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CZ2128 Delta (シーゼットニイチニハチ・デルタ/CZ2128・Δ) AKA "CZ" is an automaton battle maid and a member of the "Pleiades Six Stars," the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She was created by Garnet.


CZ Delta is a girl who is short in stature and has red-gold straight long hair. She wears an eyepatch over her left eye, while her right eye has an emerald color and target-mark on the pupil. Her face is very delicate, it looks as if it was artificially crafted by hand. She wears accessories with military camouflage patterns. While her face is beautiful, she does not show her emotions and talks in a flat tone.

Her attire is similar to that of Narberal Gamma and Yuri Alpha. However, the biggest difference between her attire and theirs are her urban camouflage accessories and the cute sticker attached to a corner of her skirt with '1 yen' written on it. The other significant difference is the white gun she often has holstered on her waist similar to how one would wear a sword.


CZ2128 Delta appears emotionless and has a silent nature. Her Karma is relatively high, which makes her, along with Yuri Alpha, one of the two "safe" Pleiades to humans. Though she usually ignores conversations from humans, sometimes there is a possibility to communicate with her.

CZ2128 Delta hates cannibalism, but likes cute things, such as Éclair Éklair Éklare. At the same time, she also takes pleasure in hugging the struggling Éclair like a doll. She often hugs things she finds cute until someone of authority tells her to let go. She also pastes a One-Yen Sticker on the things that she likes.


CZ2128 Delta was created by Garnet to be one of the battle maids, the Pleiades. They served as a last line of defense against intruders. However, because she is unlikely to be able to stand against enemy players who managed to come this far, her only real purpose was to distract the invaders until the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown were able to fully prepare for their final stand in the throne room.

As Garnet was responsible for the design of the Treasury's security systems in Nazarick, along with Tabula Smaragdina. Thus, CZ2128 Delta's character settings were set to be familiar with Nazarick's mechanism unlocking methods. CZ's knowledge of those mechanisms had been part of the backstory her creator had made for her.

She is the most popular member of the Pleiades among the Homunculus Maids. The Homunculus Maids even fight among themselves to sit next to her and some of them even want a hug pillow of her.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

CZ, along with her sisters, is ordered by Momonga to guard the entrance of the 9th Floor. She and the other Pleiades are on standby and waiting.[1]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

CZ silently greets Ainz upon his return to Nazarick in the Treasury with Albedo and Yuri Alpha. Together, they make their way through the Treasury's defenses with ease due to their undead and artificial statuses. Entering the inner Treasury, the group encounters "Tabula Smaragdina." Sensing something amiss, Albedo realizes the one standing before them is a fake and orders for the impostor's destruction. Both CZ and Yuri are hesitant to attack the form of the Supreme Being. The situation is defused when Ainz orders Pandora's Actor to reveal himself. After Ainz retrieves the World Items and bequeaths Pandora's Actor with a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, she assists Pandora's Actor in moving the treasure to the Throne Room.[2]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Main article: The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

CZ, Yuri, and Entoma are sent by Ainz to help Narberal Gamma in her work as an adventurer.[3]

The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc 

CZ appears in the Nazarick canteen holding Éclair like a plush doll. Because she is the most popular of the Pleiades among the Homunculus Maids, the maids soon start to invite her to eat with them. Ignoring the maids, she looks around the canteen for someone. CZ sees Lupusregina and says that she finally found who she was looking for. She tells Lupusregina to stop using invisibility so much, but Lupusrgina replies that it is her usual habit.[4]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

Main article: The Dark Hero's Story Arc

CZ is selected to help Yuri as the host of an auction made by the Floor Guardians. She helps Yuri by collecting the requests made by the guardians. She lets out a single "uwah" after reading one of the inappropriate requests.[5]

The Maid Tea Party Arc

Main article: The Maid Tea Party Arc

CZ Delta participates in the monthly Pleiades report and tea party along with her sisters. When Narberal reports her work with Ainz, she and the others get jealous of her due to her closeness to Ainz and she states that Narberal is being cocky. She reports her work with Yuri as they hold the 1st Great Tomb of Nazarick Love Love Ainz-sama Guardians' Special Grand Auction and says that it is a terrible name. CZ gets angry when Entoma accidentally spills blood in her drink. She decides to make Entoma drink it as a punishment.[6]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

CZ Delta participates in Demiurge's Plan to make Momon a lasting hero in the Re-Estize Kingdom. She plays the part along with the other battle maids to act as Jaldabaoth's underlings with her face disguised with a mask. She partners with Yuri Alpha. They fight against Evileye and continue to do so until Jaldabaoth orders a retreat.[7]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc 

CZ, along with her fellow Pleiades except for Narberal, encounters Dragon Hunt on the surface of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. They were sent to see if the Nazarick Old Guarders are able to capture enemies trying to escape from the tomb. To her and the other Pleiades' surprise, Dragon Hunt decide to stay and fight. She and her sisters try to cheer for the Dragon Hunt workers, but they are easily slaughtered by the Nazarick Old Guarders.[8]

The Pleiades Day Arc

Main article: The Pleiades Day Arc

While invisible, CZ hugs one of Aura's Spear Needles, much to its dismay, on the 6th Floor. Aura brings this matter to Yuri Alpha when the latter is looking for CZ. When Yuri attempts to extract her sister from the magical beast, CZ refuses to let go until Yuri tells her that she is under orders from Ainz, allowing the Spear Needle to escape. CZ explains that since Éclair has been avoiding her, she came to the 6th Floor because it is full of cute animals that she can cuddle. To brighten CZ's mood, Yuri promises to tell Ainz, who perhaps might give her a pet of her own.[9]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc 

CZ is mentioned by Ainz when he states that he tested his Control Amnesia spell on her. Fortunately, no problems were found with her after the test.[10]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Either CZ or her Doppel-maid participates in the fight against Ainz along with Jaldaboath as part of a mock battle in the city. Prior to the start of the battle, CZ's combat abilities are enhanced thanks to Aureole Omega. Once the fight commences, she is given the task of hiding in one of the buildings secretly. There, she will shoot her magic bullets at Ainz, disrupting him from successfully casting his spells.[11]

Later not long after Ainz supposedly falls in battle, CZ shows up in the Holy Kingdom's Liberation base of operations, now supposedly under the Sorcerer King's direct authority. As a security precaution, she is put in chains and placed under house arrest in one of the abandoned noble houses. It is around this time that the Zern representative, Beebeebee, comes to request the humans to liberate their prince in return for their co-operation. Prince Caspond uses this as an opportunity to test CZ's supposed loyalty. He hopes to increase their chances of success and appoints her to work with Neia Baraja on rescuing the prince and liberating the city of Kalinsha. After getting to know each other and easing the tense situation between the two, both Neia and CZ decide they will carry out the rescue together and start to form a bond over their loyalty to the Sorcerer King.

