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Cat's Elegance (キャッツエレガンス) was a chain shirt that was owned by Succulent.

Description Edit

Succulent attempted to bribe Brain Unglaus to join Eight Fingers, using several of his magic items as an incentive to join the criminal organization. However, Brain refused to accept.

Appearance Edit

In the Anime the Cat's Elegance item is a dark brown protective armor that covers the top part of the body. In addition, gold embroidery was stitched in the front.

Abilities Edit

According to Succulent, the chain shirt was composed of Orichalcum. It was resistant to damage against regular sword blows, though the wearer could still feel the physical blow.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The Cat's Elegance along with Succulents' equipment were confiscated by the authorities of Re-Estize.[2]

References Edit

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