Breeding Experiment is a form of experimentation conducted by Demiurge.


Demiurge carry out this experiment in order to breed hybrid beings from various races he had captured. Particularly, he is trying to find an alternative in the way of mating between humans and demi-humans even though it was believed to be impossible.[1]


In the Web Novel, a Succubus underling of Demiurge would use charm magic to force subjects of their experiment to mate. The breeding targets are a mix of humans, orcs, goblins, and minotaurs.

Results Edit

In the Web Novel, a Succubus working under Demiurge's order noted the breeding experiment is proceeding smoothly as planned. However, Demiurge quickly noticed that wasn't the case since the orcs they have kidnapped are refusing to cooperate.[2]


  • In the Light Novel, the only known people who were forced to participate in Demiurge's experiment, were natives from the Abelion Hills and other humans from the Demonic Disturbance that taken place in Re-Estize.[3]


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