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Brain Unglaus (ブレイン・アングラウス) was a mercenary turned warrior of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Although initially somewhat arrogant, after barely surviving an encounter with Nazarick's denizens he was set on a path to becoming a far humbler man.


Brain Unglaus has brown eyes with blue hair and the appearance of a wild beast. He is equipped with chainmail and wears a necklace and ring, which are infused with protection magic. His whole body is lean and his muscles are tough as steel and tempered through experience.


When first introduced, Brain was shown to be arrogant and supremely confident in his skills. Part of this stemmed from his incredible talent with the sword. As he was so exceptional that he was able to match Gazef Stronoff with very little preparation or training, he was convinced that since he had trained hard and obsessively to best his rival, there was no way he could lose to anyone. In his pursuit of becoming the strongest, Brain decided to abandon all, except his dedication for the sword, and that anything was right as long as it would help him to defeat his rival. At this time Brain was depicted to be somewhat amoral. While it was never shown or stated that he engaged in the more unsavory activities of the Death Spreading Brigade, he also didn't object to the horrible acts they perpetrated like murder, slavery, and assaulting women.

His personality changes drastically after having a run-in with Shalltear. At first, Brain was confident in victory until Shalltear was able to not only avoid getting injured by his strongest technique but manage to catch his sword with virtually no effort. While this terrified Brain, he demonstrated enough conviction and bravery to face her. However, it was after that point (along with some emasculating taunting from Shalltear) that he began to show a somewhat cowardly side to himself as his first instinct after Shalltear caught his sword was to run. Soon after, when Shalltear was able to toy with him, his shock and fear became pure terror and he fled from her with all of his might. Furthermore, he abandoned his underlings in the Death Spreading Brigade and escaped by himself showing that he was reduced to a complete coward with no thought or care given them. Having his confidence completely crushed and getting a feel of what true terror is like, his attitude changes to one where he is completely depressed, hinting at a suicidal tendency. His talk with Gazef in his horrible state about how weak they were in the face of real power showed he had given in completely to despair and believed his life had no value at all. Gazef's inner monologue about how vast the world was and how obvious it should be that humans are weak, indicates that Brain was so consumed by his desire to best Gazeff and become the greatest swordsman, he never really took into account how big the world really was and that his devotion to his goal was naive and childish.

He eventually does a complete overhaul after meeting Climb and Sebas Tian. Seeing how Sabas used his great power to protect others along with his polite and respectful attitude left a deep impression on Brain. After he saw how Climb was able to withstand killing intent that left Brain helpless, he learned what Climb had what he lacked and decided to take up the things he thought he didn't need like friendship and honor. He changes to a much friendlier person who starts to think that strength is more than simply being skilled with a sword. His newfound spiritual strength allows him to face Shalltear again this time without succumbing to his fear and allowed him to cut through her fingernail that he couldn't even damage before. He also becomes grateful to Gazef and the two develop a deep friendship.


Originally a farmer, Brain was gifted with what could only be described as a god-given talent in the mastery of the sword. He has always believed himself to be the strongest fighter inside the Kingdom, having never lost a fight before he entered the grand tournament to decide the King's guard captain. He easily fought his way to the final where he faced off against Gazef Stronoff. A grand and close battle ensued between the two, but eventually, he would taste his first defeat at the hand of Gazef.

His win-streak was shattered and his confidence as an unbeatable warrior took a hit. He then decided to do everything he could to become stronger, so he would truly become unbeatable. While he received many offers from nobles, he declined them and went on a journey to improve himself, meeting various people such as Rigrit Bers Caurau. At the same time, in order to make a living, he started working as a mercenary for the Death Spreading Brigade.

