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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Casino Resort Nazarick (カジノリゾートナザリック) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on May 16, 2022 to May 31, 2022. The event was re-released on April 20, 2023 to May 1, 2023.[1] And again on May 9, 2024 to May 18, 2024.[2]


A "casino" is built in Nazarick. This to verify human psychology and whether recreation in Nazarick is sufficient. But how did Narberal Gamma and Solution Epsilon become dealers?――[3]

Purpose of Casino[]

At the staff canteen on the 9th Floor, there is talk between Foire and Cixous about a new facility that is being built on the floor on one of the vacant rooms. The news comes from a maid that was serving Momonga and relayed that Demiurge is supervising the interior design and the new area will be for recreational purposes that will soon be open to all.

Meanwhile in the room under construction which turns out to be a casino, Demiurge and Momonga speak on the progress done so far. Everything appears to be set from the coz environment to the gaming tables. The protagonist inspecting the room believes that it is ready to help him answer his questions. Before moving on to the final touches, Demiurge asks with Momonga's permission to provide Pandora's Actor assistance in the financial management aspect of this operation in regards to the "chips" for the casino.

Before they can move towards the part of the project, Slimeko enters the area to inform them that Narberal Gamma and Solution Epsilon have returned from the outside world. The group then reconvene to the Round Table Room, where Momonga addresses the two maids returning after a mission. Both women learn about the casino which is being built in Nazarick. For the reason why it's creation, the protagonist explains that recently the issue of illegal gambling has been rampant in the city of E-Rantel which he manages as Territory Guardian.

The protagonist needing to create countermeasures for this behavior was at a loss of how to handle it, since he lacks an understanding on gambling. The admission of lacking in knowledge comes to a surprise to the maids, though it is attributed to the unpredictability of human behavior in gambling. So far the information the protagonist has comes only from texts, which call gambling a form of competition of losing profits through accidental victory or defeat, and thus is incomprehensible to him. Thus the casino on the 9th Floor was created to serve as a test area to explore gambling to understand human psychology. However the new casino provides new opportunities such as for Momonga as a form of recreation for the NPCs, while Albedo and Demiurge want to explore its benefits to promote their puppet state plan for the Tripartite Alliance. Once all the games are tested in Nazarick, Momonga plans to export some of the casino ideas outside for humans to further Nazarick's influence.

The discussion then turns to why Narberal and Solution were called before the Overlord. The two having infiltrated human society successfully were selected in the casino experiment and assist the protagonist. Needing to replicate the real atmosphere of a casino, they were to play the role as gorgeous dealers for the games. The two maids are ordered to begin studying for their roles which they comply. [4]

Later in Momonga's office, the Overlord has a discussion with Demiurge and Albedo to talk about how to handle the assets of individuals at the casino. Since the NPCs of Nazarick had no salaries, Demiurge recommends that they utilize gambling chips as mediums of exchange at the casino which Albedo agrees maintaining that the subjects of Momonga had no need for salaries. Momonga though while understanding that the casino experiment is to assist the protagonist, hopes that it will provide an appropriate stimulus for the NPCs in their daily lives for leisure. To contribute to the casino, Albedo offers to make prizes to serve as a usage of the chips for the gamers at the casino. Demiurge and Momonga knowing Albedo's talent in making hand-made goods for the Adventurer's Guild give her permission. Momonga seeing off a motivated Albedo then heads to Ashurbanipal to check on the learning progress of his casino dealers.

At the library, Narberal, Solution Slimeko and the protagonist are hitting the books on all casino related material for their roles as dealers. From their study session they learn that a dealer is a customer-service role in a casino whose job is to entertain guests and players. And on top of that they are charged in paying the dividends for each game while being the facilitator of the games played. The trio find there to be a lot of rules to remember. Not only that there are several techniques that the dealers need to master. The games present at the casino are "roulette" and "baccarat" which will be handled by Solution and Narberal respectively. In "baccarat" Narberal muses that she will have to learn how to card shuffle effectively, which she finds to be very human and a game that can be easily flinched. And while the game is simple as with win or lose, there are variations of betting methods.