The two infiltrate the demi-human occupied city of Kalinsha through the Zern help by hiding inside of barrels which are covered in meat to hide their scent. After they reach the base of the castle, they climb up the walls and reach the room that was prepared by the Zern by having a rope tied to a cupboard so they can reach the room underneath. Thus they carefully infiltrate the inner halls and reach the prince's room, which is guarded by two very powerful Vah Uns. After a bit of long struggle, they are both defeated, one at the guard station and one when they were crossing the walkway. Then they meet with the Zern prince, Beebeezee, and inform him about the Zerns. After he is informed that they came to his rescue and that his father, the king, has been killed, he immediately goes with them to meet the other Zerns to figure out what to do next.

When he is discussing their future with other Zerns, Neia suggests they go to the Sorcerer Kingdom as refugees, which surprises both him and CZ. After some deliberations, they decide to go along with her suggestion; only to learn that one of the three demon commanders will arrive in their location shortly. It is then decided this will be their chance to take out one of Jaldabaoth's commanders and cripple the alliance organization. So CZ, Neia, the Prince, and his followers join forces to battle the demon and win.[12] Thus, they later ensure victory for all parties involved; with the city of Kalinsha re-captured and both CZ and Neia become heroes for their success in the operation.

CZ continues to support Neia as she uses her new fame to form the Sorcerer King's Rescue Team and helps her with various works. When the final battle at Prart begins, she is seen at Neia's side to also protect her. Their team battles the demi-human force alongside the rest of the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army. Once Ainz puts an end to Jaldaboath's terror through killing the demon, they cheer on and congratulate him for his victory.[13]

After bidding farewell and saying goodbye to Neia, CZ returns with Ainz to the Sorcerer Kingdom. When Ainz asks about her relationship with Neia, she agrees that they are friends.[14]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

After Nazarick was transported to the New World and was left in ruins, CZ worked with the other Pleiades to restore Nazarick to its former glory. Having been recently revived CZ and the battle maids lost several of their levels and it would be some time before they were at full power. Still CZ and her sisters were committed to their duties and were the first NPCs to do a survey of the Crack on the 10th Floor, gaining vital data on its cycles and the Chaos Beasts.[15] The automaton would also make a trip with Momonga, Albedo and Yuri to the Treasury to access any damage it might have incurred when Nazarick was attacked. Thankfully the treasury was spared any damage as it existed in a separate space. There she met Pandora's Actor and nearly attacked him after he tried to impersonate Momonga.[16]

CZ2128 Delta with the rest of her sisters greeted Narberal Gamma upon her return from the outside world. From the doppelgänger she gained some insight on human society and started practicing on how to communicate with them by referring them as "maggots". It gained some attention from Sebas Tian and Momonga who intervene to correct some misconceptions and focus their training on hospitality.[17] CZ would assist Yuri in cleaning up the piles of debris left on the 6th Floor. After some discussion with her and Entoma, the trio decided it would be best to crush all the piles into sand for easier storage.[18]

Over time CZ began to suffer some distress over her being brought back to life and also the decrepit state of Nazarick. It only was made worse that many of her favorite animals that she went to for comfort on the 6th Floor were dead. However she brightened up when Demiurge talked about a mission to capture some "sheep". Eager to pet some fluffy animals, CZ volunteered to capture the "sheep". Everything was fine until the automaton found out the "sheep" were humans that wandered to close to Nazarick, causing her mind to freeze at what they were doing. Brought back to Nazarick, the automaton's mind was at a still, and had to be coaxed back to reality after Momonga used a Spear Needle summoned from Ashurbanipal.[19]

The automaton maid would assist Yuri and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta in cleaning several piles of discarded debris on the 6th Floor by smashing them into sand and stored for later use.[20] While cleaning the 6th Floor, CZ got into an argument with Entoma over who was the older sister among the two. To determine who was eldest the two Pleiades maids competed in some tasks from Chaos Beast subjugation, cleaning to servicing Momonga. In the end the two are told by Momonga the title of eldest did not matter as it was not a detail that worried their creators that much as in his opinion they wanted them to get along and not fight. CZ hearing that decided to cease their competition and make peace with Entoma, though it was temporary as the two maids got into a dispute over which chair they made for Momonga was better.[21]

The maid would be part of Sebas Tian's personal initiative to spread an atmosphere of hospitality to the overworked Floor Guardians. As part of her way to brighten Nazarick, CZ created a beautiful flower field on the 6th Floor for Aura and Mare.[22] CZ would be paired with Entoma to chaperone some soldiers that came from beyond the Crack. While interacting with them on a training mission out in the skies of the New World, CZ expressed her liking to the leader and placed one of her One-Yen Stickers on her back. The party is attacked though by by several flying type Chaos Beasts and a Giant Flying Chaos Beast which forced them to retreat.[23]

During a Nazarick event like the Nazarick Fighting Tournament, CZ was part of Cocytus's team "Cocytus and the Pleiades". Her team was victorious and came out as the winners of the tournament.[24] CZ would be called again by Momonga to scout a mysterious island that was connected to Nazarick via a temporary [Gate]. After receiving some water-proof gear such as the swimsuit. Together with the Pleaides she had to battle undead and a Giant Mollusk in order to claim the pirates' loot.[25] When the protagonist was doing a sting operation to capture the ones responsible for a string of disappearances in E-Rantel, CZ operated in the shadows to monitor the protagonist's and Blue Roses investigation. She helped capture a suspect by sniping him from afar, keeping out of sight until the protagonist's adventurer team were alone in the E-Rantel's Cemetery to wish them luck.[26]

Another event such as the Christmas party came to Nazarick, though CZ was unable to participate as she was stuck on guard duty on the 6th Floor with Entoma and Cocytus but could hear the complaints of her sisters from the canteen as they were cooking Christmas Cakes.[27]

At the time when most of the NPCs in Nazarick were being mentally influenced by a New Year's epidemic, CZ found herself compelled to head to Fake Nazarick where it was transformed into a strange Chaos Zone. There she was encountered by Momonga and his team who were investigating the cause. Unaware of the danger to CZ all was fine despite the eerie situation and concentrated kite flying.[28]

When Shiramochi-ō, the mastermind behind the New Year's effect over Nazarick, was defeated by Momonga and his allies that should have been the end of the spell over the Nazarick and the NPCs, however the entity used the last of its power to restart time, creating a loop of the same events that led to the New Year's epidemic with some slight changes. Once again CZ, was under the mental influence as in the previous timeline but rather than finding herself all alone in the middle of a Chaos Zone, she was with the Pleiades and Pandora's Actor waiting for Momonga and his team to play karuta. After Momonga and his team won, the party was given a treasure bag and mallet as prizes. The spell was broken after the character Shiro who was actually a regressed Shiramochi-ō willingly allowed himself to be killed by Momonga. Though the maid had no recollection of what happened.[29]

Other times like during the second summit of the Tripartite Alliance, CZ was stationed at the rooftops under invisibility magic to monitor the area near the venue of the conference. From her view point she informed her allies that the inner city guards were having a skirmish with a riot of the people. In the commotion, she sensed that her summons was crushed underfoot by the mob.

