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Blue Roses Infighting was a battle between the members of the Re-Estize Kingdom's adamantite-ranked adventurer team Blue Roses. It was instigated by the members to subdue their leader, Lakyus, and flee the Kingdom before it's downfall at the hands of the Sorcerer Kingdom.


During the Sorcerer Kingdom's invasion of the Re-Estize Kingdom, due to the former being a non-human nation committing war-crimes, the Adventurer's Guild dropped its non-interventionist policy and allowed it's members to aid the Kingdom. The Adamantite-Ranked Adventurer Team Blue Roses, led by noblewoman Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra, was one of those who wished to fight.

In fact, Blue Roses was already planning to aid the Kingdom even before the Adventurer's Guild gave the green light. They sought aid from Lakyus' uncle, fellow adamantite-ranked adventurer Azuth Aindra, but he believed fighting the Sorcerer King to be a useless endeavor and suggested they flee with him to the Argland Council State. However, Lakyus refused, believing it was better to fight and die for her homeland. Similarly, she and her teammates later turned away Slane Theocracy's Black Scripture when they offered them sanctuary.[1]

However, while Lakyus was fully willing to die for her country, the other members were making plans to flee the Kingdom and live to fight another day. Still, they knew their leader would never accept that, meaning they'd have to [Charm] her. However, being a high-level adventurer, that would normally have no effect on her. This meant they would have to weaken her through ailments, debuffs, and by separating her from her equipment. The Blue Roses members thus planned to drug Lakyus during a tea party with Princess Renner.


On the day when the army of the Sorcerer King were laying siege to the royal capital's walls, Blue Roses was allowed an audience with Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. Blue Roses, enjoyed a meal with Renner, Climb and Brain Unglaus. Lakyus in her civilian attire joined her friend in what would most likely be their last tea session. Tina had asked if Brain could help her look for desserts for them to bring to the table. The two departed from the room leaving only Climb to guard her majesty. Lacking her twin sister's etiquette Tia poured her leader some tea and offered it to Lakyus. Though Lakyus was annoyed in her bluntness she accepted. However the warrior detected something amiss with the tea and purposely spilled it. Tia seeing that Lakyus knew that it was drugged, stabbed her in the stomach. Lakyus shocked by her own comrade attacking her was soon attacked by Gagaran in the stomach with a punch. Tia then proceeded to land another poisoned spike into Lakyus.

Climb utterly confused by the situation rushed to protect Renner, and moved her towards one of the corners. Tia and Gagaran ignored him entirely, choosing to repeatedly attack Lakyus instead. Lakyus tried her best to dodge their attacks, but faced with the duo’s combos she could not even properly defend herself, nevermind dodging. The gearless Lakyus could not put up an effective resistance against the fully geared Tia and Gagaran.

Climb was about to draw his sword and help Lakyus but was stopped by the silent spectator Evileye who raised a hand in his and Renner’s direction. Though he wanted to assist Lakyus, protecting Renner was more important to him and he changed his stance to lead Renner out of the room. The moment he moved a crystal shortsword was embedded by his foot, and Evileye warned him not to move less she hacks one of the princess's legs.

Climb was powerless in the face of Evileye’s threats and saw that Brain was purposely led out by Tina. Tia stated that she had been looking for ways to kill Lakyus, and with all the poisons she injected the adventurer with she should be less resistant. The plan was to use five types of poison against Lakyus, not to let their leader wear her gear, cast debuff magic on her, and to rely on Evileye's luck to see if she could charm her thereafter. If even one of those elements was missing, their plan would have failed to work. She calls Evileye to play her part as she tries to use [Resist Weakening] on a confused, groveling, and saddened Lakyus. The spell fails as the latter is able to resist it, so Gagaran lands another punch into her belly and Tia stabs another needle laced with poison. Evileye tries again and is satisfied that her [Resist Weakening] and [Charm Person] is now under effect.


With Lakyus under her control, Evileye ordered her to heal herself. Renner and Climb demanded an explanation, which Evileye provided. She even extended an offer to the two to escape with them, but they both declined. Brain and Tina then came back and the former, after being brought up to speed, was given the same offer, but he turned it down as well. Having effectively said their farewells, Blue Roses teleported away. Afterward, they planned to go back to their inn and pack their belongings before fleeing to an abandoned country.[2]


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