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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Bride Who Hasn't Fallen In Love For A Long Time (命永くて恋せぬ花嫁) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on June 15, 2021 to July 2, 2021.


One after another women of noble birth who have gathered as bride candidates, have disappeared...Prince Zanac has asked to investigate the nobles, the party including Naberal, will conduct a collaborative investigation with the Blue Roses. In addition, two representatives will infiltrate as bride candidates――[1]


Somewhere in E-Rantel, the protagonist and his colleagues, Soi and Surako, are visited by Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself who has a request to conduct an investigation on a noble. The prince explains that the noble in question has recently lost his wife due to an accident and is currently looking for a second wife. While it is not a big deal, it seems that the noble is soliciting out to candidates widely and using noble channels. The bride seeker is a noble with both financial power and prestige with looks so there are a lot of women who accepted the recruitment. Soi listening asks if all the bridal candidates are nobles, which the prince clarifies that many seem to be daughters of lesser nobles, but the advertisement also includes that status does not matter and welcomes any beauties. Still Soi wonders why the concern over the solicitation as there doesn't appear to be anything illegal. Zanac then dourly states that many of the maidens who visited the noble's territory have gone missing. This piques the protagonist's interest and he asks if it is suspected that the noble in question responsible. Unfortunately Zanac informs the adventurers that the noble has denied any involvement to the disappearances of the women, claiming they had left his territory and should have returned home.

Soi doubts that people going missing in the aristocrat's is explained by chance. Zanac admits that a large number of people have vanished in the noble's territory, though notes that Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts and even bandits have appeared in the territory so it's not totally impossible that the noble is innocent. Surako inquires if any of the women were attacked when they were traveling back to their domains. So far the princes tells them that there are several cases of the maidens being attacked with their escorts from accounts of survivors that escaped. Blame seems to be pointed towards the accused noble, which Soi believes that the missing women are probably intentional and that the weight of sin should be proof enough. Furthermore the female adventurer thinks that it's not up to adventurers like them to find the truth. The prince states that the royal family is taking this matter seriously to investigate bur the matter is not so simple. There is so far no direct evidence that links the noble to the missing women and its complicated in that the noble a member of the Royalty Faction. If the noble is guilty it might cause an incident that may led other nobles following the former to go to the Nobility Faction. What he has given them is basically rumors that have circulated among the nobles and Soi deduces that Zanac wants to keep this incident quiet to prevent the Re-Estize Kingdom from fracturing.

Zanac cites the start of the Incident oversaw the Kingdom forcible cutting of the funds of the nobles under the pretense of an national emergency. The female adventurer recalls that from her investigation of Six Arms, such actions resulted in the confiscation of property from unscrupulous nobles and weakening them. The prince confesses that it was to cut off and starve Eight Fingers of its funds and eventually led to its destruction. Still the actions of the royals left many nobles dissatisfied but the reason why they did not take arms and cause a civil war was because they were faced with a great deterrent. But now that great deterrent is no longer available as the Warrior Captain Gazef Stronoff is absent.

Anyway the noble is a member of the Six Great Nobles. If a person such as he were to investigate them if will cause an internal commotion among the nobles, hence why he sought the adamantite adventurers help. The protagonist wonders if there is the possibility that they can leave the situation alone to the surprise of the others in the room. The princes tells the group that his father cannot abandon this issue as he loves the people. And neither can he leave the incident alone as if this problem is left unattended then his brother, Barbro Andrean Ield Ryle Vaiself will eventually hear of it. The second prince explains Barbro unlike the rest of the family who have been vacating the Royal Capital on various duties, has been ordered by the king to defend the city. Zanac suspects that his brother is annoyed with his younger siblings out on missions taking credit from their father, though the second prince states its a misconception as Barbro is not suited for a delicate mission such as this. So he wishes to have this matter resolved so it stays out of his brother's ears. Soi points out that the rumor will get out in the end and suggest that it would be better to let it run its course. The protagonist though has another opinion as he knows from his information that Barbro is a fool and as Demiurge once told him fools have a kind of horror that goes beyond imagination. If Barbro were to hear of the incident and handle it then his influence would possibly increase and led the Kingdom to ruin and would impede the strength of the Tripartite Alliance. In consideration of this, the homunuclus asks the prince to be given time to make a decision on whether to accept the mission. Zanac permits it but asks that he makes it soon. He mentions that his sister Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself is in the middle of negotiating with another adventurer team to collaborate on the investigation which turns out to be Blue Roses.