The conference was disturbed by a greater threat of a horde of Chaos Beasts approaching the city. When the protagonist volunteered to head out to deal with the monsters before they reached the city, Entoma an CZ secretly met with him and his team at the north gate to support him. They cut through the waves of Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts until they came across a Double Sword Chaos Beast. The beast was regarded as a severe threat and eliminated thanks to the combined might of the covert agents and undercover adventurers. Once it was killed credit was given to the protagonist to bolster his image.[30]

CZ would act on guard detail for some new visitors from the Crack along with Yuri Alpha in the Tob Forests making sure that their guests were protected while interacting with one of their mad comrades. [31] At the time of second cherry blossoming viewing, CZ made preparations of the arrival of the Parent Tree to the tomb.[32]

More stranger occurrences happened like when Albedo temporarily became a maid, and helped settled a dispute with Entoma and CZ, the latter who was angry at the Arachnoid for eating one of Kyouhukou's subjects while they were cleaning the Lemegeton. The two would participate in a raiding drill on the 9th Floor in the event of an attack. During the drill the maids had to prevent the intruder, being Shalltear, from reaching Momonga.[33]

CZ was sent out into the field with the Pleiades, acting as part of the monitoring team, shadowing the protagonist's mission to a seaside village to learn about a dwarf named Tsuibayaya who may have some connections with players. There the plan was complicated by the appearance of Blue Roses who were looking for the dwarf to acquire some armors he promised to the royal family. CZ and the rest of the other Pleaides, with the exception of Solution and Narberal, kept to the shadows to avoid detection from the adamantite adventurers. It turned out that the dwarf was just a craftsmen who replicated items like swimsuits based on stories he heard. The dwarf wanted to create the perfect swimsuit but to do so he believed that he needed the scales of the Legendary Mermaid. As he refused to help the adventurers, he made a deal to have them retrieve the scales in exchange for his armors and services. After the adventurers agreed, the adventurers split to cover more ground.

At that point CZ and the rest of her sisters came out of hiding to assist the protagonist. Now equipped in her swimsuit, CZ helped locate the Tide Pool and attempted to dive in there with Yuri only to have her floatation device bring her back to the surface. After confirming it connected an underwater network of tunnels, she and the Pleiades retreated to avoid being seen by Blue Roses.

When the Legendary Mermaid challenged the gathered adventurers to a duel, CZ was the one who secretly helped them achieve victory by sniping the demi-human from a distance. Once the scales were acquired and given to Tsuibayaya, who finished making the Sage's Swimsuit and gifted it to Gagaran. Upon it completion and achieving his dream, the dwarf presented Blue Roses with the armors. However after they left the craftsmen was at a loss of what to do as he accomplished his life long dream. Taking pity on the dwarf, the protagonist had the Pleiades dress in their swimsuits to show the craftsmen the true swimsuits he was attempting to craft making him motivated to craft even better versions.[34]

A haunting of the Tob Forest began to occur, and blame was put on evil spirits that were angry for being neglected due to the absence of the Harvest Festival. With Carne Village abandoned, Nazarick felt that the only way to resolve this was to complete the event to appease the spirit. CZ helped the Pleiades, Aura, Hamsuke and the Death Knight set up the event. The event was adapted to a Bon Odori and the maids wore yukatas to commemorate it. However during the festivities at the village, they were attacked by a giant fox. In the confrontation, CZ was enthralled over the "cuteness" of the beast. It turned out the giant fox was just a creature named Kyuko who spent a centuries long journey searching for beings similar to her. She had come to the Tob Forest hearing about the Wise King of the Forest and believed Hamsuke was a being similar to her. The hauntings were just her using invisibility while spying on Hamsuke and Nazarick's minions, the latter Kyuko assumed to be Hamsuke enslavers hence why she attacked. Once the misunderstandings were cleared up Kyuko was offered a place in Nazarick which she accepted and enjoyed the remaining hours of the festival. To show her liking to the new recruit, CZ put a One-Yen Sticker on the fox's back.[35]

CZ was present in the canteen when a new batch of visitors from the Crack came to Nazarick, led by a paranoid hero character.[36] When another group of new visitors from another world came to warn them about the Waves of Calamity, CZ was part of their entourage, guiding them to the Tob Forest to have them assist in the Chaos Beast subjugation. The visitors to Nazarick would be attacked by another group that came out of the Crack who were under the belief killing them would prevent the Waves of Calamity.

CZ and the rest of the entourage were ordered not to interfere until both parties intentions were made clear and if they were threats to Nazarick. Once it was made apparent that the new group were clearly unreasonable and the aggressors to the conflict, Momonga ordered the security to engage them and protect the former group. The Nazarick agents made short work of the aggressors and prepare to eliminate them however the visitors of both parties seemingly vanished.[37]

At the time of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth's attack on E-Rantel, CZ posed as a Demon Maid and slaughtered the city guards that resisted the demons pillaging the city. The maid attacked Brain and Climb from the rooftops using her firearm. When they were about to pursue her, she came to them instead and attacked.[38]

Due to her knowledge on all the gimmicks in Nazarick, CZ was assigned to determine if there were any traps set by Luci★Fer and she found one, the Open Air Golem that only activated unless a harem appeared in its presence. The maid was one of the contestants of the Miyoshi Cup to get nominated to be the one to challenge Miyoshi for his title as bathing attendant of Momonga. However CZ lost in the politeness challenge as she refused to clean Neuronist Painkill which was the contest. Afterwards to deal with the golem, she helped to deactivate in when Momonga and several female NPCs were in its proximity.[39]

After Nazarick received a priority [Message] from Cocytus that the Great Lake area was being frozen by a abnormal cold wave and threatening to freeze the lizardmen and driving the native monsters from the northern monsters, CZ alongside Entoma and Lupusregina were sent to determine the cause of the weather change. Before they left they were given Christmas Costumes to protect them from the frigid temperatures. They made their way towards the northern mountains following the source, on occasion fighting beasts that were trying to escape for the cold.

