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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Casino Resort 2nd Bet (カジノリゾート2nd Bet) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on May 1, 2023 to May 15, 2023. The event was re-released on May 20, 2024 to May 19, 2024.[1]


A new prize created by Albedo has been added to Casino Resort Nazarick. While the general maids who are the customers are getting excited, a new event will be held to take advantage of the success...? Look forward to Albedo and Lupusregina's lively roles![2]


In the Guest Room, an elder lich brings a waiting Albedo the report for Casino Resort Nazarick which the undead manages. Since the opening of the casino, at the request of Albedo, the undead has been providing the Overseer Guardian with a regular report on the casino. Said report includes the income, expenditures, visitations and daily operation.

The lich reports that the number of people visiting their establishment is the same and believes that the novelty of the casino has settled down. Though the customers who do come, have told the liches working at the tables that they enjoy the gaming area due to it being it being relaxing when on break. Albedo finds its a good consolation for the general maids who visit the casino, however she is concerned about the decreasing number of prizes that are being exchanged. From what she deduces it appears that someone has already collected all the available prizes in the casino.

The lich reports that the prizes are regularly replaced and rotated. But there was some talk they overheard, that the maids thought it would be nice to have some new prizes available. This confirms to Albedo that interest in the casino's prizes is dwindling. The lich still thinks that business is good as they visitations are stable, but Albedo focus is on the lack of customer attraction to her hand-made accessories she made for the casino. The Overseer Guardian already as a new item to put on the casino prize list which she gives to the lich.

A few days later, in Momonga's office where a regula debriefing is being held, Momonga is surprised to hear that the usage rate of Casino Resort Nazarick has been increasing rapidly. According to what Demiurge reports, this is a result of the new prize in the casino has gaining popularity. Such a thing is regarded as an achievement by Albedo as well as her operational data she collected. Albedo is in awe of such praise, although she admits that initially there was neglect on her part for reusing some prizes before introducing the new item. Momong believes such humility from her is useless as the Overseer Guardian has been very invested in the casino, and experimenting with it to improve the goods and prizes. In any case he is happy to see things developing positively and asks her not to hesitate to come to him if her work is a burden.

Albedo assures him that it will not and that the plan of earning local currency in E-Rantel is a direct result of her work, and hence this side project is fulfillment to her. Not only that the service the casino provides is of great consolation to the general maids who visit it regularly and all the more worth it when she see her handmade work appreciated.

Demiurge who is also in charge of the casino's operation is very happy on its success. Taking joy at the various aspects from the casino's consumption rate of prizes, adjustments of exchange rates, emission rates in each casino game etc. In particular he fins the various experiments related to the operation of how slight adjustments to the elements can change the users emotions and their willingness to participate in the games. The casino serves as a way to measure the pros and cons of human emotions using the general maids as a control group for him to study based on their level of happiness.

Momonga listening is not too sure about the ulterior motives for the casino, but is fine regardless as they maids enjoy the games in the establishment. Still he is left curious about the casino itself and the reactions to the new prizes, causing him to plan to make a trip to the area.[3]

Meanwhile at the casino where it is crowded with general maids on break from their duties, an elder lich greets Foire and Cixous to a day of games. Both maids are excited to bet, though more looking forward to having fun than winning as they want to enjoy the place Momonga created for them. Foire then heads to the baccarat table while Cixous takes to the roulette.

Shalltear Bloodfallen also visiting the casino comments on the popularity of the establishment. An elder lich attendant welcomes the Floor Guardian who offers her two games to play American Baccarat and Roulette, adding that a tip will be given to visitors which they will be allowed to keep when they depart. On any changes, Shalltear is informed that under the guidance of Demiurge, he has individually set an upper limit for the number of times a person can play a gamer per day. Hearing about this limit, Shalltear asks if this is in place to prevent a negative impact on the casino. To which the lich confirms that the limit is there as a preventative measure and also to add to casino's challenge, of when to stop and win. Demiurge apparently thinks this will cause customers to bargain on their chances more easily.

To Shalltear it would have been easier to just set up the number times matches can be played at the tables, which the lich replies that was considered to propose a plan in conjunction with the general maids break times, but was rejected because of the amount of impatience which would arise. Another aspect the Shalltear asks is the success is due to Albedo's new prizes, which the lich points out that an example of the new acquisitions is in a display case.