The adamantite adventurers relocate to another room to discuss the request from Zanac. The homunculus is about to send a [Message] to get permission from Momonga, but to his surprise gets a [Message] from Demiurge. Answering it the Floor Guardian apparently is aware of the request by the human prince. Demiurge ignoring the stunned response of the protagonist lauds him for gaining the trust of the Kingdom on such a sensitive matter. The protagonist though thinks that the Kingdom placing trust in him is mostly due to the absence of Gazef Stronoff and the part he played in his rescue and also Demiurge's performance as the Demon Emperor. Still Demiurge tells his peer that maintaining the trust the Kingdom has many benefits. The demon informs the protagonist that he has approval to accept the request from Zanac. In addition Demiurge wants the protagonist to piggyback on the request. The protagonist curious asks what it may entail and then Demiurge begins to disclose details of his assignment that will benefit Nazarick.[2]

A few days later, upon receiving the request from Zanac, the protagonist and his colleagues with Narberal Gamma as a supporter to their party left E-Rantel to head for their destination by horse-drawn carriage. Along the way they are joined by Blue Roses. To coordinate better on the mission, Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra and Evileye board the carriage of the protagonist. Despite the carriage<being cramp from the number of people, the adamantite adventurers get working to carry out the request. Lakyus starts the discussion by going over their information. The target of their investigation is none other than one of the Six Great Nobles, Marquis Blumrush who is said to rival or even surpass the king. Soi adds that the noble is a member of the Royalty Faction from before the Incident. The leader of Blue Roses agrees that to be true though in the marquis's case tells her peers that he was not always an absolute ally of the king compared to the Warrior Captain.

At this point Soi notes that the Kingdom adventurers are divulging in some bad rumors and though the content happened in the past, asks if it is alright to share with foreigners. Evileye tells them that there is no definite proof of these actions, but it is highly suspected, that Marquis Blumrush is indeed a greedy man who would sell out his own family for a gold coin and even information on his own country. Lakyus adds that the noble controls gold and mithril mines in his territory so he has the financial power to be number one in the Kingdom. The protagonist listening to the details notes to the women that there appears to be no incidences of missing people in his territory before. Evileye tells him that while it was common for nobles to forcibly take women in their territory as wives or slaves, no such rumors came from Blumrush. Soi thinks that the bride candidacy might be a sham but in fact a ploy to sell the women. Lakyus realizes that Soi is taking about slave trafficking but such a think was banned by Princess Renner. Surako tells her that may not be the case, as she remembers Cocco Doll the former executive of Eight Fingers was operating a slave ring. However Soi tells her comrade that since Clementine arrested him, he may not be involved in this instance. In Lakyus's opinion they could still be dealing with remnants of Eight Fingers or even Six Arms led by Zero.

To get to the bottom of these disappearances, Lakyus is certain that they will need to send bride candidates among them to investigate from the inside. In other words they need to conduct a infiltration investigation. The two leaders of the adamantite teams are in agreement. Lakyus has a candidate from her team that will serve in this role as an infiltrator which is Evileye, but the masked magic caster rejects the nomination before her name is called. Before Lakyus can argue with her teammate, their horse of their carriage is startled and the carriage stops. Soi peeks out and sees that the second carriage has also halted. Gagaran getting out from the other one calls out to the others that there is a Contaminated Beast blocking the path. Evileye taking that as a signal to go out and fight gets to avoid her argument with her leader. Lakyus is unsurprised at Evileye's reaction, expecting that she would react in this way. Soi and Narberal though curious as to what just happened decide it would be better to focus on eliminating the obstacle in their path as they leave their mode of transportation.

After subduing the Contaminated Beast the adventurers' Lakyus tries to convince Evileye to be the bride candidate. Evileye though insists that the infiltration mission would be better suited to Tina and Tia. Lakyus tells her that will not do, as Blumrush has already seen the twins at the royal palace. And while the twins coudl disguise themselves, Evileye is the bets choice as her face has never been seen before. The twins admit that this two be true and tease Evileye would make a good choice especially given her look. Evileye still doesn't want to do it and tries to use her age look as an excuse, but is shot down when Gagaran mentions that the bride candidacy has no age limit as if the candidate is young and selected then the noble would simply wait until the appropriate age to marry her. Soi asks the magic caster why she so apprehensive to do this assignment. Again Gagaran explains that the recruitment condition for bride candidates are required to wear their own costumes suitable for a bride. And Evileye has a resistance to wearing such costumes as to her they are for stupid women who try to get a man to protect them. To her getting someone to protect you because of being weak is stupid. It would better to get stronger so you don't need protection. And while Evileye knows that not all women are like that, there is a tendency so she honestly despises such types.

