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Boullope's Militia is a large-scale group of soldiers that were led under the banner of Marquis Boullope during the war between the Re-Estize Kingdom war and the allied forces of the Baharuth Empire and the newly-founded Sorcerer Kingdom.


According to Marquis Raeven, Marquis Boullope only knows how to give out two orders for his militia to obey. This includes telling them to charge at their foes or retreat. Other nobles acknowledge the fact that Marquis Boullope is a better commander of his forces than even the Re-Estize King can lead the Royal Army.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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In preparation for the war that is about to take place in the Katze Plains, King Ramposa III granted Marquis Raevan the right to bring the Royal Army safely to that location. As a result, Boullope's Militia was entrusted over to his colleague's side. Meanwhile, his elite troops are bestowed upon Prince Barbro for command in helping him investigate Carne Village.[1]


Boullope's Militia are said to make up one-fifth of the Royal Army. In other words, his forces are around the estimated range of 50'000 men. Additionally, Marquis Boullope has command over several elite troops of professional warriors. It was created out of his inspiration towards Gazef Stronoff’s Warrior Troop.

They were deemed to be very good fighters. Although they were still inferior to the warrior band under Gazef, they were still a match for the Empire’s knights ― perhaps more than a match. Of particular note were their numbers, which were numbered around 5,000. If they clashed with Gazef’s warrior band, Bowlrob’s elites would triumph by sheer weight of numbers.

Known Members


  • 3,500 hundred men from Boullope's Militia were permitted by the Marquis to join Prince Barbro's Troop. Some of these numbers are also comprised of his elite troops.
  • The Marquis's soldiers that are dispatch to aid Prince Barbro were defeated by Enri Emmot's Goblin Army and later entirely wiped out by Lupusregina Beta's Goblin Redcaps.[2]
  • It can be presumed that the rest of Boullope's Militia are included in the left-wing of the Royal Army commanded by the Marquis. Alongside Marquis Boullope, they are most likely the ones that were instantly killed by Ainz Ooal Gown's super-tier spell after it was successfully cast on them.[3]


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