The vampire is guided to the showcase and sees that the new item is a life-size bust of Momonga. While examining it Shalltear asks if it has any practical applications, and is told that the bust can be used as a hanger for hanging clothes. Almost immediately Shalltear realizes novelty of owning a item of the Supreme Being handing her clothes that she wears. Despite it being a nit unscrupulous, Shalltear finds it a be a dream product. While gushing over the bust, Lupusregina Beta spots Shalltear and the lich talking. Lupusregina blurts out if this is amazing to Momonga, but quickly stops herself. Her outburst catches the attention of the undead, and Lupusregina quickly asks Shalltear to speak with her outside the casino.

Once outside, Lupusregina apologizes to Momonga who was using [Perfect Unknownable] and nearly blowing his cover when he was surveying the casino incognito. Momonga tells her its alright as he did not tell her in advance of what he was doing. Shalltear chastises Lupusregina for being careless as she and Momonga were exploring the casino together, and the vampire was asking questions on behalf of her master so as not to disturb the general maids. For Lupusregina, Momonga is curious to know what she is doing at the casino. The Pleiades maids answers that she heard the general maids talking about the casino while in the Canteen and wanted to see it for herself, so when she was assigned to patrol the 9th Floor, she used her assignment to go visit the casino.

Momonga reminds her that work should not be included in her break time, but that aside he wants to know about the reactions from the general maids. Since Lupusregina is such a popular figure among them he asks the maid to tell him. Lupusregina complies to collect their comments on his behalf and report it to his office later as Albedo is concerned about the reputation of her prize. Shalltear takes the opportunity to excuse herself to attend to her duty to deal with the Chaos Beasts on the 10th Floor. The Floor Guardians then goes to the Lemegeton where she muses to herself on her fascination of the bust Albedo made and how she can't afford to lose to Albedo's handicrafts.

Later at Momonga's office, the Overlord and Overseer Guardian, listen to Lupusregina on the situation with the general maids. For Albedo she is glad to see that the maids are reacting positively to her "Momonga Hangar". Even Momonga comments on it as the quality of the workmanship is impeccable. Albedo asks if the general maids aim to win the Momonga Hangar? That is not the case, as mot everyone is aiming for it, but most are content to worship the item displayed in the showcase. Right now there are two factions of genera maids those that have a taste for "gambling" and those who have a taste for "consolation" at Casino Resort Nazarick.

Upon hearing this Albedo wonders if the maids are being conscious on that the casino facility is experimental for the strategy of acquiring local currency in the human world in the future. Lupusregina suggests that the maids are merely respecting the casino's purpose as Momonga envisioned. If that is just the case, Momonga is happy for the maids. But remembering what Demiurge said about testing emotions, he wants to be certain which causes Albedo to check on the maids in the casino herself for him as she wants to know how they feel about her prizes. Just as he permits this, a knock comes at the office door, in which the on-duty general maid reports that Demiurge wishes to speak with him. Demiurge is allowed into the room. Initially he is surprised by the attendance of those in the room, but in acclimated to the situation. He even adds his own proposal for measures in the casino which the others are all ears for.[4]

Demiurge then gives his proposal, in addition to Albedo's plan of revitalizing the casino through the quality of prizes, he wishes to conduct an experiment on management and operations there. And it would be most productive to allow the general maids to participate. Since there is technically no concept of money in Nazarick chips are used for the visitors benefit. Currently they have installed a system in which games are played within a limited number of times so as not to interfere with the casino's operations and to keep the amount of chips within the casino. Demiurge though wants to observe if there is any improvement in the operation himself from these changes. Albedo is a bit miffed that Demiurge is seeking a flaw, but Demiurge assures her that she did a wonderful job but he discovered an issue where originally money was suppose to be used at the casino and be converted to chips, but now visitors can just acquire chips when they enter through the door. Now it is becoming increasingly more common for people to simply visit without playing any games and stockpiling said chips to acquire the prizes.

Albedo now gets it that there is a lack of proper exchange hence why Demiurge needs to correct the deficiencies in the casino's rules in its early stages so that appropriate operational data can be obtained. Momong who is listening in on the conversation, agrees with such a priority as he himself wondered about the casino's initial non-existent currency policy. He then speaks aloud, stating he considered implementing a system of currency in Nazarick to have the NPCs understand the value of tips and wages. But tells Demiurge that the purpose for the casino is to reward the general maids. And if an experiment is conducted that ignore that he sadly cannot permit it. This statement though is to avoid having the too many rules complicate the casino. Demiurge does not doubt his liege's wisdom but proposes that they take a leaf out of the Idol Plan and introduce "limited-time items" into the casino for visitors to play for. He believes that these novelties will curb the passive strategy of visitors stockpiling chips.