The leader of Blue Roses tries to appeal to Evileye's sympathy for the victims, but Evileye states that its none of her business and will not pretend to be one of those foolish women. Narberal speaks out telling her its crap. Her sudden outburst directs the adventurers attention on her. Narberal apologies as it just came unintentionally. Evileye remembering her when her team worked on that dwarf case asks if she has contempt for stupid women as she does? The undercover Pleiades member confirms this to the utter shock of Surako and the rest of Blue Roses. Evileye asks if she were to commit to this plan, would she look down on her? Narberal tells her colleague that it is possible and if she were in her shoes that she would hate to disguise herself as someone she didn't like. However as a rule of thumb she finds it necessary to undertake such work "as an adventurer". The masked magic caster in consideration sees that Narberal that maybe this work is not so different from how adventurers sneak into the burrows of dangerous creatures or rubbing their bodies with odors to "mask" themselves. Narberal includes that while the work the do may be unsavory, they should rather prioritize on loyalty and any other thoughts are trivial. Beside pretending does not mean one will be on the same level as these lower lifeforms. When asked if she is afraid, which Narberal states that through acting she learned to inspire herself to be what she despises. Of that she is afraid of becoming that which she pretends to be. Soi also adds that when people act, they start to sympathize with the "role". Noting that some actors who sympathize with the role too much will have their thoughts mixed up. This is of course a big risk, and Soi guesses that this is the real reason why Evileye is so afraid to take the role which the magic caster confesses to be true. She admits that a small part of her wants to be like those women seeking their knights but is too consciousness of feeling stupid. Additionally Evileye admits that she herself doesn't have a "priority" for this job as she doesn't have much love for this Kingdom. That being said, the masked magic caster changes her mind and accepts the role, not to save those women she despises but for herself to prove that she doesn't have any traces of those stupid creatures. Lakyus relieved thanks Narberal for her inspiring words though the other woman tells her that there is no need for gratitude as she said what was true. Soi then cuts her off to leave it that they finally have their infiltrators and should hurry to their destination. The adventurers agree and they resume their course on their carriages.

While the adventurers advance towards their destination, in a room of a large mansion in the territory of Marquis Blumrush, the noble is having a meeting with a robed individual. The corrupt nobles asks the other man if he was pleased with the girls he sent to him, which his client informs him were not bad quality but he still requires more. The noble thinks that he has delivered quite enough and tries to underscore that he provided his client with top quality goods. Hearing his reluctance, the robed man asks the marquis if he wants to pull out of their arrangement. Marquis Blumrush states he does not as he is fully invested in the venture. Pleased with his response the robed man tosses the noble a large bag of coins. The amount of money in the bag causes Blumrush to comment that business for his compatriot must be good, though the robed man advises the marquis it would be unwise to pry for more information. The man leaves but not before reminding Blumrush to keep his side of the deal. Alone Marquis Blumrush chuckles to himself that he still doesn't know what his partners are thinking, but could care less of what they are doing to the women he sends them. It pleases him that he has deceived the king so far, but should be careful as there are limits. Even with Gazef Stronoff gone he can't do anything that will divide the nation but still wants to fill his pockets with his ill gotten gains.[3]

After the adamantite adventurers arrive at the town in the territory of Marquis Blumrush, the adventurers divided into two groups: one being the infiltration team and the other being the survey team. The infiltration team is composed of Evileye and Narberal while the others are part of the survey team. While the latter collects information in town, Narberal and Evileye are in the back alleys talking. The masked magic caster expresses her surprise that the other woman is one of the infiltrators for the mission. Narberal merely states her being one of the bride candidates is practical as her face is not very well known unlike the rest of her comrades. The upcoming mission makes Evileye nervous and worried. Narberal offers its not too late to pull out though this would hinder the success of their collaboration. Seeing there is no choice Evileye agrees. Narberal then starts to give their cover story, when she is interrupted by a trio of men who makes lascivious passes at Narberal and offering to show her around. Evileye seeing the dregs wants to ask the three on any information in the city. On the other hand Narberal refuses to be directed by Evileye and opts to handle the men herself. They approach the trio and try to politely decline them, but the men do feel insulted and start to get aggressive. The two woman annoyed at the disrespect of the three then demonstrate their superior physical ability.

