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Supreme Beings

Ainz Ooal Gown

CZ2128 Delta is Ainz's maid and is absolutely loyal to him. She thinks Ainz is the nicest Supreme Being of all for staying behind with them.


Sebas Tian

Sebas is CZ2128's superior.

Yuri Alpha

Yuri is the vice-leader of the Pleiades and Shizu's superior. Yuri sees CZ as a good and obedient younger sister.

Lupusregina Beta

Narberal Gamma

CZ2128 Delta is jealous of her due to her closeness to Ainz.

Solution Epsilon

They share the same feeling of jealousy towards Narberal due to her closeness to Ainz.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

They share the same feeling of jealousy towards Narberal due to her closeness to Ainz. They also fight over which one of them is the little sister between them.

Aureole Omega

Aureole Omega is the leader of the Pleiades Seven Sisters, thus CZ2128 Delta's superior.

Floor Guardians


Albedo is interested in recruiting CZ2128 to her side in the campaign for the position to be Ainz's queen.

Shalltear Bloodfallen


CZ2128 Delta participates in Demiurge's plan, Operation Gehenna, to make Momon a national hero. She plays the role of one of Jaldabaoth's servants and fights against Evileye alongside Yuri.

Aura Bella Fiora

Shizu likes to cuddle many of Aura's magical beasts, prompting the beast tamer to intervene on their behalf to help them escape from the automaton's clutches. Besides the occasionally cuddling of her magical beasts and Shizu childish antics of pasting stickers on anything she likes, the dark elf holds no ill will towards Shizu.

Mare Bello Fiore



Area Guardians

Pandora's Actor

When Pandora's Actor meets CZ2128 Delta for the first time, he calls her a young lady. She shows no reaction, only holstering her weapon in her hand. When Pandora's Actor exaggeratedly salutes Ainz, CZ2128 lets out an “uwah," a sound that deeply hurts Ainz.


Eclair Ecleir Eicler

CZ2128 Delta is known to adore Eclair and cuddles him as if he were a plush toy, much to his chagrin.

Homunculus Maids

CZ2128 Delta is the most popular of the Pleiades among the Homunculus Maids. The Homunculus Maids even fight among themselves to sit next to her and some of them even want a hug pillow of her.


Naturally, the automaton finds the giant hamster to be cute. She even states that she would like to have a pet like Hamsuke to raise and hug.

Neia Baraja

During their first encounter, Shizu refers to her by a different name, which is "murderer girl." When the two are finally alone together, Shizu is willing to share a chocolate drink with Neia Baraja twice without any ill intention in mind. At the same time, she advises her on things like eating good food and so on is a long-cherished ambition for women according to one of the Supreme Beings. She attempts to put one of her "one yen stickers" on her forehead, indicating that she has already taken a liking to Neia.

As a result, she is able to get along well with Neia and treats the girl as her own little sister and junior. When she sees Neia crying about Ainz's death, she washes her tears away with a handkerchief while telling her to be at ease as Ainz is still alive and well. Moreover, she is willing to cooperate and carry out a mission with her, informing each other's capability and role beforehand. Although the maid feels no concern about the well-being of Neia, she makes a promise to the squire that she will bring her back safely to the Holy Kingdom. During the month when they work together and gather support to find their Lord, the two become close to where Neia hugs CZ and even finds comfort and friendship with the former Demon maid.

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