Cainabel (カインアベル) was an event boss from YGGDRASIL.

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One of the many gods in YGGDRASIL, Cainabel is described as the god of the bloodline of origin. The party leader that defeats him get's Cainabel's Blood Soul item which allows one to become the successor of the top race "The One." Sometime in the past, he was defeated by Ainz Ooal Gown.[1]  

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The Bloody Valkyrie Arc Edit

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Cainabel was mentioned briefly by Shalltear Bloodfallen in her confrontation with Brain Unglaus who had never heard of that deity.[2][3]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Cainabel was regarded as a powerful boss in YGGDRASIL. However, despite his position as a deity, the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown considered him a weak event boss. As a member of the Cainabel race, he possessed some sort of cool effect.

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  • It seems that Cainabel is a patron god of vampires in YGGDRASIL, as shown by his alignment.
  • Cainabel is a combination of name "Cain" and "Abel," the children of Adam and Eve from the Bible.
  • Cainabel belonged to a race of his own name, however, it was not a popular race as it was considered delicate.


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