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Cash Items (課金アイテム) are items that players can buy through using real money.


Treasure-hunting is the core value in YGGDRASIL to encourage exploration and discovery. There are various items in YGGDRASIL that could be earned or bought using game currency. However, there are items, privileges, monsters, classes, etc. that cannot be received through normal gaming means. Cash items were marketed items sold for real money that are part of the YGGDRASIL franchise.[1]

There was a cash gacha in the game where players could pay for a chance to win a prize.[2] According to Momonga, all communications between players which did not go through in-game magic were the result of cash items. Adherent YGGDRASIL players visited a well-known Cash Item Shop, Gachapon, to acquire various rare game articles used to enhance their avatars and gaming experience with special effects.[3] 

List of Known Products

  • Carrion Baby
  • Exchange Puppet[4]
  • Woodland Dragon[5][6]
  • Hourglass (Unofficial Name)
  • Minimum[7]
  • Shooting Star
  • Orb Camera (Unofficial Name)
  • Quick-Change Item
  • Sound Recorder[8]
  • Ring of Lesser Resurrection
  • Unnamed Cash Item that lower the experience or level loss when killed and resurrected.[9]
  • Unnamed Cash Item which enables the player to equip a ring in every finger.
  • Unnamed Cash Item capable of renaming other items.[10]
  • Unnamed Cash Item used by Ainz to help in creating Avatara golems.
  • Unnamed Cash Item that allowed for resurrection at hardly any cost.
  • Unnamed Cash Item which enables the user to escape at any moment.[11]
  • Unnamed Cash Item capable of increasing the drop rate when killing monsters.[12]
  • Unnamed Cash Item with the power to prevent being spied on by others.[13]
  • Unnamed Cash item with the capability of letting players store much more in their Inventory Box than normally allowed.
  • Unnamed Cash Item that increases the number of spells a player is able to learn by 100. In other words, the maximum amount of spells a player may learn is normally 300, but with this cash item, it is increased to 400.[14]


  • Momonga had never used so many cash items until he fought Shalltear Bloodfallen in a battle.[15]
  • Cash Items are ineffective against the powers of World Items such as the one that cannot fully resurrect a character deleted by Longinus.
  • Cash Items cannot remove or shorten the cooldown period once a super-tier spell is used the first time around.
  • Tabula Smaragdina is the guild member of Ainz Ooal Gown who was responsible for buying and using up many cash items to expand said data capacity in the Great Tomb of Nazarick.[16]
  • Gazef Stronoff was the first native in the New World known to have been given a cash item by Ainz.[17]
  • According to Momonga, most players who valued power would spend their money on Cash Items.
  • Momonga had used permanent cash items (which were very expensive) to let him wear a full ten rings, one on each finger, and use all their powers at once.[18]
  • Sometimes, even rarer items could not be acquired through conventional means, but also through chance by the use of vending machine capsules.
  • According to Ainz, Shooting Star is worthy of being called the best Cash Item in the game.


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