As for "roulette" Solution finds that the game involves throwing a ball into a disk with numbers and guessing the outcome, while seemingly simple it gets complicated in various ways depending on the payout, from the outside bets and inside bets based on colors or specific numbers. The protagonist notes that beside skill, luck is also a factor in the games and Narberal admits that the profit and loss are not uniform when gambling as it is up to the gamer to decide the degree of risk and return. For practice, Slimeko offers Narberal the use of a deck of playing cards she took from the Treasury. Whilst trying to shuffle the cards as instructed by a book, Momonga appears pleased at their dedication. His sudden appearance startles Narberal who hastily greets her her master. Momonga seeing that his presence caused the group a start apologizes much to the group's shock. Happy to see them diligent at their work, Momonga leaves after giving them a few words of encouragement for their casino roles. After leaving the library Momonga hopes not only that maids can play out their roles but also enjoy the experience.[5]

In Albedo's room, the Overseer Guardian is busy at work with making various hand-made goods as prizes for the casino. The demoness is happy at the feeling of doing her hobby, making copies of Momonga, still longs to touch the real thing, though begs herself to be patient, reminding that the dolls she is making are for the Floor Guardians at the casino. A knock is received at her door which turns out to be Momonga to her delight. Momonga enters wanting to see her end of the preparations. Eager to please her master, Albedo showcases Momonga a preview of the line of products she already crafted. The variety of products amazes Momonga and learns that Albedo intends to provide as many different products that would suit the tastes of the customers, centered on every day items. Since nothing more needs to be said, Momonga expresses his gladness at viewing Albedo's finding joy in her endeavor.

In the Pleiades' dorm, Narberal and Solution demonstrates their newly honed card shuffling and betting skills to Lupusregina Beta, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta and CZ2128 Delta in preparation of manning the baccarat and roulette tables at the casino. Narberal is confident that she will fulfill her role as a dealer at the table, having enough practice, while Solution hopes something similar can be done before the opening of the casino.

1st Day[]

The next day the grand opening of the casino was officiated to start the experiment. The Floor Guardians and Pleiades gathered to the new room on the 9th Floor where they are welcomed by Demiurge to the Casino Resort Nazarick. The NPCs present admire the scenery and take interest in the various games, before Momonga appears to address the crowd, thanking them for participating in today's event. Once he and the protagonist briefly explains the purpose of the casino, Momonga then assigns the roles of the casino. Demiurge being the casino manager, while the protagonist and Slimeko fill the roles of floor people and Pandora's Actor in charge of the casino finances. The Area Guardian making his presence known and brings sacks each containing a 1000 chips for the NPCs use at the casino after their function is explained.

The NPCs are unfamiliar with gambling which is elaborated as a scheme humans invented to increase their rewards in a short period by playing risky games. While the idea is strange, as they find serving Momonga to be rewarding enough, they do wish to experience the feeling out of interest. To add more motivation to increase the chips they earn at the casino, Albedo reveals the line of Momonga themed products she made for the occasion, that they can earn if they use their chips. These items range from hand-made one of a kind towel, tenugui, placemat, tablecloth, drawstring purse, wine cooler, doorknob cover, eye mask, etc. The chance to acquire such items provide more than enough incentive and the participants are told they can choose any one of the prizes prepared by Albedo with the highest amount of chips at the end of the experiment which will last three days. As for the games available, Momonga leaves the explanation to the protagonist and dealers who will be facilitating the games. On cue Narberal and Solution appear dressed in bunny costumes. Momonga then bids the group to not only complete the experiment but to enjoy themselves and then officially opens the casino. [6]

Afterwards Momonga retreats to his bath chambers to relax, having decided to leave the experiment in the hands of the NPCs so as make them feel more at ease. While the casino was built to understand human psychology, Momonga hopes that the NPCs will take time to enjoy the experience. Recalling that casino were used by management to make a profit, as said by Demiurge, Momonga makes a note to himself to himself to ask about it later, for now he follows his advice of waiting holding that "Good things comes to those who wait."

