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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

CZ specializes in long-ranged combat, shooting foes from afar. She has a fairly strong physical attack power while the value of her other characteristics, especially physical defense, is quite low.[1] CZ has the lowest level among the Pleiades. Her character settings are set to be familiar with Nazarick's unlocking mechanisms.[2]


  • Contact Engage: It causes AoE (Area of Effect) Physical Damage on several foes simultaneously.
  • Magic Sealing Shoot: It inflicts single-target Physical Damage with a [Sealed] effect.
  • Next Bullet Loading: It increases the user's Physical Attack Power.[3]


Main Equipment

  • Unnamed Maid Armor: In the Web Novel, the maid uniform worn by CZ is exactly the same combat maid outfit as Yuri. The skirt part of the maid outfit has a magic black metal board over it, increasing its defensive properties. The board is an alloy of three metals: magically enhanced steel, adamask metal comprised of mithril and beliat, and a magic metal known as Galvoln. Her chest piece uses the same metal. The imbued magic is said to be first class. It uses rare data crystals that only level 90 and above YGGDRASIL players could acquire. Considering its defensive properties, rather than battle maid clothes, they are more like full platemail. The choker that sparkles of gems, the rings beneath her grieves, the ribbon holding her ponytail, and her underwear are all first class magic items.[4]
  • Magic Gun: Shizu possesses an arsenal of powerful science-fiction type guns at her disposal as a part of her Gunner class.[5]
  • Shizu's Scarf: A legendary-class item that allows Shizu to use several specialized stealth and ambush-type spells.[6]
  • Perfume Bottle: It is an item that allows Shizu to use the 1st-tier spell 'Odorless' in order to hide her scent.[7]


  • After the large-scale update called "Valkyrie's Downfall," her race, gunner class, and weapon were added into the game.[8]


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