The maids finally came to a cave where the found a Crack and the Frozen Giant that was continuously bashing anything that emerged from the phenomena, its strength creating the wind pressure that was creating the cold front. The monster proves to be very formidable but Entoma was able to deduce a weakness in its structure allowing the maids to set fire on it and cause to crumble. To draw its attention CZ used herself as bait long enough for Lupusregina to set fire on the vines holding the thing together. After their successful mission the group returned to Nazarick just in time for the second Christmas party.[40]

Some old visitors to Nazarick returned being harassed by an evil clone of one of their associates. In a plan to seduce the clone and seal her power, CZ participated in a plan to set up an Cat Café where she and Lupusregina used several cats to appeal to the clone and set the mood for the date.[41]

The Pleiades were called into session by Yuri to brainstorm some ideas on what kind of chocolate she should help Aura make for Project Valentine. In her feedback she made a note that the chocolate from Valentine's Day was of a different quality served at the canteen. She acted as one of the judges for the taste test of the confections for the project.[42]

In a meeting to discuss the implementation of an idol plan, it was suggested that CZ be used as their idol as she was very popular with the general maids. Though ultimately the idea was cast in favor of using Shalltear and Aura instead.[43] CZ would also be present at the second campaign for LittleMass, and cheered alongside the general maids and her sisters at Acidity and Alkaline performances.[44]

CZ would also participate in a performance test of Tsuibayaya's swimsuits against those in the Treasury. Like the others she concluded that the dwarf's creations were still inferior to those in Nazarick's possession. When the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet" was organized, CZ chose to join Albedo's White Group. At the first competition called "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race" CZ came in second place at the finish line. White Group won thanks to the extra points Albedo earned for defeating the obstacle monsters. In the second competition, which was the "Floating Island Survival", the maid was the sixth to jump on the platform and maintain her balance in the center of the float. CZ was the first to predict that the float would not hold anymore people due to the weight of the people on it. The float would eventually break in half due to the weight of White Group. At the last competition of "Mix Gender Water Cavalry", CZ served as one of Albedo's supporters in the pool. Ultimately the game turned into a tie, though CZ and the participants celebrated the game as it proved to be a fun experience.[45]

During the incident where Shalltear was found to be under the incomplete mental influence of a World Item, under the orders of Momonga CZ, Yuri and Pandora's Actor began transferring gold to the Throne Room to make preparations for the fallen Floor Guardian's revival. After the transfer of treasure was done the group were order to stand guard and monitor the Crack in the event of an incursion of the Chaos Beasts.[46]

When Momonga learned that the remnants of Six Arms was conducting large-scale subjugation of the undead close to the area of where Shalltear Bloodfallen had been mind controlled, it was believed that the workers had some knowledge of what happened, To know for sure, Momonga sent CZ and Lupusregina to infiltrate the worker team, under the identities, Shizuni and Regi. They pair impressed Malmvist that he takes them to Zero and Peshurian who allowed them to join. Shizuni was then given a moniker of "One Eye in a Hundred".

They are brought on a secret job for the nobles of the empire, which involved locating the Captain of the Ghost Ship. Shizuni assisted in helping the team locate the Ghost Ship which was captained by Iguva=41, a fellow agent from Nazarick. After Zero 'defeated' the elder lich and forced him to join Six Arms. Later the team used the lich's ship to transport cargo for their noble employers to reach the Slane Theocracy and establish a hidden route through the Katze Plains to smuggling weapons to overthrow the emperor. The nobles were betrayed by Zero though who was acting as a double agent for the emperor and led them into an ambush with the members of the Four Imperial Knights. Afterwards Shizuni and the others watched as Zero demand to the knights to be granted the title of Imperial Knight as promised, though the knights postponed his promotion due to protocol, which he conceded for now. Despite not receiving his reward from the emperor, Zero was happy with the results as it led to the creation of New Six Arms. For Regi, Shizuni and Iguva=41, they were unable to find any concrete leads as to who brainwashed Shalltear, but from their placement in New Six Arms, they gained a valuable place to spy on the Baharuth Empire.[47]

At a Tsukimi organized by Momonga for the NPCs, CZ was at the moon-viewing party where she was disgusted to see Entoma and Lupusregina sloppily eating dango. The automaton maid asked them not to spray their food out while they were eating.[48]

Later at the approaching Halloween Festival, CZ and Lupusregina took time to cheer Foire up as she was still troubled by her experience with being controlled by a Pumpkin Monster during the last Halloween event. After Foire decided to put her effort to making sweets for the festival CZ encouraged her to do her best. For the festival, CZ dressed as her worker identity Shizuni. As part of the festival CZ paired with Sebas Tian and Yuri for the defense training part of the festivities and helped guide the non-combatants on the 9th Floor to the panic room. They came across several Eight-Edge Assassins disguised as Chaos Beasts, prompting her and the others to engage them in a mock battle.[49]

CZ would be one of the maids acting as escorts to a trio of magical girls that arrived in Nazraick via the Crack. Due to her robotic demeanor it was mistaken by the girls for coldness but soon found that CZ was a warm-hearted person. CZ took a liking for the leader of the trio and gave her a One-Yen Sticker. Later she and her sisters would assist them in returning home by nullifiying the Chaos Beasts around the Crack in the Tob Forest.[50]

CZ was reported to be still collecting information in the Empire with Lupusregina around the time when E-Rantel was experiencing a minor epidemic. The E-Rantel Magic Research Institute requested more Contaminated Beasts to experiment on. Nazarick was unable to dispatch CZ or Lupusregina to the mountains as Momonga did not wish to recall them just yet. She and Lupusregina did return back to Nazarick to attend a commemorative Christmas party to celebrate the protagonist’s success in curing the disease afflicting E-Rantel, however CZ got into a childish fight with Lupusregina when she sarcastically stated she would save some treats for an absent Narberal.[51]

At the orders of Momonga to prepare for a possible "New Year" event that would affect Nazarick, CZ with her sisters did a "general cleaning" of Spa Resort Nazarick. Together with Sebas Tian they found no traces of anything. To makes sure they did not trigger any of Luci★Fer's traps, CZ elaborated on the potential situations to avoid while in the baths.