After his rival Gazef Stronoff had passed away in battle, Brain later take ownership over the former's residence. It became a place where he started adopting specific orphan children under him to train them as the next successor after Gazef.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

When the hideout of the Death Spreading Brigade was being attacked, Brain confronted Shalltear Bloodfallen and tries to defeat her, but suffered a devastating defeat, failing to even scratch her. His absolute confidence was shattered by the immense difference of power between him and the vampire. He fled crying, escaping the massacre through a hidden tunnel.[1]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Brain retreated to the capital city of the Re-Estize Kingdom in order to hide from Shalltear. Gazef finds Brain slumped on the side of a street and brings him back to his place.[2] Brain is still shaken by his momentous defeat and uses his time to recuperate. Whilst walking through the streets, Brain overhears a commotion and discovers Sebas Tian, as he incapacitates the men who were attacking a young boy. He follows Sebas and Climb, into an alleyway where he sees Sebas release an extreme amount of killing intent, directed at himself and Climb. This was Climb's requested training under Sebas. After the bloodlust ends, Brain reveals himself and converses with Sebas and Climb before fighting off a group of assassins that were also following Sebas.[3]

After defeating the assassins, Brain, Climb, and Sebas travel to the brothel where Tuare was discovered. They attack the brothel and capture Succulent, one of the members of Six Arms, and a member of Eight Fingers, Cocco Doll, leader of the slave trade department. Following the battle, Brain goes back to rest at Gazef's house and they discuss the events and his defeat at the hands of Shalltear.[4]

Later, Brain is sent to partake in another raid on the Eight Finger's hideouts alongside with Climb. He briefly talks with Gagaran of the Blue Roses before beginning the operation.[5] When they begin, they have a scout infiltrate the compound they are to attack, who discovers that all of the remaining six arms are within the compound, along with a captured girl. As they're about to fall back, they meet Sebas, who came to rescue the girl, Tuare.

Brain, Lockmeier, and Climb all infiltrate the back of the compound in order to rescue Tuare while Sebas deals with Six Arms. The trio use invisibility to infiltrate the compound and break Tuare out of her cell. As they are escaping, they are ambushed by Zero, the leader of Six Arms, and are forced to fight. At the same time, they discover that the Tuare, they rescued from the cell was actually Succulent in disguise. In the encounter, Lockmeier and Climb are forced to fight Succulent while Brain fights with Zero. Climb and Lockmeier defeats Succulent and as the battle between Zero and Brain nears an end, Sebas appears and defeats Zero with ease. Brain, Climb, and Lockmyer all exit the building, only to witness a wall of fire off in the distance, which is thought to be another one of the hideouts being currently raided.[6]

During the battle, he, Climb, and Lockmeier are inside the wall of fire and they find that people are missing from their homes. During their search, he spots Shalltear and recognizes her despite the disguise she's wearing. Knowing that all would be dead if the vampire finds them, he decided to act as a decoy, so he leaves Climb and Lockmeier. He fights Shalltear and uses "Nail Clipper" - a technique combined of Fourfold Slash of Light, Field, and God Flash - to cut her fingernail. This pleases him greatly and he leaves jubilant. Shalltear pursues him but stops after seeing the two other people Brain is heading for.[7]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Brain is present during the massacre at Katze Plains along with Climb and Gazef. When Gazef challenges Ainz to a one-on-one duel Brain protests it but Gazef convinces him to back down and be a witness to it. He watches Gazef die after getting struck by an instant death spell. Ainz allows him and Climb to take the body, which Brain carries on his back.[8]

Later in E-Rantel, Brain wonders why Gazef did not run away and expresses sadness over his death. He vows to surpass Gazef and asks Climb to get a drink with him.[9]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

It was mentioned by Princess Renner that Brain Unglaus is searching for a new replacement for Gazef Stronoff in the Royal Capital and plans to train the replacement to become the next Warrior Captain.[10]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

It was revealed that Brain was appointed as one of Renner's guards outside the throne room where the meeting between King Ramposa III and Albedo had transpired. After the meeting was over, he and Climb who were waiting outside the room have been later ordered by Renner to go to her room while she went off with Zanac to have a meeting with Ramposa.

