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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Casino Resort Nazarick (カジノリゾートナザリック) is the recreational gaming area located on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.


Some months after the protagonist had become the Territory Guardian of E-Rantel, he began to notice the issue of illegal gambling in the city. The issue soon became an agenda for him and the protagonist needed to come up with some countermeasures but lacked an understanding to the human need to gamble finding it illogical. Momonga and Demiurge hearing this concern from the homunculus then decided assist him by creating a casino in Nazarick to set up a trial basis on a gambling environment. Through the assistance of Demiurge and Pandora's Actor, a casino was created in one of the empty rooms on the 9th Floor.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Casino Resort Nazarick was built to act as a sophisticated recreational facility, giving people a dream of getting rich and providing a extravagant atmosphere. Set up in Nazarick, Momonga wanted to use the facility to not only help the protagonist but to see if a casino could be used to attract tourists and raise profits to help boost the local economy. To that end he selected Solution Epsilon and Narberal Gamma to act as dealers at the casino. For the staff, Demiurge was made as manager, Pandora's Actor in charge of chip distribution, Albedo the supplier of giveaway prizes, while the protagonist and Slimeko served as floor monitors.

After a trial run of the casino showcased the potential of social engineering and also brining in profits for Nazarick and the local economy, Momonga planned to draw up a plan for implementing a casino in E-Rantel. For the new addition to the 9th Floor, Momonga decided to open it to the general maids for their enjoyment and place an elder lich dealer there to man it.[1]

The casino was visited by Lupusregina Beta and CZ2128 Delta after hearing about it being a new hangout for the general maids from Yuri Alpha. Due to the high amount of interest by the general maids in the games there, Yuri planned to write a guidebook for the casino. There the Pleiades found Foire and Cixous enjoying the roulette table, winning chips to earn prizes. Additionally the daily magic items such as the fan and refrigerator were installed there as leftovers from the "Daily Household Magic Item Improvement Plan" passed. The lich found the items useful as they induced a more welcoming atmosphere in providing a gentle breeze and convenient cold drink that he requested they be left permanently.[2]

The operation of the casino was left in the hands of Demiurge. However when Albedo heard from an elder lich subordinate that the maids wished to see a new prize to win, Albedo crafted the Momonga Hanger to add incentive. After it was put on display, it caused a peak in the casino's popularity from the general maids. Though Demiurge was more concerned on the current policy at the casino as it was not just a facility for the denizens of Nazarick's welfare, but could be used to acquire future foreign currency in the human world. He then decided to implement some changes to collect operational data. One such change was to limit the number of times players could play at a game in order to prevent a negative impact.

As more interest was drawn to the casino, Albedo and Lupusregina Beta came up with an idea to liven things up by using the Idol Plan as a template and applying at the casino in a special event. They were supported by Demiurge as it was a perfect way to create a new experiment to see how small changes to the casino could effect the patrons. It was he who suggested releasing "limited-time items" for this occasion in order to motivate the patrons to play at the tables. Thus the "Rare Item Acquisition Day" was established. For the venue a few rules were temporarily lifted, such as the limit at the tables. Since it was a special event, the general maids could be allowed as many times at any of the gaming tables for three whole days. Not only that, so that they can freely enjoy their gaming time.

Additionally since many of the general maids were not fully engaging themselves with the games and just accepting complementary chips and stockpiling, Demiurge decided that stockpiled chips would not be accepted during the event, and only special chips released for the venue would be accepted. While these new restrictions were added it gave the general maids new challenges to compete with one another.

Albedo and Lupusregina, being provided a qipao and cat cosplay outfit acted as the moderators of the casino to manipulate the mood and liven things. One competing pair in particular was rooted as a favorite was Foire and Cixous who both aimed to get Prize A, a life-sized Momonga Plushie, worth 10,000 chips.

Both maids were neck to neck on getting the 10,000 chips, though on the final day, Foire last bet fell threw, costing her a great number, which Cixous reached over the number. But rather than use the chips to cash in on Prize A, Cixous ultimately chose friendship and used her chips to get two mugs, one which she gave to Foire who likewise did the same with her remaining chips.

In the end it was the belief by Demiurge, Albedo and the protagonist that the casino would play a future part in controlling human society via their greed. And a plan was currently being devised to be implemented in E-Rantel at a later date.[3]

A casino plan in acquiring foreign currency was currently in the works. Demiurge was keeping track of the plan's progress and had several new ideas to improve the implementation. But before the next step could be taken he believed that new data needed to be collected from humans

Though the plan became under threat after Solution reported to Momonga that there was an illegal gambling den operating on the outskirts of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Momonga saw the den as a potential competitor and authorized an investigation of the establishment. Not the team was to stop the den's operation, but also acquire and learn of the origins of the slot machines that were in possession of the establishment as it was believed by Demiurge they could be useful for their casino. After the investigation captured Succulent, the boss of the den, and busted the place for drug trading, Demiurge believed that Succulent would be useful in improving his casino strategy.[4]

The casino was used as a venue for a money lecture, headed by Pandora's Actor to explain the purpose of human currency and the motivations surrounding the monetary system. And later the lecture was turned over to Albedo and Shalltear, in business suits, to explain the importance of work efficiency.[5]

During New Year's Eve, as per Nazarick's new protocol to hold celebratory New Year activities to counter the arrival of the White Mochi King, by strengthening Shiro, the casino was decorated to match the holiday by the elder liches. Demiurge also hosted a game for Shiro to play which resulted him in winning a Giant Sesame Dumpling to eat. The experience and bond formed with the New Year Guardian, caused one of the Seven Lucky God Key Items to manifest, the mallet, and was absorbed into Shiro.[6]

Layout & Features[]

The casino is a new addition to the Great Tomb of Nazarick. It was constructed in one of the vacant rooms of the 9th Floor by Demiurge using literature and references he found. The casino area is composed of two floors.

The first floor being composed a balcony area to view the lower level which contain various games tables and machines for guests. On the gambling area is a cozy and luxurious place, the floor is a light brown embroidery carpet, separated by red rug that spills to dual steps heading to the balcony area. The gambling area has various game tables reserved for roulette and baccarat, and also several slot machines.


  • Casinos being featured in Overlord was foreshadowed by Ainz Ooal Gown and Pandora’s Actor during their conversation about the Pachislot Ainz Ooal Gown.[7]
  • Noah Zweden, an Executive of Eight Fingers once attempted to establish a casino on his property, but the plans were cancel due to circumstances.[8]
  • In the game, it was revealed that gambling houses exist in the New World.[9]



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