Later when Momonga decided to forgo some caution against celebrating the "New Year" and host a Kakushigei Tournament, CZ and the Pleiades were assigned to act as escorts with Sebas Tian and Pandora's Actor to protect the general maids in the spectator seats. Once again donning her kimono, CZ enjoyed the opening ceremony and matches between the Floor Guardians. Once the tournament ended however, CZ and the rest present in the Amphitheater found themselves transported in an odd Chaos Zone. Whilst Momonga and his party went to investigate the Bishamonten Shrine, CZ stayed behind with the others to ensure the safety of the general maids. Once Momonga and his party defeated the one responsible for the translocation, CZ and the others were returned to the Amphitheater. She and the rest of Nazarick were introduced to Shiro, the current Ruler of New Year, and now an ally to Momonga. To celebrate this new friendship, the maid joined in the festivities in watching Shiro play spinning tops with Aura and Mare.[52]

At the announcement of the Sorcerer Kingdom’s National Foundation Day Ceremony, CZ and the Pleiades were charged by Sebas Tian to serve as security for the venue. CZ expressed happiness as among the guests that were coming to the venue were Hamsuke and Kyuko. However Narberal advised the girl that she needed to restrain herself as the pair would be guests attending the celebration.[53] On the date of the National Foundation Day Ceremony, CZ greeted the lizardmen delegation arrving at Fake Nazarick. Afterwards she and the Pleiades, minus Narberal and Solution, guided them to meet the other guests which included Hamuske, Kyuko and a Death Knight, at a separate chamber where both groups became reacquainted with each other. They were then escorted to the replica of the Throne Room for the ceremony. Along the way CZ and Entoma arranged for demonstrations of the security of systems of Fake Nazarick. At the banquet portion, CZ was intently focused on Kyuko and Hamsuke making them uncomfortable. The maid would later witness the unveiling of the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue which left her in awe.[54]

CZ and her sisters were called again to participate in the live shows of LittleMass’s successor LittleMasStar. In the first live show, she and the Pleiades conducted a mock battle with the idols and later enjoyed watching the entirety of the idol campaign.[55]

When the same guest from another world returned to Nazarick for a third time, with some new faces, CZ along with Narberal and Solution acted as their escorts on the 9th Floor. However there was an incident when their guest began acting, causing Solution to direct him to his room. CZ and Narberal stayed with his female companions. It wasn't long until the maids and guest saw Albedo, Solution and Shalltear fighting with their old acquaintance, causing CZ to arm herself thinking that the guest was now an enemy. It turned out that the guest was suffering so a mental condition due to his power. Before she and the others could restrain him, he escaped by transforming everyone into copies of himself causing much confusion on the 9th Floor for Shalltear and Albedo who were the only ones unaffected. Once the ability wore off, CZ and the Pleiades laid in wait outside of Nazarick to follow and track the fugitive down after Yuri and Lupusregina 'failed' to capture him. Later as part of his condition to peacefully return and to stabilize his power, the guest was permitted to go on a few dates with the some members of the Pleiades. CZ observed with the remaining females guests along with Entoma.[56]

CZ participated in the trial test of Casino Resort Nazarick. After three days playing baccarat and roulette, the Pleiades maid came in fourth place with the most chips. Using her winnings she selected a eye mask made by Albedo as a prize.[57]

The maid was present at a debriefing meeting prepared by the protagonist on the second survey of the isolated island that CZ and her sisters had explored. Later to train herself in water front combat, for future missions to the island, CZ participated in a mock battle tournament hosted in the Great Lake with some of the Pleiades and the lizardmen.[58]

During the time when the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transformed into Nazarick Academy, CZ was recalled back to Nazarick along with Narberal by Momonga to assist him investigating the incident. As many of the NPCs withing the dungeon were under mentally manipulation, thinking they were the staff and students at the school, the three infiltrated the institution as principal and students. CZ wore a uniform to better blend in, and attended the various classed she and Narberal had to gather information.[59]

CZ and Narberal witnessed Shalltear join their class as an exchange student, they noticed that she behaved rather differently from her usual self, and decided to observe her. After informing Momonga of Shalltear, he agreed that Shalltear warranted scrutiny. After school, they guided Shalltear to select a club to join, Narberal took her to the Kendo Club where she was a member to try out.

Ultimately the tour took them to the ARchery Club where CZ was a member and Momonga was the advisor. While Shalltear considered signing up for the club, CZ and Narberalsnuck away to discuss what to do. It was determined that Shalltear was the "nucleus" of the incident, but it seemed that to break the mental effect and restore Nazarick they would have to kill Shalltear. Unsure of how to proceed, they were approached by Shalltear who then began to attack them to show Momonga her love. CZ and Narberal rushed to defend Momonga but where pushed aside by the powerful Floor Guardian. Before Shalltear or Momonga could land a fatal blow, Shalltear resisted the mental effect realizing that this was not right. By abandoning her role Shalltear ended the incident, restoring everyone and Nazarick to their former selves. Afterwards when Shalltear felt responsible for the incident, CZ and the others believed that she was actually a hero who saved Nazarick as she managed to break free from the influence.[60]

While stationed at New Six Arms' base, as Shizuni, she and Regu received a [Message] from the Slimeko, asking if they could ask Iguva if he still had the mithril adventurer plate that was on him prior to him turning into a lich. Unfortunately the elder lich captain did not have it on his person, so the three headed to the Ghost Ship docked in the Katze Plains. Despite their searching they could not find the plate anywhere forcing them to return back to the worker's base. Upon their return, Shizuni and Regi were approached by Zero, Peshurian and Malmvist who demanded to know why they were snooping around Iguva's vessel.

At first trying to play innocent, Shizuni and Regi then pretended to cave under pressure, confessing that they wanted to see if Iguva had a mithril adventurer plates that they could sell back to the E-Rantel Adventurer's Guild. Regi let it slip that the protagonist was interested in acquiring the plate and searching for it in the Katze Plains, which caused Zero to lead five of six members of Six Arms to the plains, as planned by the protagonist. The workers though ran into a horde of undead, forcing them to flee and run into Darkness. With the threat of the undead, the two groups agreed to a truce to fight them off. After the battle, Darkness informed the members of Six Arms that the mithril plate they were seeking was in the nest of a Skeletal Dragon. Although the foe was dangerous, Shizuni followed Zero's orders to team up with the adventurers of Darkness as raiding a dragon's hoard was deemed more profitable. Once the battle was over and the dragon slain, the workers of Six Arms claimed the hoard as their spoils, though allowed the adventurers to take the adventurer plates that were recovered. The treasure was split six ways, with Shizuni's and her two other undercover teammates share amount to half the treasure which was given to Nazarick.[61]

