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Brain Eaters (脳喰い) are cephalopod heteromorphic type race from YGGDRASIL.


Brain Eaters resemble Cthulhu-esque monsters, complete with the face of an octopus and drooping tentacles.


According to the author Maruyama, extending from this heteromorphic creature’s mouth is an ovipositor. It is meant to pierce the foes' brains to lay eggs. The hatched nematode children eats away the brain of the host, secreting a special solution in it.

Due to the effects of the solution, the host will begin to operate in a Zombie-like fashion. When it finally matures to the size of a skull, the nematode dissolves bone in order to emerge.

The acid ability from its childhood becomes impaired during adulthood.


Newborn Brain Eaters are the size of only a brain, thus it depends on the protection of its parent. However, in certain cases where its parent is nonexistent, it will continue melting the head only having the brain to sustain itself with.[1]

Known Brain Eaters


  • The name of their species comes from their diet, which is brains.
  • Brain Eaters likely draw inspiration from the Illithid or Mind Flayer, a common archenemy in table-top gaming adventures. They are also known for its Cthulhian resemblance, predilections for torture and consumption of brains.
  • Biologically they are asexual, but can identify themselves with a specific gender.[2]


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