The limited time for the prize concerns Momonga as its always a gamble given his experience gacha prizes in YGGDRASIL. Demiurge assures his master that he will be careful to no put any excessive burden on the general maids. And has even considered measures such as setting on a limit on the amount of chip that can be deposited and set an expiration date for the chips themselves but those options could lead to excessive restrictions and inconvenience. If so, he thinks it would be healthier to take advantage of Albedo's prizes and turn everyone's attention to the casino games. Momonga is in agreement that the the limited time prizes are the passively better choice to allow for data collection of the casino. There will have to be a limited number of prizes for competition and Momonga while understanding its is the glamor of the casino, worries about the difference between winners and losers which may cause stress at the establishment and sour the fun.

Albedo suggests that they promote this an event, and base it on the Idol Plan that they conducted in the past: distributing limited goods that were only available to a limited number of people through the live idol performances. That way it gives the customers an opportunity of a chance to collect the prizes during the limited time. Demiurge support Albedo's position and thus Momonga accepts the proposal as it would give equal opportunity and freedom for the visitors of the casino in acquiring the many new prizes. So far no one has any complaints and Momonga hopes he can keep it that way. The Overseer Guardian has another idea to liven up the event for the general maids, though she requires Lupusregina's aid. That being said Momonga orders the plan for the upcoming event to be put into motion at Casino Resort Nazarick.

Elsewhere on the 6th Floor by the Gigantic Tree, Pestonya Shortcake Wanko while serving tea to Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore inform them of the rumors she heard of Albedo and the others planning something with "limited time items" at the casino. Mare finds the event appealing in that they can acquiring rare one time items and possibly collect and exchange. Aura deduces that this is probably some experiment of Demiurge's. The twins wonder of Narberal Gamma and Solution Epsilon will be participating as table dealers at the casino like last time.

Pestonya though is told that the position of dealers has been left to the elder liches at the order of Momonga. Right now the plans by Albedo are to liven the event to allow greater enjoyment for the general maids. From what the Head Maid hears, maids such as Foire and Cixous have been competing at the casino with each other in anticipation and even notes their strategy techniques they use when at the tables. The two are solid players that like to play at the tables, as opposed to the other maids who Demiurge is concerned about. The ones who come to the casino and get get the complementary chips and leave. Hence why this event is to improve this behavior and get the maids to partake at the tables.

Mare hearing this problem wonders if he could help, as he last time he was the winner at the opening of the casino. Aura believes that he could contribute by providing gambling lectures to the maids to teach them the basics. Pestonya is taken by the idea as there are still maids who do not know how to play the games at the casino. Mare then plans to go to Momonga and Demiurge for permission to guide the general maids on the basics, right after he helps Aura subjugate the Chaos Beasts.[5]

After the dark elf received permission from Momonga, Mare and his sister gathered the general maids to the casino to hold a game strategy lecture in preparation to the casino event. To simplify things they ask Foire and Cxious to demonstrate the two games available at the casino: roulette and baccarat. Foire provides and introduction to roulette and also explains the method of using an "inside bet" to directly be on numbers and the payout of the game for a single game being 36x. Adding that usually players can bet on other numbers, but at Casino Resort Nazarick, they can only bet one one point. Then explaining the concept of an "inside bet: which is a way to bet on a color or number attribute/group. Bet on 12 numbers together players will get a 3x payout. Additionally betting on "odd" and "even" increases the amount as well as the color which gives them a double payout. He cautions them that if an outside bet stays at 0 or 00 the house and casino will take all.

Cixous then begins to tell them about baccarat, where the games involves guessing who will win, the "player" and the "banker". There are 52 playing cards used in a match. The total score of the cards dealt to each player is to see who first gets the last digit closes to 9. Tw cards are dealt first and if the total is 5 or less, 1 card is added to the player's cards. The banker deduces whether to add a third card according to the player's result. Therefore the banker has the advantage. A 5% commission will be deducted from the player's dividends. In the game there are three types of bets, if they play on "player's die", the dividend will be doubled and if they win on the "banker's side" the dividend will be doubled, but a 5% fee will be deducted. After that a player can also bet on a "tie" and if they are right, the payout will be 9x. However the probability of winning a draw is less than 10^ so its advised not to bet that way.

Mare then thanks the two maids for laying the rules and introduces himself as the one leading the lecture with Aura commenting that he was the winner in the previous casino experiment and should heed his words. Mare then goes on to teach the general maids some tricks on how to win at the games. The maids take his word as gold due to him being considered a champion of the casino. Thanks to Mare's lecture all the maids appear to be willing to participate at the casino.