Back at the casino, the NPCs have disbursed to select the table of games they want to play. At the roulette table Solution entertains a group of guests composed of Aura, Mare, Shalltear and Cocytus by explaining the process of the board and how players are suppose to bet on where the ball will land. When players win, the chips betted will be refunded according to the risk. To elaborate further, the protagonist provides the concepts of "inside bets" and "outside bets". In which "inside bets" are placed directly on one or more numbers while "outside bets" are placed on certain propositions such as high-low, odd-even, red-black, first, second and third dozen, etc. Aura takes a try at the game betting 10 chips at 1~18, as does Mare who spreads his bet on 4 chips on black and 6 chips on red. Shalltear also places a bet of 10 chips on the 0 and 00 after learning that the dividend rate is 36 times the rate.

Once the bets have been placed, Solution spins the wheel and throws the ball in. After the ball lands on the number 11 black, Solution distributes out the winnings and collects the losing bets. From game the winnings and loses are calculated: Shalltear loses 10 chips. Mare loses 6, but having placed his bets on black as well still receives 8 additional chips which doubled from his 4 chip bet on black. Aura appears to be the luckiest as her bet of 10 chips doubled to 20.

Demiurge and the protagonist watching the game then turn to the baccarat table where Narberal is hosting her sisters Entoma, Yuri, CZ and Lupusregina. She explains how baccarat is played as it is a game that predicts which opponents win, the "player" and the "banker". In the card game, both opponents are given two cards each from a shuffled deck. The cards 2 to 9 are counted as their numbers, but Ace is counted as "1" while 10 and the face cards are treated as "10". The point of the game is to add the sum of the cards dealt to the number 9. Whoever is closest to 9 deemed the winner. Other rules apply such as when the numbers go over to two digits, the second number is used. Next are "natural" wins are in regards to the total value of either the first card is 8 or 9. If the hand requires no additional cards then it is considered game. If the player bets on the banker, and the banker wins, then there is a 5% payout from the commission.

Lupuregina notices the rosters on the table [TIE BETS PAY 8 TO 1], which Narberal explains to be where a player wants to bet a "tie". According Narberal the probability of winning is less than10%, but the payout is 9%. A game starts, Yuri plays and puts down 20 chips for the player, Lupusregina puts down 200 chips to the banker, Entoma places 50 chips on banker and CZ places 10 chips for the player. Narberal deals the cards for the player which are a 4 and 1 totaling to 5. For the banker a 4 and 3 totaling to 7. The final third card is revealed to be a Jack equating to 10, but the 0 is used to total leaving the scores as 5 and 7. Thus the banker is deemed the winner. Those who betted on the banker receive 1.95 times the payout causing Lupusregina and Entoma to earn 390 and 97 chips. Though the other maids lost the first game, they call for a second try.[7]

During break time, Momonga is met by the protagonist, Slimeko and Dmeiurge in his office to discuss the results of the first day of "Casino Resort Nazarick". From the three Momonga learns that the NPCs attending the casino enjoyed the games. Though there were some bits of confusion such as when Lupusregina lost all her chips at the beginning of the day. So as a suggestion they trio believed that adding an additional supply of 1000 chips on every day of the casino event would suffice. Momonga approves of 3000 additional chips for the casino. Additionally through Lupusregina's gambling strategy, it showed that the roulette is suppose to have the house at a 5.26% advantage in terms of 0 and 00 bets. Though in practice it seems to be not so. From another point of view the return rate to the participants was 94.74% which is considered great but the numbers related to their earnings say a different story.