Meanwhile at an old inn room, the survey team are interviewing one of the survivors of a bandit attack in the territory. The man explains that right after his two daughter undertook the tests of the marquis for the bride selection they were returning home by carriage. On the way the man tells the adventurers that his family was attacked by bandits who kidnapped his daughters. Soi thinks that it sounds like the bandits could be hired by Marquis Blumrush. The members of Blue Roses though wonder who the victim how he managed to survive as the bandits would not leave any witnesses to the kidnapping. The victim admits that due to not being able to afford a coachman, he was driving the carriage. When the attack happened, a fireball was shot near the horse, startling them. In the confusion the band connecting the horse and carriage broke and the bridle got entangled with his arm. The horse had pulled him from the carriage and to safety. By the time he untied himself, and returned to the scene the bandits were gone and so were his dear daughters. Tia and Tina guess that the man was lucky and that the bandits made a poor case of judgement and assumed the father would die being dragged by the horse and so prioritized capturing the girls instead. As for the fireball, Lakyus deduces that there is a magic caster amongst the bandits one that can use 3rd tier magic which is quite rare.

The father curses himself for jumping to the invitation to come to the marquis's territory for a bridal selection. Surako curious asks why he did as his daughters seem too young to marry. The man gloomily answers that he used to be an imperial noble an the protagonists immediately realizes that he was among the nobles that fell from grace after the reformations by the Bloody Emperor. The father admits that he and his family were stripped of their ranks as nobles, but he could not accept the reality and poured his efforts into maintaining his previous rich life. It was his belief that his family would be restored to their former glory when the emperor died. He kept borrowing money to show that his house still had their pride as nobles. However he was brought to his grim reality when his older daughter died. She was the only person who tried to convince him to accept his situation that he was no longer a noble, worked alone and supported the family. He is ashamed to say that he wished he could have seen it sooner and was proud of her for what she did for her family, but he knows that his daughter only supported them because of her two younger sisters. The man continues explaining that his eldest was a victim of the Bloody Emperor's machinations when disaster struck E-Rantel. The father did not even know she was there at the time but was informed of her passing when he received compensation for her services were delivered. It was thanks to that compensation he was able to repay his family's debt and became more financial wise. The adventurer Soi surmises that the father came to the marquis's territory to have his daughters apply to be brides to the noble in hopes of giving them a good life. The former noble admits it to be a shallow idea, but he heard this news from an associate in this country about the bride recruitment. His friend's daughter has also vanished and it leads him to suspect that the marquis had a hand in that. Unfortunately Lakyus cannot offer him any definitive proof that it was the marquis but it is highly likely, but promises him that if it is indeed true he will receive a reasonable compensation. However the man only requests to have his daughters returned. The members of the protagonist's team take pity on the human, especially Surako. Though Soi and the protagonist privately discuss that the man's actions may not be altruistic for his daughters and may have been using them to return to noble society through the Six Great Nobles. In this case the protagonist would not put it past it that the father could be on the side of the enemy.

Back in the alleys, Evileye is arguing with Narberal over the pounding she gave the "maggots" though she herself is accused that she enjoyed it as she beaten one of them for calling her a "chibi". Both agree to try to not let their emotions get ahead of them so as not to hinder the mission. Based on her haughty personality, Evileye asks her partner if she is a noble's daughter or a princess. Alas Narberal refrains from divulging about her origins. The two then go back to the mission. A collaborator has gone to the estate of Blumrush to give their introductions and so Narberal suggests that they prepare their attires appropriate and wear their bridal gowns. After they rendezvous with their collaborators the two women are guided to the mansion. of the marquis.[4]

The two undercover adventurers arrive at the mansion of Marquis Blumrush and are welcomed as Nabe and Iville. The women are guided by the servants into the estate with the other bride candidates to await the exam prepared by the marquis. As they wait, both women receive looks and words of awe by the other women. Nabe perplexed by the attention comments it to Iville who replies that her beauty impresses the competition which pleases Nabe. The same is not said by Iville as she detests her appearance. Unknown to Nabe, her partner feels ridiculous as she has been stuck in appearance of a twelve year old girl and wearing something a mature woman would wear. Nabe brushes Iville's discontent believing that some people might appreciate her current aesthetics. This only further causes Iville to mention that the only one would would have any liking to this kind of attire would be a certain hobbyist in the Dragon Kingdom. Habing no idea who or what she is talking about Nabe tries to calm her teammate to not break character less she kill her. Iville thinking the other woman is joking then sarcastically comments Nabe about being her "sister" in this mission. It of course was not a joke, as Nabe finds it truly unpleasant to be working with Iville feeling it to be similar to how she felt when being revived. The two turn to their surroundings noting that there are more women applying for the recruitment than expected, and guess that the kidnapping rumors were suppressed in the area.

