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Boobeebee (ブーベーベ) is a hero of the Zern Tribes.


Like every Zern female, Boobeebee possesses a slimy body, her upper body like an eel with arms and her lower body like a blue-colored maggot.


Boobeebee appears to be quite loyal to her liege. Most of all, she appears to be also a resilient character. Even when having skin ripped off from her shoulder by Jaldabaoth, despite the pain, she managed to crawl back to her people to relay his commands than risk his wrath.


Boobeebee served under the previous Zern King before her people were enslaved by the Demon Emperor. After the royal family's capture, Boobeebee became the Zern representative.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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During the breach of the Great Wall, Boobeebee was the zern representative, who had her shoulder ripped off by Jaldabaoth when she arrived late with her forces.[1] In further months to come, this action upon Boobeebee was one of the contributing factors that led to the zerns rebelling and turning against the Demi-Human Alliance and Jaldabaoth.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Although little is known about Boobeebee's abilities, she was respected amongst the zerns and thus, must have quite a high status.



The Zern Prince seemed to have great respect towards the Zern Hero and was apparently shocked at her treatment by Jaldabaoth.


  • Boobeebee is formally named in Volume 13.


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