Later at the Guest Room, Albedo is coordinating on preparations for the event and holds a pre-meeting with Lupusregina to have her act as a "booster" for the venue. The maid is fine with that as she is content to let the elder liches at the casino handle the dealer roles. Previously Narberal and Solution acted as dealers at the table games, but requires time to be efficient at dealing. To play the roles as hostess at the casino, Albedo invites the maid to get the proper attire much to Lupusregina's excitement as she is looking forward to the event that will benefit Nazarick. Their role will be to encourage the maids who "just save chips" to actively spend them at the casino to play and earn prizes. Though Albedo reminds her peer that doing so need to be done voluntary and not forced. Lupusregina adds that their positions will mean they will need to act as lookouts.

The term perplexes Albedo, which causes Lupusregina that in the Baharuth Empire, there are workers who gamble at taverns. There are times when things heat up in situations, during which crowds form around the gamblers and gossip on the players in the game. She suggests that they take advantage of it and guide the mood of the casino. The suggestion is well taken by Albedo as it would be an additional part of their experiment in studying the customs of humans. To that end Albedo leaves it to Lupusregina to create such an opportunity at the event.

Albedo then turns her attention the the already made prizes for the event, commenting that she made more types than anticipated and had to crunch time to ensure the quality of each one. The Overseer Guardian hopes that the general maids will be motivated by the goods she produced, else she would lose her confidence in her work at the casino and will just be seen as a simply "increasing [her] quota". The Pleiades maid thinks that there is nothing to worry about as she dropped by the cantina had saw how excited they were in anticipation to the limited prizes that will be released. Touched, Albedo gives Lupusregina a brief peek at the event prizes she made. The number and diversity of items astound the maid, making Albedo beam with pride. She can't take all the credit as even Momonga contributed to the prizes this time around which will also serve as another incentive for the maids to compete at the event. Lupusregina nows for sure that the event will be a big success. Albedo agrees, adding that they will soon have to get into their costumes and have some fun. The two ladies then go with plans to speak with Pandora's Actor, continuing on their talk until late at night.[6]

The next day at Casino Resort Nazarick, a crowd of the general maids wait outside the establishment. Unknown to the NPCs, Momonga is also present under the effect of [Complete Unknowable]. Demiurge stands before the crowd, welcoming the attendees to the casino for the "Rare Item Acquisition Day". The demon announces that normally collected chips can be exchanged for prizes, though this event the chips and prizes offered today are exclusive items. This event will be fair in that the maids' saved up chips will not be involved. Despite the restriction, Momonga notes that the general maids do no react too badly to the idea as they are more excited about the new prizes. Demiurge adds that furthermore the time limit that was installed previously at the casino will be abolished temporarily for the event for three whole days as a curtsy of Momonga. He then states that for the purposes of the event, the general maids duties will in the meantime will be taken over by the Pleiades. This reassignment causes a bit of worry as the general maids are not accustomed to relieving themselves of their jobs.

Yuri Alpha assures them that this assignment is not permeant and that they have no intention of stealing their jobs and to think of it as helping them balance their regular with events. Narberal also adds that the event itself is just as important an experiment that will contribute to the future of Nazarick. So they should see it as a kind of work. Solution and Entoma agree that this is just the Pleiades way in helping them. The general maids concede to the arrangement and Demiurge then formally gives the floor to the main characters of today's event.

Albedo and Lupusregina, appear decked out in qipao and cat outfit respectively happily greet them. To get their participants thrilled on the event, the two hostesses then present the prizes that the maids will be competing for and unfurls cloth covering a display case at the prize exchange shop. The prize items neatly line up on the shelves partitioned by alphabets and like a treasure trove in the eyes of ordinary maids. The sight of the gifts on the shelf are more than tantalizing to the audience to the delight of the hidden Momonga. The letters next to the item cause the maids to beg Albedo for an explanation.

The hostess gladly explains the purpose of letter as they signify the prizes according to their grade, from A to E. Each exchange requires a certain number of chips and while Albedo made a lot of prizes, the number of prizes is limited. They briefly introduce the prize items. Prize E is a key ring with Momonga's precious face and worth 500 chips. For this selection Albedo prepared a limited edition of 20.

Likewise Lupusregina states as usual a 1000 chips will be given out every day and that the rules of roulette and baccarat are the same as usual. For Prize D its an illustrated mug drawn by all the Guardians and worth 1000 chips. For this selection there are only ten. Prize C is a colored paper autographed by Momonga worth 3500 chips and seen as a precious heirloom with just five sheets. For Prize B, which is Lupusregina's favorite, is the Momonga hanger, which is currently popular made with a special metallic color version. The cost for such an item is listed as 5000 chips.