After finishing his duty under Renner, Brain apparently appears to be training ten orphan children under his tutelage as future swordsmen. Particularly, Brain had taken those who he had believed to have some sort of potential, allowed them to live with him, and was training them in the art of swordsmanship. Once they have done their usual training, he allows them some break time and then dismiss them afterward.

With that matter taken care of, he met up with two members of the Six Great Disciples. In the past, he opted those two from that group other than himself to train the children further and harsher. Even though Brain hadn't paid them much to do the job of training the orphans, they still took the time to teach the children anyways.

Suspicious of what the Sorcerer King is plotting behind the scene, Brain had made it his plan to get his students out of this nation alive as soon as possible. With permission from Vesture Kloff Di Laufen, Brain agreed to take one disciple under him alongside the children, hoping to have that person oversee their training and upholding their traditional swordsmanship techniques after escaping.

Later, Brain resumes training with his students after the latter's break time came to an end.[11]

While the capital Re-Estize was already surrounded by the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces, Brain, Climb, and Renner were informed by the few remaining knights that Blue Roses was waiting for them after they had returned to the palace. To ensure Renner's escape to safety, Brain and Climb had conversed in secrecy of arranging a carriage outside of the palace. Since the maids weren’t there, the duty to prepare and procure tea then fell on Brain before they met up with Blue Roses. Brain left the room to guide Tina where the water is boiled as well as looking for desserts to pair with the tea, ignorant of the remaining Blue Roses members except Lakyus plotting to drug their leader. Alongside Tina, he returned to the room with some trays of desserts. Before heading off to confront the Sorcerer King in single combat, he decided to bid his last farewell to members of Blue Roses, Renner and Climb. At the same time, Brain handed back Gazef's weapon and the Re-Estize Kingdom's National Treasure, Razor Edge to Climb as he had no intention of carrying his late rival's will.

Strolling the streets of the Royal Capital, he was lost in thought on his plans of how to deal with the Sorcerer King alone. However, before he could think any further, Brain was met with a powerful foe who arrived at his vicinity. Seeing how this unknown entity was trampling the streets of where he used to walk with Gazef, Climb and Sebas, Brain no longer cares about fighting the Sorcerer King. Enraged at this new foe before him, he wants to challenge the entity to a fight to the death as it was responsible for soiling his precious memories. Brain raising his katana at the entity likewise, draws out his own blade, accepting his challenge introducing himself as Cocytus. The sight of the opponent honoring him with a duel as a fellow warrior overwhelmed Brain with joy. Now aiming to prove his worth as a warrior, Brain placed all his skill and hopes on his ultimate attack, True Nail Clipper. Just as he was aiming at Cocytus's wrist, the other warrior taking the first move closed the distance between the two. Brain holding out until the last second, waiting for the other warrior to come into range, ultimately is slain by Cocytus. Despite losing, Brain's resolve and warrior spirit earned him Cocytus' respect. Brain's katana was claimed as a trophy, while his body was taken to be preserved by the Frost Virgins.[12]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet).png NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

After the Catastrophe, Brain was in the Royal Capital working as a mercenary due to the dangerous times. There he comes across members of Blue Roses at a bar and swapped stories with them.[13] His presence was alerted to Gazef Stronoff by Climb. As the Kingdom was short-handed due to the ongoing, Gazef asked his rival to aid his nation. The mercenary seeing his long-time rival was serious agreed to help, but on the condition the Warrior Captain would duel him. Gazef accepted the terms, though their duel would have to wait as the time was not appropriate.[14][15] Brain then traveled to E-Rantel to reinforce the city for the Tripartite Alliance against the Chaos Beasts and was assigned to a special unit.[16]

