Champion is a job class that exists in the New World.


It is a job class that warriors tend to have when they competed in battle arenas and came out victorious. For instance, within the Grand Arena of the Baharuth Empire's royal capital Arwintar, one of the battles between the gladiators had a winner. In the past, the defeated gladiator were usually sentenced to death, yet such rule is no longer around at some point.

However, there were still cases of deaths occurring in the midst of battles, but there would be no killings after the victor was determined. Apparently, the winner had spared the gladiator his life because that person's repeated defeats were seen as amusing. This allowed him to awaken his true power and he became champion, whereupon that particular restriction had been abolished.[1]

Known Champions

Abilities and Powers

Champions are symbols of warriors who have come up on top and are winners in any form of battle arena competitions. Similar to the World Champion prerequisites, if a warrior had managed to triumph the battle arena competition by becoming the overall victor, they are candidates of meeting the requirements to gain this class.[2]


  • It is unknown if this job class was available in YGGDRASIL or is a unique class found only in the New World.
  • Throughout the Overlord series, people who were identify as the winner of a tournament are most likely those same individuals in possession of a Champion class[3] or some variant.[4]


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