A servant enter and thanks the women for their patience and then present his master, Marquis Blumrush. The noble welcomes his guests for participating in his bridal recruitment. He has a small exam he wishes to impose upon them to select his next wife. According to him, under the will of his late wife she left instructions for him to follow to select the woman who would be entrusted to her husband. He jokingly states that if he failed to uphold the requirements she may come back as an undead an haunt him. The women in the room praise him being truth to the expectations of his former wife. That being said Blumrush presents them the content of the exam, and reveals a chain goblin. The appearance of the demi-human shocks the women in the room and are at a loss of how the monster is pertinent to the exam. The noble to their utter astonishment explains he wants them to fight it. Since its chained there is no risk of any actual danger, but according to his wife he must acquire a beautiful, noble and brave bride. The only way to prove that any of the women meet these criteria is to have them battle the demi-human. The content of the exam baffles Iville, though Nabe finds it eerily similar to a test in the Queen War between Albedo and Shalltear Bloodfallen. Despite the odd exam, the two proceed to take it.

While Narberal and Evileye were taking their exam at the mansion, the survey team was interviewing families of the victims staying in the city. SO far from their investigation while many of the missing women vanished in various circumstances, they all have a common factor in that they were separated from their companions or vanished due to some kind of threat along the way home. Apparently most of the victims' carriage changed chose before they encountered trouble, whether it be Chaos Beasts or Contaminated Beasts. Tia believes that it would indicate that someone guided the victims into ambushes deliberately. And since the threats of Chaos Beasts and Contaminated Beasts are to blame the noble would escape escape blame as such struggles are common all over the country. It all points that Marquis Blumrush is the the culprit and the adventurers vow to bring him to justice than let him escape. The only issue is proof which they need from their two spies.

However Gagaran wonders what they are doing just sitting quiet until they receive a message from the infiltrators and recommends they go to the local Adventurer's Guild to gather more information. The discussion of the adventurers is interrupted when a soldiers in the street calls out to them asking if they are adventurers. He tells the adventurers that the number of undead have been increasing in the nearby mine so much so that his soldiers have been exhausted. He sent a request to the Adventurer's Guild for aid and seeing the adventurers he assumes that the protagonist and his allies at it. When the soldier notices their adventurer plates, he is surprised but relieved as he did not expect this kind of help from the guild. Lakyus believes there seems to be a misunderstanding as they were not sent by the guild much to the disappointment of the soldier. In fact none of the adventurers have ever heard of a request for undead subjugation from the guild. Rather than decline the request for aid, the protagonist asks his friends that they should assist noting that an outbreak of undead in a mine is a bit strange. Seeing the logic that the undead in the mine might not be irrelevant the adventurers agrees to help the city soldiers cleanse the mine of the foul monsters. The rest of the survey go to the mine leaving Tia and Tina to remain in teh city to collect information at the guild.

The test at the mansion ended unexpectedly smoothly, in which Narberal and Evileye returned to their carriage to "return" to their home. While in the carriage the two talk about the test and how they did. Both note that they had to limit themselves so as not to actually kill the demi-human. Suddenly their horse is disturbed by something outside, stopping the carriage. Shortly their coachman informs them that there are two people approaching. Evileye tells him to be calm and to stick to the plan. Evileye then cuts the carriage from the horse and had the coachman ride with it to safety. The two women now alone and seemingly defenseless then prepare to greet their captures. Narberal volunteers Evileye to present their captors an appropriate terrified face, which the smaller woman grudgingly goes along with. Three men enter, one of them being an elder lich who introduces himself as Davernoch the "Undead King".[5]

The protagonist and his allies, guided by the soldiers of the city of Re-Blumrushur are taken to the mine where the undead have infested it. Going deeper into the earth the soldiers and adventurers cut down countless skeletons. Surako studying the unchangeable amount of undead believes that its due to the fact that the Negative Energy in the mine is thick. As the group continue to cut down the undead, Lakyus cannot help find the situation to be very familiar. Gagaran agrees that its just like the previous mine their team delved into and wonders if there is a demon summoning cultist hiding in the mine. Lakyus orders the soldiers to hold back while her allies go into the mine and investigate.