Under her identity as Shizuni. CZ and Lupusregina acquired various magic items from Arwintar for Momonga's "Daily Magic Item Improvement Plan". When they encountered Malmvist they gave a cover story of want to resell magic items at E-Rantel for a profit. After delivering the items and retiring to the Pleiades Room, CZ and Lupusregina were greeted by Yuri who asked CZ to help clean the room, while Lupusregina went ahead to Span Resort Nazarick. CZ later met up with Lupusregina at Casino Resort Nazarick, where they saw the general maids enjoying the gambling area and the new installed magic items from Arwintar. For the "Sorcerer Kingdom Daily Household Magic Item Fair'', CZ collaborated with Cocytus and proposed the creation of the Cooling Device after taking inspiration from the fan and refrigerator. After the device was crafted by Tsuibayaya, she and Cocytus presented it at the fair. At the conclusion of the fair, CZ and Lupusregina assumed their worker identities to leak out new of the Sorcerer Kingdom's launch of new magic items via through New Six Arms.[62]

CZ responded to an emergency summons back to Nazarick. She along with other field agents of Nazarick gathered in the Amphitheater and were informed by Momonga that the New Year's Day mental effect had enthralled many of their comrades, leaving the ones gathered to be the only ones unaffected. After receiving an immunity to the effect from Shiro, CZ, Sebas Tian and Solution were assigned to chaperone the affected general maids in the canteen to make sure they stayed out of trouble.[63]

While shopping for magic items in the markets of Arwintar with Regi, CZ as Shizu, cautioned her sister from buying too many random things. Although managed to convince the merchant to give them a discount on the items, and while it worked, Shizu told Regi that they should refrain from buying anything that would deviate from what a worker normally earns. While they were ordered to stock up on items at Momonga's order, they needed to buy them discretely. And above all CZ believed they needed to be more careful with their funds.

This unfamiliarity with the general use of money, led Lupusregina to address this at a meeting. A money lecture taught by Pandora's Actor was hosted to give the field operatives a standard understanding of human monetary system, which CZ attended. It was followed by a summary by Albedo and Shalltear on the organization of Nazarick.

When an emergency situation occurred requiring an immediate replacement of chocolate sweets reserved for a noble's party in the Re-Estize Kingdom, CZ assisted in the operation in preparing a new batch of sweets.[64]

For the delegation to the Dwarf Kingdom, CZ and Yuri were selected to act as escorts. In the Tob Forest she met with the protagonist and Slimeko, where the former divulged in the real purpose of diplomatic mission, which was to locate the older races living in the mountains to learn more about the Incident. Before they headed to the Azerlisia Mountains, the party checked on Hamsuke on the status of the Crack in the forest and then with Aura where she finished making Fake Nazarick in a perfect replica of the original. Once it was deemed that there were no one tracking them, the four headed to the Great Lake to fetch their guide, Zenberu Gugu. While the lizardman agreed to guide them to the city of the dwarves that he visited in the past, he requested to match with Yuri. The demi-humans was outmatched by the maid's strength and was beaten. The group then met back in the forest and were joined by Mare and Cocytus who acted as their additional escorts.

Using Zenberu's limited recollections of his first trip, they managed to locate the general area of where the entrance to the underground city was but were unable to locate the chasm even with CZ's eyesight. Serendipity happened as Slimeko fell into the a patch of snow that covered the entrance. The party expected to see the city of dwarves, but were shocked to find the city abandoned for some time. CZ using her vision found two sets of tracks of two different creatures that went into the mines. The party followed her and saw that they belonged to a demi-human species and Giant Lizards. The latter were busy eating a corpse of a demi-human, so CZ and Yuri went forward to slay the beasts. Mare though detected a living presence that was invisible who turned out to be a dwarf named Bigosa who happened to be the father of Tsuibayaya. From him the delegation learned of the dire situation in the mountains and how the dwarves were driven to Feo Jera from Feo Raidho by the Contaminated Beasts. They managed to convince the dwarf to guide them to Feo Jera despite the danger.

But when they reached the city, on their mounts they were too late as the monsters had already breached the city and destroyed it. Though Bigosa was distraught over the fate of his people, but since the bodies they found were far less and belonged to only soldiers it hinted that his people may have evacuated. Bigosa was unable to know where else his people could have gone, but from a surviving soldier they were directed to Feo Berkana where the Regency Council hoped to gain the protection of the Frost Dragons.

With no time to waste, Mare used his magic to carve a path directly to Foe Berkana. What awaited them there was a horde of Giant Lizards preparing to attack the ruined city. Mare stayed behind to allow the others to speak with the ruling Frost Dragon and negotiate with it on behalf of the Dwarf Kingdom. The dragon was about to dismiss the dwarves from its palace as it refused to get involved or provide them sanctuary due to its belief that the end was approaching and everything was pointless to stop it. When it called Cocytus weak, CZ witness the Floor Guardian give it a punch that defeated it. From her point of view the dragon was not very strong and called it weak. After being pummeled and hearing how Mare killed all the Giant Lizards, the dragon reconsidered its opinion of refusing an alliance with the Sorcerer Kingdom. In the end it agreed to forge an alliance and also protect the dwarves on the Sorcerer Kingdom's behalf.

CZ and Yuri were the only escorts that stayed with Slimeko and the protagonist as they returned to E-Rantel. Just as they approached the city, the four caught sight of an army outside the boundaries facing against defenders from the Re-Estize Kingdom. Seeing trouble was brewing they decide to hurry closer to determine the situation.[65]

From their position CZ reported that King Ramposa III and Crown Prince Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself that were leading both armies had just vanished, followed by several soldiers in the armies. She and her companions could not discern what was attacking them as it appeared to be invisible. The maid followed the protagonist in heading to the city where they found it to be in chaos due to Chaos Beasts that had appeared via the many Cracks that opened in the area. Worse all magical communication was blocked in the city leaving them without support from Nazarick. CZ and Yuri escorted the protagonist and Slimeko through the city to reach the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute to hopefully meet up with Soi stationed there. The group traveled through the city, fighting when they had to and even fleeing when an invisible entity appeared. The group met up with Jugem's Goblin Troop and afterwards separated to reach the E-Rantel's Cemetery.