Demiurge then provides the results of the participants earnings from a single day at the casino. From the report it shows that a few like Cocytus managed to nearly double their chips, while others lost their original amounts. A total of 7372 chips are left in the hands of the participants from a total of 8000. It is determined that the house does in collect the majority of the earnings at the casino ultimately. Demiurge can already see the possibilities of application with the rules of probability in the casino's favor. For participants the winning percentage would be 47.4% which is doable to still give the casino a profit and would only be a matter of keeping the players playing at the tables to make up the losses to keep the profits. Not only that Demiurge thinks that the gambling hall could help boost the local economy if applied outside Nazraick.

A casino would be able to solve the illegal gambling taking place in E-Rantel, as it would be under centralized control, put public interest into focus and able contribute toe taxes. Momonga hearing there arguments is in agreement and plans are discussed of perhaps creating such establishments in tourist spots in the New World. Momonga excited at the positive feedback of the experiment hopes that the casino will be open to not just the Floor Guardians and Pleiades but the rest of the denizens of Nazarick such as the general maids soon.

2nd Day[]

On the second day, the protagonist, Demiurge and Pandora's Actor calls all the participants to the Guest Room to explain the new policy of adding a 1000 chips to their current balances. Pandora's Actor starts by handing out the chips based on those with the highest chip count to the least. The first to receive their new chip allowance is Cocytus who had a balance of 1766 chips and is increased to 2766. Upon receiving his chips the Floor Guardian announces his intent to resume playing roulette. Next is Mare who had a balance of 1520 chips from yesterday and has increased to 2520 chips. Additionally he after experiencing roulette, intends to play baccarat. Third is CZ who had 1364 chips but was raised to 2364 chips and decides to play baccarat after seeing the advantageous wins of the banker. Yuri coming in fourth place had 1176 chips and was given a new balance of 2176 chips also plans a for a new pace starting with the more aggressive game of roulette. In fifth place, Aura receives her supplement of 1000 chips, causing her remaining 682 chips to become 1682 chips and plans to go and play baccarat. In sixth place is Shalltear whose 486 chips becomes 1486 chips who despite losing at roulette thinks she has a better chance at winning still. Entoma comes out in seventh place, with a remaining balance of 378 chips that turns into 1378 chips with the new addition who also decides to stick with her original game baccarat. And in last place, who lost their entire fortune of chips is Lupusregina who plans to make a comeback by playing roulette. Once everyone has their chips, the managers of the casino direct the participants to follow the dealers back to the casino.[8]

Back in the casino, Yuri and Lupusregina being newcomers to roulette are given a overview by Solution who is now manning the table. The two women take note on Cocytus's winning streak at roulette and wonder what strategy he is using to bet on winning numbers. Though all they receive from Cocytus is that the game is similar to a battlefield that he can predict and anticipate. At the baccarat manned by Narberal, she starts the bets which CZ leads by placing 200 chips on the banker, hoping to win since the banker's win rate is 45.86% compared to the player win rate of 44.62%. Entoma goes with the player and bets 200 chips as well. Mare does the same as CZ and bets on the banker, while his sister Aura bets 100 chips. However when the cards are dealt it leaves the player as the victor, leaving Entoma the sole winner, earning a dividend of 400 chips.

In the next game CZ places another 200 chips on the banker. Mare bets on the banker though this time with 400 chips. Entoma follows suit on the banker with 200 chips. And lastly Aura who decides to bet on the player for 100 chips. After the cards are played, the banker is determined as the winner. Aura losing again, is surprised by her brother's winnings and asks if there is some kind of winning strategy in the game.

The games are observed by the protagonist and Demiurge, pleased at the sight of Cocytus and Mare having developed their unique methods of winning. For Mare success they attribute it to his readings from his visits to the library which he now has employed in this situation. While there appears to be no issue of installing the casino in Nazarick, the two feel it would be a different story for one to be set up in E-Rantel.