The adventurers fight their way deeper into the mine. Along the way Gagaran asks the protagonist why he does not wear his "Dark Warrior" equipment as it would be more effective to fight. The homunculus declines to give a reason, though Gagaran guesses that there must be some restrictions on his strength given he was able to fight the Demon Emperor from before. She notes that its the same with her leader who keeps her "dark personality" in check. Lakyus embarrassingly asks Gagaran that she should let the speculation be left to Evileye as she is a poor substitute. The protagonist is relief that the women did not pry any further, glad he consulted with Pandora's Actor and Demiurge to allow others to misinterpret his reason for his current lack of fighting abilities for themselves. The subject some turns to Soi, and Gagaran asks why the female assassin is not wearing her black garb, which the other woman that the previous outfit she wore was to satisfy the guildmaster's request to match her attire with the "Dark Warrior". Her current clothes she find to be more comfortable and plus to avoid attracting fans. The party soon approaches an open space and Surajo warns that if its like last time they may encounter the Devil of the Abyss again. Before them is an underground ritual area and exact replica to another scene the adventurers encountered in their adventures. Now certain that Abyss Demon is not responsible, Lakyus then receives a [Message].[6]

While the protagonist entered the mine, Narberal and Evileye having been captured by Undead King Davernoch are brought to the hideout of the bandits. They are dumped in a cave filed with many women tied up and sobbing. When their captors leave Naberal asks how Davernoch could still be alive as she recalled that Soi killed him. From what Evileye can determine Davernoch used to work under Zero in Six Arms, but from what Davernoch says it seems like he is calling the shots not Zero. Narberal is irritated that the undead would have a title such as "Undead King" much to the confusion of her partner. As for how he survived a lethal blow from Soi, Evileye believes that its most likely due to where he was slain. Given that the lich was killed in a place with high concentrations of negative energy, its possible it prevented him from dying. But what's weird is that Davernoch's corpse was never reported missing.

In their situation the two then start to gather more information. All the women around them are crying but see that two young girls are not showing any tears so they decide to start with them. Using [Fly] the two magic caster land near the girls who they learn to be twins, Ureirika and Kuuderika. The two are sister who tell the adventurers that they have been imprisoned in the cave for five days. Evileye asks if the two were being used by their father as a tool for political marriage, which the girls state that her father intended to use the marriage to take revenge on a certain "idiot". The twins explain that other women have been captured before them and after. More than a dozen were taken away and it seems that their captors take those that fall into despair. Their captors encourage it to come naturally or inflict the tears themselves by physically punishing the women and healing them with magic. The twins though refused to cry as their tears already died and hence were kept for later. The adventurers recall the criteria Marquis Blumrush asked for, and find it curious he would ask for strong women only to make them cry and wonder what the purpose is. It assumed to be some sort of perverted hobby but Evileye wonders if there is something else going on.

Five bandits enter the cave and examine the two latest catches: Nabe and Iville. The men express their plans for them and how lucky they got such a good payment. When one of them tries to touch Evileye, she casts [Shard Buck Shots] impaling his right hand. Narberal then proceeds to take out the next bandit with [Lighting]. The two then turn to the remaining guards intent on getting their pound of flesh. Shortly after interrogating one of the remaining bandits they learn that two workers have been working with the bandits. One being the Undead King Davernoch and the other Dancing Scimitar Edström. The two worker appear at the cave entrance surprised that their captives have broken free and overpowered their guards. When Edström hearing the short magic caster knows her name and reputation. Though she admits she parted ways with Zero and his new employer the imperial emperor as she felt it was getting to dangerous. In the end it worked out as she unexpectedly met up with her comrade Davernoch and working her current job. The two workers demand to know who they are and eventually realize they are adventurers investigating Marquis Blumrush. Edström gets worried but Davernoch tells her its nothing to worry about as everyone here is a living sacrifice. As long as they don't have any evidence tying them to the human noble they will be fine but pities that the two women do not meet their sacrificial requirements.

Evileye and Narberal prepare to fight the workers, with the Narberal opting to take on Davernoch while Evileye deals with Edström. The magic caster of Blue Roses fights against Edström, who despite her use of her sword techniques is bested by Evileye. Evileye points that while her [Dance] spell on her weapons can manipulate them freely it hold little defense against powerful attacks like the 4th tier magic. That being said the magic caster watched as the worker collapses in unconsciousness to the ground. Meanwhile Narberal, having already defeated Davernoch, has the undead at his knees begging for his life as she interrogates him. The undead is shocked at the level of hatred his opponent has for him demanding to know what he did to warrant such a grudge. The undercover Pleiades tells him that its because he is alive, explaining that her sister Soi reported she had killed him. Him being here makes her seem like a liar and embarrasses her, so she must correct her mistake and kill him a second time. And secondly for his use of the title as "Undead King". Thus the only way he can compensate for his sins is death and Narberal casts lighting magic on him incinerating him. When Evileye comes over to asks what happened, Narberal lies stating that she had no choice to kill Davernoch whilst interrogating him. She tells Evileye to send a [Message] to the protagonist as she now knows how the undead survived and who the main culprit is.[7]

