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Bown Swamp (ボウン沼地) is a wetland located somewhere in the New World.


In the past Foresight had two missions in the Bown Swamp where they defeated various monsters on both occasions.[1]

List of Monsters

  • Purple Worm
  • Giant Purple Worm
  • Will-O'-Wisp
  • Swamp Shark


So far the layout of the territory is unknown but seems to contain various swamp-adapted monsters.


  • The only mention of this is found in Volume 7's Light Novel image of Foresight's Subjugation Results.
  • The exact location of the swamp has yet to be disclosed, though Agu does mention a marsh within the Great Forest of Tob.[2]


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  2. Overlord Volume 08 Side Story 1: Enri's upheaval and hectic days


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