The last Prize A is a Momonga fluffy, a life-size stuffed toy which causes all the maids to desire it. There is only of its kind and requires 10,000 chips. The price of the prize shocks the maids but heightens their motivation to win as many chips as possible within the three day period. The maids now knowing the stakes are permitted to begin the event by the hostesses.

Meanwhile outside in the 9th Floor corridor, Demiurge speaks with Momonga of how their moderators played their roles spectacularly through not just glamour but their oratory skills. Momonga felt a bit embarrassed by the insertion of the stuffed toy, and even considered removing the item from the prizes, but stopped himself as he could not bear to dampen his subjects enthusiasm. All that is left more Momonga and Demiurge to do is to quietly watched their experiment bear fruit.

At the casino, Pandora's Actor mans the chips distribution table handing each maid their complimentary 1000 chips, explaining each chips worth and the process to exchange them for prizes before wishing them luck.

The first day of the casino event sees to the general maids disseminate throughout the casino to participate in the games much to the pleasure of the watching Albedo and Lupusregina. Lupusregina notices that the roulette table is more crowded with maids, prompting the women to take a look. At the table Foire and Cixous are seen betting at the roulette. The result is a red number 14, which disappoints Foire as she betted on "odd". Cixous though bet a 100 on "low" from 1 to 18, so this she receives a payout of 200 chips.

Foire then notes her losses on a notepad. From her count she lost 300 and has only 900 left. But before that won 400 bets and managed to reach a total of 1200 before her losses. The two maids see Albedo and Lupusregina approach them, who inquire how they are doing.

The maids respond saying that they are enjoying themselves and following the advice from Mare in the lecture. Out of curiosity, Albedo asks the maids what prize they want, which the two answer Prize A and plan to raise the number of chips they have through winning. Its obvious both maids are competing with each other and it appears that Cixous as the advantage for now. Foire is not too worried about her set back as she hopes to recover her winnings in future bets. Taking Mare's lesson's to heart, she plans to bet double the amount written of what she lost to make up the difference. While Lupusregina thinks its a good strategy to win it all back, Albedo worries about Foire might suffer from a consecutive loss. According to literature, Mare's previous "steady plan" was a tactic called the Winner's Method and is good for recovering losses with low risk, for long-term games.

On the other hand, the plan Foire is adopting is the martingale method, a strategy that's theoretically undefeatable and suitable for short-term decisive battles, as you can recover all your losses with a single victory. but its risky. Foire is optimistic as as if she continues to lose, the number of chips she will bet will be larger, but to her that is the real pleasure of gambling and makes it all more exciting.

Cixous though thinks that it would be better to do it after increasing the number of chips she has, but Foire rebukes that would the gift exchanges are first come first serve, if she takes it easy, she might miss her chance. Foire boasts to Albedo and Lupusregina to watch her as she get the prize, impressing the hostesses on her spirit. Cixous is equally determined and while her strategy is more passive she won't give up as well. The competition between the two is nourishing to the hostesses as it will liven things for the duration of the event.[7]

On the second day of the event, at the baccarat table, Cixous is surprised that Foire has joined her at the baccarat table as she figured that the other maid would go for the roulette since she was aiming to get rich quick. Foire suspects that Cixous has a plan and wants to find out and puts a bet of 200 chips down at the baccarat for the player. Cixous places one for 250 chips as the player as well.

The cards are dealt and the player's cards are revealed to be a 6 and Ace, which the lich calls to be a "stand", bringing total of 7 points. While the banker's cards are a King and 3 bring a total of 3 points. Since the player has 7 points its a "hit", thus the lich adds another card. Foire hopes to be 3 or less, but it turns out to be a five bringing a total of 8 points for the banker. It is a loss for the maids. Foire complains that it is her second time at losing at the table. The maid though thought that was baccarat advantageous to the banker side. Cixous chalks it to be that this the risk. The game was thoroughly enjoyed by the onlooking maids, praising their completely different betting styles yet that there is also some kind of regularity from both of them.

To them is appears that took to Mare's teachings and are putting them to effective use. Foire and Cixous notice Albedo and Lupusregina watching them and take the opportunity to thank the two. Fire still seeks to learn of Cixous betting strategy, as she notices that Cixous is using denominations determined by the situation, and it seems that the bet is raised and lowered in increments of 50. Cixous confirms this to be correct, though the next time she will be raising her bet to 300.

