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Cerabrate (セラブレイト) is an adamantite ranked adventurer and the leader of Crystal Tear.


Not much is known about his appearance beside him being described as a knight.


Not much is known about Cerabrate’s personality besides him being a pervert and a pedophile. The Prime Minister of the Dragon Kingdom claimed that as long as Draudillon acts like a cute and innocent girl, he would risk his life for her and their nation.


Cerabrate is the leader of Crystal Tear, the Dragon Kingdom's only adamantite-ranked adventurer team. His group is often used to repel the attacks of the Beastman Country.


The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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The workers at Count Femel's mansion discussed the potential individuals who are said to be very powerful in their own right, Crystal Tear's Cerabrate was mentioned as one of the strong pure swordsmen on their list.[1]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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Dragon Kingdom's prime minister made a suggestion to Draudillon that Cerabrate should be the one to take down the demi-human's enemy general. The prime minister states that as long as Draudillon continue to act like a cute and innocent girl, Cerebrate would risk his life to fight for the safety of their nation.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Cerabrate has the title of "Fierce Flash." Cerabrate is a member of the “Holy Knight” class, and he is famous for using the Shining Sword technique. He is a top-class swordsman whose skills are comparable to Gazef Stronoff, Brain Unglaus, and Gagaran.


Draudillon Oriculus

Being a pedophile, Cerabrate feels sexual desire towards her. Draudillon dislikes the situation, but as Crystal Tear is necessary in order to protect her kingdom from the onslaught of the Beastmen, she keeps her form as a young girl whenever she meets with him.


  • Maruyama revealed that despite his strength, his swordsmanship skills are actually inferior to Gazef's.



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