In the mine, Soi reports to her allies that she got a [Message] from Narberal, stating the masterminds behind this are Zurrernorn or at least remnants of Khajiit Dale Badantel's faction. Hearing this Gagaran is not surprised that the cult is active again but is a bit shocked that Davernoch was still alive. Soi explains that the cultists mistakenly took his severed head as one of their slain comrades and attached it to another corpse. It seem that he was able to revive himself and thanks to the negative energy was able to recover after which the lich was hired by Zurrernorn. The assassin curses herself for not doing a proper job but it seems that Narberal did the job for her. Lakyus is concerned on what the death cult is plotting with the bride candidates. The protagonist seeing the ritual platform is similar to the one in the catacombs in E-Rantel Cemetery tries to search for anything that looks like an altar, but Surako points it out for the adventurers. There they find it piled with horrific bodies of women all dressed in bridal gowns and see that the victims were used as living sacrifices. The sight infuriates members of Blue Roses vowing to make the cultists pay. The cultists soon emerge to confront the intruders and perform a ritual summoning a Gravekeeper and a Skeletal Dragon.

The adventurers fight the summons and after a tenuous battle the defeat them and their summoners. Just as the group were about to declare their victory a familiar voices rings out in the cavern. Evil Lord Greed appears before the adventurers who recognize him as one of Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth's minions from his attack on E-Rantel. His presence at the mine causes the members of Blue Roses to believe that he was behind the ritual killings. Though he does not confirm this the demon announces that they will die. As they prepare to engage the powerful demon Tina and Tia arrive, followed by Narberal and Evileye who are just as surprised at seeing the demon. There is some initial worry that the protagonist won't be much use due to his restrictions after still recovering from his last battle with Jaldabaoth, but Blue Roses accepts the reason. Tia and Tina inform their friends that they spoke with the guild and that an armed force of adventurers are marching to the marquis's mansion. Now that they have evidence and testimonies there is a justification for Marquis Blumrush's arrest. The adventurers then engage the Evil Lord, who makes a silent prayer to his comrade Abyss Demon who he promised to fill in for him against the women who traumatized him. Against all the adventurers, Evil Lord Greed is at a disadvantage and is nearly beaten. Lakyus tries to get the demon to talk as to what he and Zurrernorn were plotting. He refuses to talk and responds by shooting fireballs at the cavern ceiling making it unstable. The roof not collapsing the adventurers are forced to flee to get outside. Narberal uses her magic to fly out of the mine with her friends Surako and the protagonist.

Outside the adventurers are greeted by the sky and the gathered city soldiers as the mine entrances collapse. Soi suspects that some of the cultists may have escaped but takes comfort that Blumrush can't wash his hands after being caught associated with the likes of Zurrernorn and Jaldabaoth. Narberal informs the group that its probable the noble was not aware of the association with the Demon Emperor as even Davernoch was ignorant. The attribute this with the Demon Emperor being a master of intelligence. The adventurers celebrate that they completed the mission and that Marquis Blumrush will be brought to justice. Blue Roses then attend to another matter, which is teasing Evileye on her costume and how adorable she looks. As the member of the the protagonist watch Evileye get flustered by her teammates comments, they also comment on Narberal appearance to be pretty and suiting. Soi also agrees and privately thanks her sister for slaying Davernoch for her and maintain her honor which Narberal brushes aside as the undead who used the name "Undead King" was an insult to their master.

The adventurer prepare to return to the city, though Surako notices the protagonist lost in thought. While he tells her he is alright, he has thoughts that Marquis Blumrush, given his personality and skill, may have escaped already. Still Prince Zanac's request has been fulfilled and the Kingdom is now more indebt to his team for resolving this incident. The only thing he is concerned about is that the possibility of a third party connecting Zurrernorn and Blumrush. He is pretty sure someone introduced the cultists to the corrupt noble. While its not impossible that the cultists used rumors its also likely a powerful organization knew of Marquis Blumrush's true colors. The homunculus suspects that Zurrernorn was acting as an intermediary for another party to avoid scrutiny and fund the noble. As for who could be responsible, the protagonist dismisses the idea its the Baharuth Empire as there is little merit for the empire to destabilize the Kingdom as it would weaken the Tripartite Alliance. His suspicions turn to the Slane Theocracy but wonders if they would really join hands with a death cult who are their enemies? But cannot dismiss that they may have pushed their prejudices aside for priory.