Lupusregina notes that the current number of chips they have acquired is 1,900 for Foire, and 1,700 for Cixous. Albedoe realizes that the two have almost the same amounts and wishes the to luck as they continue to observe the events at the casino.

The two maids return to the baccarat table and Cixous proceeds to place 300 chips for the player. While Foire goes in a 400 chips for the bunker to make up the difference she lost. The crowd watches in anticipation of the results. The player side is 6 and 2, bringing it to total of 8 and is deemed a "natural" hand thus the banker side will not be able to draw additional cards. For the banker side, 4 and 3 are drawn bringing it to 7 points. Victory then goes to the players.

The duo are congratulated for their wins. Cixous is at 2000 chips and plans to bet again with 250 chips. To Albedo it complies with Cixous's strategy of raising and lowering bets in increments of 50. In other words, is it a strategy to increase the amount if she loses and regains it if she wins.

Cixous admits that her strategy was developed after she came up with the idea based on Foire's method of "double bet if you lose" as a model. This news surprises Foire. Cixous states that her method is good way of thinking, but with that, if she keep losing, she'll soon run out of war funds. Plus she thinks it would be a waste to reset the bet once she won.

Foire places a bet 50 chips, and claims that even if she wins, she won't put her bet back on, just lower her previous bet a little bit, which will hopefully bring back the profits in the long-run.

Albedo studying their method notes to herself that the tactic of Cixous is just like the "D'Alembert method'' in the literature. As Cixous said, it should have been something that wouldn't go bankrupt even during a losing streak. But... if one take this tactic, they should bet on the banker's side. The win rate is 45.86%. but if the maid is aiming to win Prize A, she should should have a bigger match. Cixous comments that trying her method out, she figured it out. And notes that her current progress is no good. Today's starting amount was 2100, but after five games she lost 100 chips and needs to win again somewhere.

Foire thinks that all she needs is a big match, which with Cixous's tactic would be pretty easy to win as her method reduces the risk of failure. The duo proceed to continue playing as they are cheered on by the other maids. Both Lupusregina and Albedo are happy that the venue is brimming with passion. And they look forward to tomorrow which is the last day of the event.

After finishing the casino event on the second day, at the Guest Room, Momonga gathers his people to confirm the current situation and exchange information. From Pandora's Actor's account at the casino, Momonga learns that no one was just collecting complementary chips and not playing at the tables. The Treasurer reports that some chips actually were exchanged for some lower prizes, but everyone enjoyed at least a few games before coming to the prize exchange. In his opinion, it was splendid both the prizes prepared by Albedo and the skillful exchange rate set by Demiurge.

Demiurge interjects as he cannot take all the credit as the event format was advocated by Albedo. Furthermore, Lupusregina deserves credit in contributing to the excitement at the event. Lupusregina is in awe at the compliment, however, accredits the venue bein so successful as it was already full of excitement from the beginning.

According to Albedo, the maids liked the idea of winning limited prizes under a first-come, first-served situation, and seemed to be motivated by each other and enjoyed the casino. All this satisfies Momonga in that the general maids enjoyed the experience so far. Demiurge also comments that the experiment is getting good results for future measures at the casino. He asks to be be allowed to work behind the scenes and follow up on the progress of Albedo and Lupusregina which is approved by the Overlord.

Lupusregina adds that she will try to verify the casino experiment and provide comfort to the general maids on the last day. Albedo is also thrilled for tomorrow though wishes she could properly divide the remaining prizes. From the consumption rate of the prizes, Pandora's Actor states that about only 20% of Prize E key holders remain. Only 50% of the Prize D mugs are left.

Momonga asks what about the signed colored paper, which the doppelgänger reports that all of Prize C remain. To Momonga its as expected, as autographed colored paper from the maid's boss is impractical. He thinks that his minimal effort in creating them were wasted, but from what Pandora's Actor says, all the top prizes from C and above are untouched. Unfortunately, no one has collected the necessary chips for the exchange yet.

This shocks Momonga who demands to know why. Pandora's Actor states that above all, it seems that most of the general maids are trying to gamble with Momonga's colored paper as their primary goal which is exactly as Demiurge expected. Now confused, Momonga asks Demiurge to explain this. The Floor Guardians expected this as he thought it best to have the most attractive items within reach.