There at the institute, she and her friends were horrified to find the place in ruins and all the researchers dead. Thankfully they found Soi, Fluder and Nfirea still alive on the lower levels. Before they could approach Soi warned then of the Spear Chaos Beast that was still there. CZ and Yuri were forced to fight the creature, but found that the monster was able to vanish and reappear, making it difficult to attack. Once it was determined that the Chaos Beast was not using invisibility but teleportation, CZ and Yuri were able to somewhat launch a counterattack, but stepped out of the way to allow Soi to deal with it so that they could rest. But even she was not match for it, forcing Nfirea to release a recently cured Gazef Stronoff from his cell. CZ and her sisters watched in awe as the Warrior Captain not only fought on par with the Chaos Beast but displayed superior abilities that that were beyond a human's capability. Soon Brain Unglaus and Climb arrived to deliver Razor Edge to Gazef so he could slay the monster, only for a Crack to form directly in the room.[66]

After the attack on the city, CZ and half the Pleiades and the entire team of Darkness were among the missing. Momonga though was able to determine that they were still alive through the control console of the Throne Room. Due to CZ being missing in action, her undercover worker identity Shizuni became absent, which was noticed by the members of New Six Arms, though most of them human members attributed this to being associated with the Calamity.[67]

Some months after their disappearance the protagonist returned to Nazarick and reported that the missing were taken to the "other side" of the Crack. A month later a rescue operation was led by the protagonist and supported the remaining Pleiades. CZ was third to be found in the Chaos Zone unconscious due to the "chaos environment" but was resuscitated by her sisters and given new equipment to help her function. After the groups reunited, CZ and the rest of the Pleiades made themselves discrete when Gazef Stronoff approached to avoid being recognized as one of the Demon Maids of Jaldabaoth. She and the others watched from the shadows as Darkness and the human interacted before the latter left to carry back the bodies of King Rampossa III and Brain through a Crack to return to the Kingdom. Whilst staying hidden, CZ witnessed the sudden appearance of Enhela and overhead the unbelievable conversation between him and the protagonist.[68]

Just as Enhela Read Gahi attempted to kidnap the protagonist, Narberal and Lupusregina launched a flurry of magical attacks at him forcing him to retreat by summoning a Crack and vanish. The feat of the priest using teleportation magic confused the maids as such magic was impossible due to the magical interference of the Cracks. Though the Pleiades were more focused on what Enhela said to the protagonist. According to CZ who overheard the conversation, the Theocracy priest referred the protagonist as "brother" and that they were both servants of Kuyō, which demanded an explanation.

However the answers she and her sisters received had the protagonist admitting that he was a creation of the Sea of Possibilities, not a real NPC created the Supreme Beings. Some such as Narberal and Lupusregina denied this as their memories recalled the protagonist of being a creation of the Supreme Beings, but when the protagonist asked them to recall when they first met, they found that there were gaps in their memories. It became evident that the protagonist was inserted into Nazarick, and the NPCs he encountered had their memories altered to accept him. Not sure how to respond to the protagonist, whether to treat him as a friend or enemy, CZ and her sisters agreed to let Momonga decide his fate.

Afterwards the CZ and her sisters would deliver this information to Momonga personally. And while this put the protagonist under scrutiny, Momonga asked CZ and her sisters on their personal opinion of this. Alas they did not have the words to express what they thought.[69]

CZ also attended the banquet in the Amphitheater, welcoming Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself who joined Nazarick.[70]

The Pleiades maid would resume her role as Shizuni in New Six Arms. During a slow period while eating a meal at an inn in Arwintar with her human companions, she and Regi witnessed a bard performing a ballad. The existences of bards and how they played in disseminating information intrigued the undercover agents. CZ and Lupusregina then brought the idea of the Bard Plan to Momonga and their superiors to create Sorcerer Kingdom bards to spread their nation's glory. It was approved by their master who had Narberal join as a third member of the project. After collecting the electric guitar and stand mic from Pandora's Actor, the trio hit the books in the library for any musical themes related to the items they collected.

They came across the rock music genre, inspiring the maids to create a rock band. CZ for her part served as the guitarist of the newly minted Βγδth. Her band went around Nazarick performing for the general maids. While a big hit in their debut, the team began to have tension over small minor things such as the lyrics of the songs being too critical towards Momonga. A falling out was avoided thanks to the intervention of Shalltear who helped Βγδth vent out their frustrations in a culling of Chaos Beasts on the 10th Floor. Afterwards at the invitation of Shalltear, CZ and her band were challenged by LittleMasStar in a finale show. Her team lost to the idol group but the success of Βγδth was enough to convince Momonga to begin the next steps of the plan by introducing the items used in rock into the Empire. CZ and Lupusregina took a prototype of a New World electric guitar made by a Tsuibayaya to show it to their teammates in New Six Arms, though their reactions to the novelty were less than satisfactory.[71]

During the Rare Item Acquisition Day at Casino Resort Nazarick, whilst the general maids enjoyed a three day session experiment at the gaming tables, CZ and the other Pleiades were assigned to fulfill the duties of the general maids in the interim.[72]

To investigate a illegal gambling den with possible links to a player, on the outskirts of the Re-Estize Kingdom, CZ was selected to be part of a survey team led by Soi. CZ assumed her worker identity Shizuni for the mission. She and Soi then journeyed on one of Aura's beasts to the Tob Forest to pick-up their third member, Kyuko. After the beast dropped them off and left, the automaton expressed disappointment in seeing the animal go, but catching sight of Kyuko she became fixated on the fox's tails.

On the journey, Kyuko now as her worker identity Ku, found her tails being played by the energetic maid. To pass time Ku asked questions on the mission and was interested to learn that their target was a gambling den, a place she had little knowledge of. When the fox learned Nazarick had a similar gaming facility Ku expressed interest in visiting, which Shizuni promised to take her there in the future.

Once they reached the town where the den was rumored to be located, the trio scouted the place and learned of the general location of the den. Shizuni and Ku would take to the streets alone together to gather more information. In the alleys they were aggressively approached by a band of men who were suspicious of them asking questions about the den. The dup defeated the humans, but rather than be angry the leader of the band, who turned out to be the manager of the gambling den offered them jobs as bodyguards at the den.

The two then took the jobs as it to infiltrate the gambling den. To blend in they switched their usual gear for bunny outifts and assimilated with the staff by earning their trust in taking care of the dojo stormers that were harassing the den to meet the boss. Shizuni and Ku reported their findings to Soi while working there. Shizuni eventually learned of the schedule when the executives of the den met with the boss for "harvest" to report the establishment's earnings. She and her comrades then proceeded to secretly follow an executive to an underground bunker that led to the boss. While Shizuni and Ku went invisible, Soi was detected by the boss, who appeared to be seemingly Zero, due to a early warning alarm.

