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Chameleon Mask is a type of item used by Parpatra to hide his own face.

Description Edit

A worker by the name of Parpatra apparently owned the Chameleon Mask, but its unclear what happen to this item after his death.

Appearance Edit

As the name implied, it looks to be shaped as a mask.

Abilities Edit

By wearing the Chameleon Mask, it allowed the user to disguise their face. As a result, a person's look can changed through equipping it.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • So far, this item has only been mentioned in the Web Novel.
  • Unlike in the Light Novel, Parpatra had possession over this item and used it before.
  • Like the Chameleon Mask's power, members of the Black Scripture are also in possession of magical masks that allows them to conjure a fake face.[2]


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