seemingly appear from the fissures, which are also able to bypass the defenses of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, prompting the NPCs to be always on guard in case of an attack. In addition unlike other monsters, that fight on instinct or reason, Chaos Beasts will prioritize strong targets based on their level of power. Based on Nazarick's experiments its hypothesized that they possess some sort of sense to help them locate possible prey. Instant death spells can affect these creatures, though experiments have shown this to the case for ordinary Chaos Beasts and not specialized ones.[2]


  • Usually, in the game, their appearances are herald by cracks or ruptures in an area of space.
  • They seem similar to spawned monsters from YGGDRASIL though they are a type that Momonga has never seen in the game.
  • Due to the Chaos Beasts, the human nations are in a state of perpetual war, thus demand weapons and armor are in high demand causing ore prices to rise in the cities.[3]



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