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Black Scripture Captain is the current leader and 1st Seat holder of the Black Scripture of the Slane Theocracy.


The Captain has the androgynous features of a young man with long black hair and sharp red eyes. He wears an ornate armor and uses a humble-looking spear. According to himself, he wears a mask that alters his face in which was younger than 20.


The Captain is noted to be a very dutiful man and fulfilled his tasks accordingly. He takes his position as the leader of the Black Scripture seriously and cannot afford to slack off on the job. However, he was a bit optimistic of being able to finally establish enough free time after all the work he had done. According to the author Maruyama, ever since his encounter with the powerful vampire and losing to it, he has become a very upright/honest/normal character thereafter.[1]


While the Captain is a high-ranking member of the nation's secret organization, it appears he lives a double life. He is in the process of attending match-making sessions to choose his bride. This was an order by the high officials requesting him to helpfully produced more potential God-kins for the future of their country.


The Dark Warrior Arc

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During her brief clashes with Momon, Clementine ranked his superhuman physical abilities to those of the two God-kins like Black Scripture's Captain as a comparison between the three.[2]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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When encountering Shalltear, he commanded Kaire to use the World Item, Downfall of Castle and Country on her. As Shalltear tried to kill Kaire, he stood in the vampire's way and block her attack, but only to be knocked back by the latter. Among the casualties during their group's failed attempt to capture the vampire, two of its members got killed alongside Kaire who received a critical injury in battle. Later, he ordered his members to retreat and leave it alone.[3]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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Once his group made a retreat and return back to the Slane Theocracy with two deaths and one injured, he gave a report to the Six Cardinals in person about the current state of their mission and the existence of a powerful undead. As the higher-ups are left utterly shocked from learning that the nation's strongest force was defeated by a single vampire alone, the Captain further emphasizes that they lost two members of the Black Scripture as part of the casualties involved. At the same time, when he mentions Kaire's attempt to use Downfall of Castle and Country on it, the latter retaliated back with a fatal injury at the user, preventing her from completing the mind-control. When one of the Cardinals warned him that if there is someone who can actually defeat that monster, the Black Scripture's Captain should be very wary of that person to which he understands.[4]

After the meeting of the Cardinals, he sees Zesshi Zetsumei playing with a Rubik's Cube and he talked about recent events including the recent losses of the Black Scripture, the mysterious disappearance of Crown of Wisdom and a powerful undead that the Black Scripture encountered. In the Anime, he even mentions the name of Ainz Ooal Gown being the person who wiped out the entire Sunlight Scripture without leaving no trace of their corpses behind.[5] When Zesshi inquires who is actually the most powerful between herself and the vampire, he reassures her that she is the one who is stronger than the undead. Hearing his response, she immediately loses interest on the subject and she returns to playing with the Rubik Cube. However, this leaves him worrying about her loyalty instead if she does get defeated by someone more powerful.[6]

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Mass for the Dead Arc

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The captain and the Black Scripture were dispatch to the vicinity of E-Rantel to offer support. When a horde of Chaos Beasts spilled from the Northern Cave, they were held back in reserve by Enhela Read Gahi as their trump card. The captain led the Black Scripture to pursue the fleeing Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth after he was driven away by the "protagonist. The captain followed Jaldabaoth's trail who left a corpses of the members of the Windflower Scripture in his wake. The trail led them to the Katze Plains and no further. Though his comrades determined that they were fooled by the demon and that remaining within the plains would be unproductive, the captain insisted on investigating the plains for any clues.

After hours of fruitless searching, the team were about to get bored. They however accidentally encountered one of Shalltear's familiar, a lone wolf. The captain noticing the abnormality that a living animal would be in the plains immediately attack it before it returned to its master. Its death prompted Shalltear, who was returning to Nazarick on a mission, to turn her attention on the attackers. The captain and his comrades soon found themselves under attack by various summons. The captain was able to locate Shalltear when she was invisible as he detected her presence due to the air currents. After his friend Cedran was killed by Shalltear, the two engaged each other in combat.[7]

The Captain later ordered a retreat from the plains, but he lost Beaumarchais and Cedran in the battle. Once his team were safely out of the fog he learned that Kaire was slowly dying form her wounds. With most of their comrades dead, the captain chose to retreat back to the Theocracy.[8]

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Abilities and Powers

As Captain of the Black Scripture, he possesses many duties which include reviving dead members, choosing temporary staff to fill the gap, training, and experiments. He is one of the two strongest members of the Black Scripture alongside Extra Seat, who happens to be the most powerful of them all.

Furthermore, he seems to have leadership over the members of their group and issuing certain commands. This was demonstrated when he keenly gauges how powerful the unknown vampire standing before him then ordering his subordinate, Kaire to use the World Item, Downfall of Castle and Country on her. Moreover, he is equipped with a type of spear which seemed incongruous with the rest of his equipment.

Although Shalltear Bloodfallen had no levels in dedicated warrior classes, she still measures him to be stronger than Solution Epsilon, one of the Pleiades. A testament to his willpower was that he is capable of resisting a strike from Shalltear, who had every intention of killing him, while his fighting spirit remained intact. According to Clementine, Ainz's superhuman physical abilities (without the use of a 'Perfect Warrior' spell) as Momon were second only to the Captain's and Zesshi Zetsumei's.