At the end of the second day of Casino Resort Nazarick, all winning are collected and counted by Pandora's Actor. who tallies up the totals:

  • 1st Place: Mare 3946
  • 2nd Place: Cocytus 3282
  • 3rd Place: Shalltear 1862
  • 4th Place: CZ 1724
  • 5th Place: Yuri 1562
  • 6th Place: Aura 984
  • 7th Place: Entoma 984
  • 8th Place: Lupusregina 764

At the Guest Room, the protagonist and Demiurge have a private meeting with Solution and Narberal and ask them to aim to win at the tables to balance against the wins of the participants at the table. Though the challenge is new, the dealers agree to do their best on the last day of the Casino Resort Nazarick.[9]

3rd Day[]

On the third day of Casino Resort Nazarick, excitement at the tables are booming. There is a dynamic change of wins and losses at the roulette and baccarat tables. Eventually at the end of the day, the results of calculated by Pandora's Actor:

  • 1st Place: Mare 5812
  • 2nd Place: Cocytus 3622
  • 3rd Place: Shalltear 3614
  • 4th Place: CZ 2520
  • 5th Place: Aura 2402
  • 6th Place: Lupusregina 1614
  • 7th Place: Yuri 1820
  • 8th Place: Entoma 704

From the results Mare is declared to have the highest score. In such, he is given the first pick of the prizes for the event, which he selects a place mat. Next to come in second place is Cocytus who selects the wine cooler. Third place has Shalltear who selects a towel among the table. Followed by fourth place, which is held by CZ who picks out the eye mask, then fifth place held by Aura who takes the tablecloth. Lupusregina being sixth place selects the tenugui, while Yuri holding seventh place accepts the doorknob cover. Lastly is Entoma who takes the purse.

Momonga seeing everyone leaving with satisfied faces thanks Albedo for her role in preparing the prizes. He then offers his thanks to the dealers and participants for making the event plan for the casino possible before closing the gambling area for the time being.[10]


After the casino experiment is over, Momonga gathered the main members at the Round Table Room to talk about the results report obtained by the protagonist. The protagonist reports that while initially the participants were confused at the beginning as they were unfamiliar with the entertainment aspect of the experiment, but adjusted and found they enjoyed it and couldn't get enough of it after they learned the rules.

Though in the protagonist's opinion the attractive part of gambling was the illusion of having "luck" to their side. The psychology is interesting, though everyone agrees that the casino provides the environment where one can dream big. Momonga hopes to use this to Nazarick's advantage when applying it to manipulating humans and bids Demiurge to continue researching into this project in the future. Beside the social engineering, Demiurge hopes to exploit the casino idea in drawing reliable profits from humans for Nazarick's gain.

In regards to the future of Casino Resort Nazarick, there is no doubt that new experiments will continue, but Momonga wishes for the time being to allow the casino to be open to all. He turns to Albedo for her approval, which she gives as she saw the boost in morale in the participants after they receive her prizes. Such reaction will no doubt be shared by the general maids once they enjoy they casino. Momonga then asks her to craft new prizes for the upcoming participants, a task she kindly accepts.

For those to entrust the roles of dealers again, Narberal and Solution's names are called forth given their excellent performance in the experiment. Though knowing they cannot always have them on call, Momonga makes a note to create an Elder Lich to act as dealer for the casino.

The two maids are then brought into the room, where Momonga and the main members of the experiment praise them for their service. To thank them Momonga provides them a special surprise, two Momonga Plushies. Momonga then informs the two that he will ask for their aid as dealers again once he drafts a policy for a casino in E-Rantel, which the maids pledge to be ready.

Before the meeting is closed, Solution as one request. In order to determine if she and Narberal are considered great dealers, they ask the Overlord to play them at a game in the casino. At their insistence to entertain and prove their hospitality as dealers, Momonga accepts with Albedo joining the activity.

That night, Momonga and Albedo enjoyed the skill of the two dealers by renting out the casino. Though the balance of chips and results that night are kept secret, Momonga soon experience the horrors of gambling.[11]


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