Zero and Soi fought but he was not match, as Shizuni and Ku came to aid the leader of their team. Shizuni noticed that Zero was not who he appeared and it was revealed that this Zero was actually Succulent who was masquerading as his former boss to earn respect in the underworld. Once he criminal was subdued, Shizuni and her team brought him back to Nazarick to the Frozen Prison.

Later after a debriefing with Momonga, CZ escorted Kyuko back to the Tob Forests. On the way Kyuko told CZ about her days in her old village and how they would celebrate the Tsukimi. Having experienced a Tsukimi before, the two women, found themselves in a glen where they could admire the full moon. CZ hearing Kyuko express a deep wish to have a more formal one, gave CZ the idea to ask Momonga to host another Tsukimi.[73]

CZ her sisters were summoned to the Round Table Room, as their master wanted to selected one of them to be part of an expedition. The purpose of the expedition would be to investigate the dwarven bathhouses. To the surprise of CZ and the other Pleiades it was Solution who volunteered to go.[74]

The maid along with Lupusregina and Entoma were part of an escort for Renner and Slimeko to the lizardman village to deliver news that the demi-humans' request for an ice house was approved by the Sorcerer King and that they would be gifted an ice statue as a gift for their fealty. CZ, the other Pleiades maids and Climb stayed out of sight from the village, until Renner and Slimeko were done with talking to the demi-humans. From CZ's observation it appeared the lizardmen were taken with the news and gave the emissaries a big send off.

They accompanied the women to the Azerlisia Mountains to collect materials for Nazarick's Christmas party, defending the group from vultures and Chaos Beasts. At the party, the maid dressed in her Christmas Costume. She and her sisters were approached by Renner who thank them for their help to which they replied it was nothing.[75]

In order to successfully infiltrate a venue hosted by the Anti-Imperial Faction, and steal the Blood Oath, at Zero's orders at the behest of the Bloody Emperor, CZ and Lupusregina underwent training on etiquette with Yuri and Renner. Unlike Lupusregina who was trained to play the role of a noblewoman, CZ was trained in being a loyal servant. While on a break from training, CZ served Renner a chocolate drink as practice.

On the day of the event, CZ under her worker identity of Shizuni played her role as Regi's servant. After Lupusregina impressed the nobles with her finesse and dancing, the undercover worker was brought in front of the assembled anti-imperials to sign her name on the Blood Oath to show her resolve in overthrowing Emperor Jircniv. Instead of signing her name, Regi killed the guard protecting the item and took it, while Shizuni destroyed the Continual Light Lamp, allowing them to slip away. As planned, the duo escaped outside the venue, where the rest of New Six Arms waited to help them kill off their pursuers.

Once the Blood Oath was secured, the group headed to a bar to celebrate. Before giving the Blood to Jircniv, the Pleiades maid, copied all the names on the item for Demiurge to later analyze. Later she also supported Aura's suggestion in having Lupusregina teach Momonga to dance, as her sister was the perfect choice due to her hands on experience. It was also to prevent a fight between Albedo and Shalltear on who should be trained in etiquette and dancing next.[76]

END of NON-CANON content


  • In the Web Novel, CZ2128 Delta was created by Tabula Smaragdina.
  • Her favorite food is a drink with extremely high calories. It tastes like strawberries, chocolate, and banana. Interestingly, she shared a chocolate drink with Neia Baraja.
  • She is referred to as just CZ by Yuri Alpha in the second Drama CD. Narberal also calls her by CZ in the trailer of the second Drama CD. Thus, it is likely that her other sisters will also call her CZ as well.
  • It can be presumed that CZ2128 Delta was not created by Garnet until or after YGGDRASIL was updated with "Valkyrie's Downfall" patch.
  • She's the first NPC who formally makes a friend of an inhabitant of the New World.
  • The first two letters of her name CZ are likely in reference to a firearms manufacturer, also referencing the fact her weapons happen to be a firearm.
  • In Mass For The Dead at the End of her Chaos Memory, she is gifted with a Spear Needle Pup by Lord Momonga.


  • (To Aura and Yuri): "...Ainz-sama is the nicest of all the Supreme Beings because he stayed behind."
  • (To Yuri about Neuronist Painkill): "...Neuronist is androgynous and thus has no gender, but why does it call itself 'onee-chan'?"
  • (To Neia): "...Chocolate-flavored. Calories are a little high... around 2000, But don’t worry. Eating good food and getting fat is a long-cherished ambition for women, according to a certain great person."
  • (To Neia about Ultimate Shooting Star Super): "He lent you an excellent runecrafted weapon. You should spread the word of Ainz-sama's greatness."
  • (To Neia): "It is a shame, but also true. Well, I know you must be shocked. I understand very well. Still, that is where you stand now. However, if you work for Ainz-sama, someday you will be able to call him Ainz-sama too. Devote yourself to it."
  • (To Neia): "...Neia. It is a predecessor's duty to teach those who come after them."
  • (To Neia): "...Don't mention it. One must show kindness to those who know of Ainz-sama's greatness."
  • (To Neia): "This I swear in the name of the Supreme One, Ainz Ooal Gown-sama... However, if Neia dies and is resurrected, that still counts as keeping my word, right?"
  • (To Neia): "...If you knew how strong the henchman demon was, you and the others might have been afraid and not carried out the operation. But for the sake of Ainz-sama's victory... we must win this battle. That was why I lied."
  • (To Neia): "...Good girl. If you were cuter, I'd put a sticker on you. Maybe a furry sticker."
  • (To Neia): "...Neia. I like you. Now that I've gotten used to it, your face is quite cute."


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  58. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 2) Swimsuits, Lizards, and Dark Elves
  59. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 1) Heart Pounding★Nazarick Academy
  60. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 2) Heart Pounding★Nazarick Academy
  61. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Mithril Sleeping In Light Mist
  62. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Charming Lie Inside The Invention
  63. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Dyed White and New Year's Ruler
  64. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Work Style Reform in a Suit
  65. Mass for the Dead Chapter 14: Mountain Range Lord
  66. Mass for the Dead Chapter 15: Crackling World
  67. Mass for the Dead Special Event: E-Rantel In Disguise
  68. Mass for the Dead Chapter 16: Name of God
  69. Mass for the Dead Chapter 17: Eve of the Storm
  70. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Golden Dance Festival of the Fallen
  71. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Rock the Pleiades
  72. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Casino Resort 2nd Bet
  73. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Harvest Moon Survey
  74. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Thermae Dwarf
  75. Mass for the Dead Special Event: An Ice Room Is Built and a Holy Night Is Celebrated
  76. Mass for the Dead Special Event: A Young Lady Casting a Shadow of Ambition


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