According to Raymond, a former 3rd Seat of the Black Scripture, he believes that the Captain of the Black Scripture is one of the two God-kins who should be able to deal with an army of Death Knights and Soul Eaters.[9]

In accordance to the author Maruyama's ranking, the Captain of the Black Scripture has more based levels than almost every councilor of the Argland Council State except Platinum Dragon Lord and his controlled armor. In particular, the councilors he has managed to beat in terms of base levels so far is the Blue Sky Dragon Lord, Diamond Dragon Lord, Obsidian Dragon, and Wyrm Dragon.[10]


Zesshi Zetsumei

The Captain of Black Scripture is one of the few people who know about Zesshi Zetsumei because only a small number of people are allowed to enter the place she is stationed. He avoids looking at her ears because she doesn't like it. Additionally, the Captain is willing to relay information about the Cardinals' conference and the results of Black Scripture's operation to her openly.   

Based on their conversation, it seems the two have known each other for quite a while, and it's implied it wasn't the first meeting they had together. For instance, he takes notice of the fact that despite her age, Zesshi's current appearance remains unchanged since his first time meeting her. Also, she is apparently aware of his situation concerning things like his marriage to an unknown spouse.

When Zesshi asked him who was stronger between her and the vampire, he answered that she was the stronger. In truth, he felt the vampire was physically stronger than her, but still thought that with her godly equipment, Zesshi would be able to beat the unarmed/unequipped vampire. This could attribute to the idea that he views Zesshi Zetsumei as the strongest member of the Black Scripture and the guardian of mankind.  

However, despite his faith in her overwhelming power, the Captain has also shown obvious fear and paranoid wariness at Zesshi due to her highly unpredictable personality and her own statement that she does not care who or what her spouse was as long as they were more powerful than her. Understanding Zesshi's mentality, it made him worry that if there happens to be a man who was indeed more powerful than she is to appear and it was someone not from the Theocracy or even human at all, he was frighten at the possible notion of seeing Zesshi immediately abandoning the Theocracy and willingly betray them for the sake of her new "husband".

Black Scripture

As the 1st Seat of the Black Scripture and their leader, the members of the Black Scripture are shown to follow his orders and commands without hesitance and trust his judgment. As seen where they willingly followed his command to retreat after their altercation with Shalltear Bloodfallen.

Six Cardinals

As seen during his report to them on the Black Scripture's battle against the Unknown Vampire, the captain is shown to trust the Cardinals explicitly and obediently follow whatever orders they give him with little trouble due to believing in their ability as leaders of their nation.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

During their brief battle together, the Black Scripture Captain immediately sensed that his own strength was inferior to Shalltear after seeing and sensing her power. Realizing the danger his group is in, he quickly sprint into action, ordering Kaire to use the Downfall of Castle and Country on the vampire before them while making sure to protect her from it. During his brief clash with the vampire, the Captain was taken completely aback by how easily Shalltear swatted him aside despite his own superhuman physical strength.

Later, upon seeing how easily Shalltear killed two members of the Black Scripture and dealing a fatal blow to Kaire that later killed her days after despite the Slane Theocracy's powerful healing magic, the Captain has now deemed the vampire to be an immense threat to not only his home country alone but the entirety of the Human Race as a whole altogether. This experience was also noted to have somewhat humbled him due to realizing that there are other beings of immense power out in the world that could easily surpass him.


  • He is adept at solving a Rubik's Cube.
  • It was mentioned that despite being the 1st Seat and Captain of the Black Scripture, he is actually the second strongest after Extra Seat.
  • In the Web Novel, Beaumarchais stated that the Captain could fight on equal terms with the Dragon Lords and Shalltear Bloodfallen.[11]
  • Later in the Web Novel, when estimating in terms of simple strength, the 1st Seat was among the Black Scripture members to be mentioned by Nigun Grid Luin.
  • In Mass for the Dead, the captain was capable of seeing through Shalltear's [Perfect Unknowable] spell when the latter was within close range of trying to launch an attack on Kaire. Because of that, he was able to protect Kaire by intercepting the vampire's lance attack from reaching her. This happens while Shalltear is fully equipped with both her armor and weapon. Shalltear speculated that the human used a technique involved with detecting the fluctuation of air currents in the fog within Katze Plains when she was under [Perfect Unknowable] which is how he successfully manages to identify her presence.


  • (To the Six Cardinals): "Kaire-sama attacked with Downfall of Castle and Country, but she was injured before the mind control was complete. There were two casualties and severe injury, so we retreated."
  • (To Himself): "I was hoping that they would give me some time to relax today."
  • (To Zesshi): "...They fought a mysterious undead and retreated after two deaths and one heavily wounded."
  • (To Zesshi about who got killed): "The bodyguard of Kaire-sama, Cedran, and Beaumarchais who attempted to capture the vampire while it appeared to be still."
  • (To Zesshi): "It's Kaire-sama. Some curse seemed to prevent healing magic from mending her wounds, so she retreated."


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