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Buddha (仏) is a religious entity found in the New World that most likely originated from YGGDRASIL.



Not much is given on the New World depiction of the Buddha though Gagaran mentions him to smile from above hinting a form of benevolence.


The Buddha is the central figure of a religion that hailed from the south of the Baharuth Empire. Very little was known about him to the nations of the north. Inhabitants from other nations outside his sphere of influence saw him as a follower of the Four Great Gods.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

During Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix's meeting with Silver Thread Bird, Unkei introduced him as a follower of the Buddha.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]


  • Though not stated the Buddha from the New World, is most definitely Siddhārtha Gautama of the real world.
  • Buddha means "Awakened One" or "Enlightened One" in Sanskrit.
  • In the New World followers of the Buddha are possibly Soryo.
  • In Mass for the Dead, the Buddha's belief could also be found in Kyuko's home village, as she prays for a slain foe to ascend to Buddhahood.[2]
  • In Mass for the Dead, a day before a large adventurer tournament Gagaran hoped that the Buddha was smiling at her team from above.[3]