Albedo to her, it is clear to everyone that Momonga colored paper should be the Prize A, or rather, the Prize S. But Demiurge dared to categorize it as Prize C, which greatly increased the motivation of the general maids. The Treasurer of Nazarick adds that currently, the number one chip acquisition is Foire with 2700 chips, and Cxious in second place with 2300 chips. Combined with the additional 1,000 chips for tomorrow, the two are withing reach of the prizes above C.

Momonga wonders if means that the two worked hard and finally set the range that can be obtained around the C prize. Demiurge verifies this to be true, however, gambling requires a natural gift of luck or failure, so theoretically it is possible it has to do more with that. Albedo tells everyone that at the end of the day, Foire imitated Cixous's strategy and even when she won, she didn't reset the number of bets and continued to play at half the price just before. The maids willingness to flexibly adopt and improve using their opponent's tactics led them to a chance to win, and the general maids who see this are also inspired.

Lupusregina states that Foire is aiming for the Prize A, and Sixth, who is behind her, will not be so rude as to give up the game. To that end the Pleiades maid wants to spice the competition between the two up and contribute to this experiment. Her idea is agreed by Albedo as no matter what the result will be, they should make it well so that the place will be fun and exciting.

Momonga despite being embarrassed that his autographed slips of paper are now a coveted item, makes out a speech to his followers to go out and promote more life into the event. Secretly though he wishes to practice handwriting his name, better as a ruler should.[8]


On the last day of the event at Casino Resort Nazarick, he air was filled with excitement by Lupusregina and Albedo announcements——-that the top prizes were still available: Prize C, Momonga's hand-drawn autograph colored paper, Prize B, specially made colored version of Momonga's Hanger, and——Prize A, a life-sized fluffy stuffed Momonga.

With the last of these prizes available the two goad the maids to try out their luck and win as much chips at the tables. After they end their speech with words of luck, Lupusregina and Albedo sight the two maids who are the closet to winning: Foire an Cixous. The two maids are now playing roulette, which Albedo realized can allow them to bet high payouts depending on the situation.

Foire and Cixous bets on red at roulette, for 2000 chips and 700 chips respectively, and as it so happens the ball rolls on red number 11. It's a victory for both the maids and cause their bets to double to 4000 and 1400 chips. Added to their current chips, Foire has 6200 chips while Cixous is 3400 chips. This leave Foire be able to be closer to cashing her chips the Prize A.

Lupusregina and Albedo come over to give their congrats and ask how the maids feel of it being the last day of the event? Foire is ever determined to win and plans to be 4000 chips. The boldness of putting all her bets is a bit of a surprise to the two hostess as it is a change in the maid's usual tactics. Foire explains that today she started with 500 chips, but she doubled it when she won. Even when she lost, she just keep going forward. Although its an effective tactic at winning, it still begs the question of what kind of system that Foire developed in order to go from 500 to 4000 chips? Foire elaborates that she used yesterday's Cixous's method from yesterday as a reference.

Its evident to Albedo that Foire's tactics are pretty close to the "Parley method" in the literature. This is surprising as the Overseer Guardian did not think that the maid could advance her thoughts to that extent in just three days, and then put it into practice. She then wonders if Demiurge had assumed this much progress as the demon wanted to run a simulation to identify the actions that motivated humans in a short period of time.

Word soon spreads among the general maids that Foire is going to play a 4000 bet big game. They all clamor to see the spectacle and potentially watch Foire win Prize A. Though most were satisfied with getting the autographed paper, Foire is seen as ambitious for getting the top prize and even clamor for Cixous to try and get it.

At the roulette table, Foire plans to do an "outside bet" on black which she decided based on the color of the Momonga's toy. For Cixous when asked by Albedo if she will to her tactic, Cixous respond that she will bet it all on dozen's first and places 3400 chips. This wows the crowd and Lupusregina can't help but feel that the maid might just win. Albedo remembers that a dozen can allow a player to triple their bet if they hit the mark.

Cixous confirms that she decided her action by looking at the flow of the match, but Foire is doing his best so far. Her display now is for Albedo and Lupusregina's benefit, to liven up the place so that they can enjoy it. She offers her thanks to Albedo for giving the maids such a wonderful gift despite their busy schedule. And so tried their hardest to enjoy themselves at the casino even if they knew that the casino is an experiment to be introduced to humans in the future. However, she is fully aware that they put the maids comfort first and foremost. Thus they want respond to everyone's kindness——by livening up to everyone's expectations and feelings of support!