Near the edge of Blumrush's territory, the fugitive noble is seen riding a horse intent on meeting with a liaison of a neighboring country for asylum. However he is shot with arrows by an unseen archer. The archer standing over the noble's body make a report to someone that he has killed Blumrush. The person who hired the hit is none other than Enhela Read Gahi. As he thanks the assassin for tying up loose ends he also orders that the corpse of the noble be made sure it cannot be used for a revival. The Vice Chief Priest finds it a pity that Zurrernorn's plan to use the marquis to create new undead and cause a schism within the Kingdom failed. Though in failure he was able to observe the movements in the Kingdom, particularly those of Blue Roses and the protagonist. He becomes worried at their actions suspecting Marquis Raeven and Princess Renner involvement. To the priest he was able to gleam some information from Blumrush, and found it funny that the noble wanted asylum within the Theocracy not knowing such an offer can be easily retracted even if he swears it by the Six Great Gods such words do not guarantee anything. [8]


At a debriefing in the Round Table Room in the Great Tomb of Nazarick Momonga congratulates the protagonist and his team on making the Kingdom in their debt. His thanks extends to the additional players in their scheme, Evil Lord Greed, Demiurge and even what appears to be the human soldier that approached the adventurers in Re-Blumrushur who is in fact a doppelgänger. Demiurge's plan to acquire the mines in Re-Blumrushur worked to perfection. Demiurge is given credit though the Floor Guardian admits that the original plan was to depose him, but framing him for associating with the Demon Emperor worked effectively. Now that its established to the public that the mine was the lair of his minions, it won't be recovered any time soon. In that time, Demiurge plans to take advantage of the mine being sealed to extract all the ores within for Nazarick. While this calls for a celebration, Demiurge is concerned about one thing. Momonga knows what he is thinking as the protagonist shared his concern about the existence of a third party who contacted Blumrush from behind the scenes. The demon iterates that a summoned followed Blumrush as he fled his territory to determine who he was in contact with. Unfortunately he was sniped by an assassin. The assassin was captured, and taken to a safe location outside of Nazarick and interrogated by Neuronist Painkill but only learned that the assassin was hired through multiple intermediaries. That being given Momonga thinks that they won't find anything else as this unknown party was very careful. Whoever it is knows the value of information and thus cannot be underestimated.

Momonga then directs his attention to Narberal, citing her part in the mission which he called brilliant. Being humble, Narberal merely states that she followed the plan made by Solution Epsilon. Still Momonga lauds her performance as acting as a bride candidate which being him the question of she felt wearing the bridal gown. Naraberal confesses that the gown was easier to fight in than expected. Though Momonga is more interested on what the maid thinks about the concept of marriage as unlike with Albedo and Shalltear, who pester him to make them his queen, Momonga finds Narberal to be stunningly beautiful and would make her creator proud. However he banishes such illicit thoughts from his mind as Nishikienrai would likely kill anyone who married his creation. His silence causes some concern from Narberal, but Momonga assures that he was merely thinking that her creator would have to see her as a bride making the maid thrill and swear to always wear the gown. Momonga though asks her to save it for special moments as the the rarity will fade which Narberal takes to heart. All this take about bridal gowns makes Momonga think about the future of his subordinates and the possibility they might marry people from the outside. Albedo and Shalltear hearing his talk with Narberal then begin fawning over his words on rarity of the moment as they take notes causing him to be annoyed at their antics.

In an inn, Evileye is feeling tired despite being an undead. The magic caster wonders what is bothering her as she feels that she already proven to Narberal that she did not have any stupid desires about being a bride. Yet something is bugging her and she starts contemplating to herself of her feelings with wearing a bridal gown and acting as a bride. To herself she finds the notion that the only way she fall in love if the person she married was stronger than her. Her minds goes back to what Soi said to her that she has a desire to "protect" the idea of women relying on someone. Though she at first dismisses the idea but as she considers the idea she starts toying with the idea of being a bride and fantasizing about her wedding. Evileye gets lost in her fantasy that she doesn't register Lakyus who enters the room, dumbfounded at what she is seeing and hearing before she slowly excuses herself to allow her teammate to revel in her daydream.[9]