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Brand of the Thief (盗人の印) is a tentative name for a magic symbol found in the New World in the Web Novel.


A symbol that was used on items created by the Imperial Ministry of Magic. It was a new invention created by applying new developments in magic. In fact, this item was created by a senior of Jet Testania.

The seal’s symbol was well known throughout the Imperial Magic Academy, as it was an example that a student’s work would gain recognition and grant them the opportunity to work for the Imperial Ministry of Magic which was the most admired and envied the position of all Magic Casters in the Baharuth Empire.


A special symbol etched into an object.


The seal is activated by touch and is applied in any inanimate object. If one were to accidentally touch an object carved with this seal that person will receive sigils engraved on their skin.

The seal was a warning system meant to ease the apprehension of criminals. This was used within the Academy and the Ministry for experimentation on newly developed technology. And since they were newly developed, these seals were necessary for theft-prevention. And they were not only located on this box. Several items within the Academy were engraved with it. All of them had the same effect.[1]


  • In the darker parts of society, this symbol was well known.
  • Any student found with this on their bodies would be expelled from the Academy, and depending on the case, they would also be charged with national espionage.
  • There was a rumor amongst the students, that if one could dispel the seal, and replicate the inner workings within the short time before the expulsion, they would be immediately hired by the Ministry of Magic.
  • Runecraft seems to be reminiscent of the magic symbol used in the Web Novel.


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