The words please Albedo who accepts them and still can't believe the two of the maids thought so much and comments that it was worth making the prizes. That being said the maids have the lich roll the ball on the roulette table. The ball rolls along the rotating roulette wheel, with everyone at that moment watching the flowing trajectory with bated breath. Without a doubt, the event was at its climax——-

Later at the Round Table Room, after the event ended, together with Lupusregina, Albedo reported the details of the incident. Everything went fine the casino was in full swing, and everyone seemed to enjoy the fun of gambling. The results varied, but everyone looked satisfied. Now that they know how much fun it is to win, there will be no one who will just take chips without playing the games.

Demiurge adds that they also have a prospect of improving the rules of the casino operation test in the future. While he was watching closely from behind the scenes, he learned that not only the dealer but also a good guide who makes the event fun and lively is essential. He offer his thanks again to the combat maids who cooperated in securing free time for the general maids during this experiment.

Momonga feels its a pity that none of them are here to hear the thanks as neither are Mare, Aura, and Shalltear are present but will arrange a meeting again later for them. He thanks those present for being here as the results of this experiment will probably be of great use in the future when implementing casino policies for humans.

Demiurge muses that if the protagonist was present he is sure he would have given then useful opinions in making a solid plan to govern E-Rantel. Momonga too also feels this way as the protagonist presence would be most useful now. But since this was Demiurge and Albedo's experiment they will need to scrutinize the casino resort plan more closely and help the protagonist later.

Both Albedo and Demiurge accept this as in the end, it will benefit the Sorcerer Kingdom...Nazarick enormously. For Demiurge it delights him that from now on, he can see how humans are drowning in greed from the results of this experiment. Their meeting ends will Momonga planning to tell the protagonist about this achievement.

Meanwhile at a luxurious suite in E-Rantel, the protagonist is busy reviewing reports, going over contacts and consultations for the city. When he muses that "they" have also achieved excellent results, Slimeko at his side is confused. He then briefly reports to Slimeko what Momonga had told him. In that the production of adventurer goods, which has become locally produced for local consumption, has already taken root as a regional industry, and the weight of products for earning foreign currency is shifting to chocolate confectionery. Slimeko finishes for him, stating that in the future, casino measures will also become important. The protagonist adds that chocolate has a limited amount of ingredients. If it's popular with humans, it's likely to be consumed more quickly but he hopes that it will be implemented in completing the puppetization of the Three Kingdoms at some extent.

The protagonist assumes that Momonga must have already seen it. The reign after the Sorcerer Kingdom will completely turn humans into puppets...increasing employment, revitalizing consumption, and increasing tax revenue——-just as it was written in the literature that there are many aspects around the casino that humans would wag their tails and jump at. He guesses this time it was an experiment to close the holes in that policy and make it solid.

Slimeko understands as what her partner is saying is that the puppetization is close to complete success, meaning the protagonist's hard work has paid off. To reiterate, the protagonist believes that rather than him, it's the result of Slimeko and everyone in Nazarick. However, the situation is still unpredictable. In order not to betray Momonga's expectations, hewill continue to do his best to respond to his trust and support. This is met in agreement by Slimeko. On the topic of the casino experiment, Slimeko asks about the conclusion of that casino event, especially concerning Foire and Cxious?

From what the homunculus heard and deduced, it went all to the design of Momonga. After Foire's made her last bet, Cixous managed to successfully hit her dozenth win and won over 10,000 chips. It was assumed that she would get Prize A. But it seems that Cixous exchanged her winning for two Prize Bs and gave one to Foire. And Foire also exchanged two mugs with the leftover chips and handed one to Cixous. Slimeko is amazed as the act of both maids is proof of the friendship of those who challenged to battle together. It appears so, in the protagonist's view, as right now, the two of them seem to be competing to see who is more suitable for Momonga and who can coordinate with him, or as it was said from a report from Momonga.

Just hearing about Nazarick's situation gave the protagonist some energy and onder if this is also one of the reasons why I place importance on “Ho-Ren-So”. Not Slimeko notices that the Territory Guardian as a nice smile on his face. This is a pleasant turn as the slime, as recently the protagonist seemed to be in deep thought.

The protagonist now that he thinks about it, doesn't remember laughing outside of work recently. And maybe feels he was a little too desperate. He apologizes to Slimeko if he made her worry. Slimeo flustered, tries to deny this as she merely wanted to do the best for the future smiles of everyone in Nazarick. And thinks that if possible, it might be better for them to be able to work with a smile too!

The protagonist agrees as a smile is also the basis of diplomacy and then declares that they should do their best with a smile for tomorrow. Faced with another achievement, the protagonist smiles, which he did for the first time in a long time. Slimeko was once again deeply grateful to everyone in Nazarick for bringing this story to an end.[9]


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