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Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page happens to contain a lot of heavy spoilers that are all originated from the Overlord Light Novel series written by the author Kugane Maruyama. To every Anime-only watchers and Manga-only reader out there viewing this warning, please mindfully consider your decision first before choosing to expose yourself on reading the information below. If you're not currently up-to-date with the main source material in the official books, do consider staying away from the page for non-spoiler sake until you actually read it first ahead of time.

Cats (猫) are small creatures that were found in YGGDRASIL and the New World.[1][2]


Cats are small domesticated carnivorous mammals that were kept as pets.


According to Sebas Tian, cats were innately curious and prone to getting killed due to it.[3] Cats liked to sleep and were regarded as mischievous creatures.[4][5] In addition to that, cats were able to see in the dark.[6]



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