After the summit of the Tripartite Alliance, Brain was still waiting for the promised duel with Gazef. However that had to be delayed as Gazef was needed to lead a force to investigate a site where Chaos Beasts in the north were emerging. Before the Warrior Captain left Brain made him promise to return safe. However it became soon apparent to Brain that something was wrong when Gazef never returned and two adventurer teams were dispatched to the location where the Warrior Captain was headed. The mercenary followed the adventurers to the Northern Cave where he proved vital in helping defeat two Spear Chaos Beasts guarding the entrance of the cave.[17] He remained there at the entrance with Blue Roses guarding it while the protagonist and his team retrieved Gazef.[18]

When it Gazef was rescue it became clear to the royal family that their champion was unfit for duty due to being turned into a Contaminated Beast. Brain then became Gazef's replacement at Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra convincing. Now under the command of Princess Renner, he was granted the use of Razor Edge until Gazef could be cured.[19] Late after the city was attacked by Jaldabaoth, Brain was one of the few human defenders that rose to fight the demon and his horde. He fought alongside Climb and would witness the protagonist save the city.[20]

A few weeks after the attack by Jaldabaoth, Brain met the protagonist and Surako with Climb and Blue Roses in the city square of E-Rantel to thank the adamantite adventurer for organizing the adventurer tournament. The mercenary noticed that Soi was absent from the party, and was informed that she was making preparations at the request of Pluton Ainzach.[21] Brain watching the tournament with Climb witnessed the staff fight abilities and sword techniques of Shall and Ku. Eager to test out their abilities, particularly Ku, as they both wielded similar weapons he volunteered to fight and fought them. Even though he defeated them and forced them to conceded, he was interested that Ku was able to notice his instant sword flash technique and avoided. For his participation he received some chocolate confections which he gave to Climb to give to the princess.[22]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

Brain is a Genius/Fighter class compared to most other melee-oriented combatants who have the Fighter class as their starting class. While most learn martial arts that have been passed down through the ages, Brain has been developing his own unique martial arts.

In the Web Novel, when he lost his humanity to Shalltear and got turned into a Vampire, Brain would later step into the Realm of Heroes in terms of total levels thereafter. According to Maruyama, Gazef Stronoff cannot win against someone of that level anymore. However, it does not mean that there are no prospects for victory for Gazef.[23]

At the time of his death, he had surpassed Gazef and reached the Realm of Heroes. Cocytus also estimated that the warrior's level was around 40 when he used his True Nail Clipper.

His innate Talent is an increase in focus capacity. With the proper levels, this allowed him to activate True Nail Clipper, which exceeded his levels by ~10.

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Job Classes

Martial Arts

  • Ability Boost: Raises the overall strength of the body.
  • Capacity Building: Increases the bodies overall capacity.
  • Crosses:
  • Cutting Edge: Able to gather air to give an extra cutting edge to a blade.
  • Field: A unique martial arts that Brain himself has made, allow Brain to perceive everything within a three meters range. In simpler words, it raises the user's accuracy and evasion to the utmost limit.
  • Fortress: Can be used to offset the enemy's attacks.
  • Fourfold Slash of Light: It is a skill Gazef used to defeat Brain in the tournament. Brain learned this skill through his own effort.
  • Front Cut: It allows the user to cut directly one's opponent using the front of the weapon they are using.
  • God Flash: Third unique art that came from practicing Instantaneous Flash millions of times, this attack is so fast that even when cutting through someone, blood will not stick to the blade.
  • Greater Ability Boost:
  • Heavy Blow: Raises the weapon's crushing capability.
  • Instantaneous Flash: The second unique art, allows Brain to attack at an extreme speed.
  • Nail Clipper: It is the result of the unison with three other martial skills: Fourfold Slash of Light, Field, and God Flash to create this skill against Shalltear Bloodfallen.
  • Oblique Strike
  • Severing Blade: It would allow one to take down strong opponents in a single attack.
  • Sixfold Slash of Light: After training with Vesture Kloff Di Laufen he managed to learn the move. Unfortunately, he was unable to reach the level of understanding that Gazef had of that art.
  • Strong Assault: Increases attack power allowing oneself to damage someone with heavy armor.
  • True Nail Clipper: A new technique that is the result of the union of the martial skills: Field, God Flash, and Sixfold Slash of Light.
  • Vertical Strike: Allows the user to execute a strike attack from a vertical axis
  • Wind of the Great Forest: Brain's trump card. A combination of Field and God Flash. It was named after the sound of blood spurting shortly after severing the neck.

Main Equipment

  • Katana: Its a normal unenchanted weapon bought from a city in the middle of the desert located south of Re-Estize Kingdom. It's cutting capability surpasses those of ordinary magic weapons.
  • Necklace of Eye: It protects his eyes when activated. Grants resistance to blind status, night vision, light filtering.
  • Ring of Magicbound: allows its wearer to bind a low-level spell to the item and invoke it with the ring as the catalyst.
  • Razor Edge (Formerly): A magically enchanted sword capable of cutting through armor like paper. This was something that was granted to him when the Sorcerer Kingdom formally declared war on the Re-Estize Kingdom, even though he had turned it down on numerous occasions. To Brain, this sword was too heavy of a burden for him to bear so he treated it as something that was entrusted to him for safekeeping only.
  • Chain Shirt: It is a chain armor shirt that is relatively light and protects the torso. Brain wears this under his normal shirt.
  • Potion of Lesser Strength
  • Potion of Lesser Dexterity
  • Potion of Magic Weapon


Gazef Stronoff

Brain used to see Gazef as his nemesis and rival due to his defeat at the hands of the Kingdom's Strongest Warrior, wishing to overcome him to prove that he was the strongest. By the time that he met Shalltear, Brain thought that he was ready to confront Gazef and believed that when the two meet each other they would have a duel to the death.  

However, that all changed right after having his self-confidence and willpower crushed by Shalltear Bloodfallen. Unlike how they've met each other during their match together at the tournament, Brain confronted Gazef yet again, but this time he was a shadow of his past self. Brain had almost prompted himself to even think of wanting to commit suicide before Gazef stepped in to stop him from thinking that way. Brain comes to later respect Gazef for his action and appreciates his kindness for helping him out in his time of need.  

He is greatly saddened by Gazef's death and states that he thought of him almost as a father figure.  

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Originally, Brain has once used to look down on Shalltear and thought of her as nothing more than a foolish and arrogant demon that overestimated her abilities. After Shalltear renders Brain's most powerful techniques completely useless with only her pinky finger alone, this causes Brain's spirit as a warrior to become broken, realizing that she is an entity who cannot be defeated by him because he is just a human. Brain would then go on and flee from her with everything he has. During his escape to the Re-Estize Kingdom, Brain is unable to sleep soundly due to having nightmares about her following him until now.

After meeting Sebas and Climb, Brain has somehow managed to have gained back his lost confidence. Later on, Brain would come across Shalltear once again and already knows that he is no match against her. However, he was still determined on deciding to confront her again. Before facing her, he had asked if she remembered him and she claimed she didn't. Brain reasoned that it was because she would only recognize people strong enough to challenge to which he stated that he expected as much. Due to his previous clash with her, he also believed he knew and understood Shalltear more than any woman he had ever known. Using his strongest abilities, Brain was able to at least manage to cut off a tip of the nail from Shalltear's pinky finger. This is tremendously joyful to Brain's pride as that means that his entire life of training wasn't all for nothing. 


After seeing Climb survive being exposed to Sebas' killing intent despite being much weaker than him and finding out the reason he could stand up to a being whose strength is on par with Shalltear is because he wants to protect the Princess, Brain went through a drastic change in his personality, restored his confidence, and began to care for Climb, helping him on many occasions.

Sebas Tian

Brain greatly admired Sebas' strength and believed him to be as strong as Shalltear. Brain also believed that even if he and Gazef were to fight Sebas together, they would still be outmatched. He also saw Sebas as something of a guide or mentor as it was Sebas that explained to him that something made alone was fragile but if he could make something with others and for others then he would never be broken even if he suffered a defeat. Brain took Sebas' words to heart which became the catalyst to Brains improvement and regaining the strong will he lost when Shalltear defeated him.


Though the two met as enemies, because Cocytus came to meet him as a fellow warrior, he saw him not only as a formidable opponent but also a top-tier character. Brain vaguely recalled having heard of Cocytus' name, from his conversation with Shalltear Bloodfallen, but did not dwell on it too much. The duel was brief and Cocytus defeated him with ease, but Brain gained the respect of the Ruler of the Frozen Glacier. Cocytus then ordered the Frost Virgins with him to preserve Brain's corpse.


  • In the Web Novel, he becomes a vampire under Shalltear Bloodfallen.[1]
  • Brain managed to chip off Shalltear's pinky fingernail by using "Nail Clipper", a technique that combined Fourfold Slash of Light and two other Martial Arts, the second time they met.
  • Brain is the only person so far to know about the vampire's true identity known as Shalltear but still believes that Honyopenyoko is another vampire that Momon had slain instead.
  • His hair is blue because he dyed it.
  • The author Maruyama intended to make him homosexual, but then decided against it and simply made him obsessed with sword skills.
  • After the final of the Royal Tournament, his fight with Gazef became legend and song and many powerful entities (Six Arms, workers, Windflower Scripture) started to take the names of Brain & Gazef in high regard.
  • After their battle, Cocytus noted that Brain's attack rivaled a level 40. In the afterword, Maruyama claimed Brain had surpassed Gazef.
  • Brain's body was frozen by the Frost Virgins by the order of Cocytus, but it's unknown what he wishes to do with it.


  • (Facing Shalltear): "These foolish monsters that think they're the strongest, they're all the same. They think that humans are weak, that our bodies are fragile, our abilities nonexistent. But I will teach you how dangerous it is to underestimate us."
  • (To Gazef): "Stronoff! We can never reach the world of the truly powerful, no matter how hard we try. As long as we’re born human, this is the truth. In the end, we're just children holding sticks. We're playing with swords now, but we are still mere children pretending to be swordsmen."
  • (To Gazef): "Stronoff. Strength achieved from the sword really is garbage. It's useless in front of true power."
  • (To Succulent): "The strength that you speak of is the same. We're probably speaking about similar things so let me give you a warning. Even if we claim that we’re strong, we’re nothing special."
  • (To Gazef): "Well, I guess I won't be able to protect the Princess and it'll be a shame to not be able to train Climb any more... but Gazef, I owe you. I'll do any dirty deed you want with a smile on my face."
  • (To both Gazef and Ainz): "Wait, wait a minute! Hang on, Gazef! I can always die alongside you! Don't go alone! My lord Sorcerer-King! Please, I beg you! I know this is shameless beyond belief, but this is a heartfelt request! Please allow us both to face you! I know it won't inconvenience you in the slightest!"
  • (To himself after Gazef's death): "Why did you choose to die? Wouldn't it have been fine to run from that monster? Wouldn’t it have been like conserving your strength? Why?! If you had to die, I wanted to go with you!"
  • (To himself about Gazef): "You... like this... I admired you... I wanted to die with you. Why wouldn't you let me fight by your side? Why didn't you tell me that I could die with you!"
  • (To Vesture's female disciple about the Sorcerer King): "Not only have I met him, I bore witness to his duel with Gazef... hmmm, I still don’t know what happened to Gazef till this day."
  • (To Vesture's two disciples): "I think the Sorcerer King is plotting something, but I'm not sure what exactly he is plotting, I don't have a basis for that thought after all. My instincts are blaring alarms right now, and I tend to trust my instincts without question."
  • (To Vesture's two disciples whom praise him): "Stop flattering me. I'm not that nice of a guy. While it's true that I picked these children up from the slums, it was for a purpose. There were ones that were on the verge of death yet I still walked past them without lifting a finger to help. If you want to praise someone for their charity, do it to someone who actually deserves it — like the princess for example."


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