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Blood Drinker is a job class that originally hailed from YGGDRASIL.


This class seems to give the user the ability to manipulate blood and convert it to a resource.

Known Blood Drinkers

Abilities and Powers

This class requires a user to invoke a skill called Blood Pool. Upon collecting enough blood to create a sphere, the user can manipulate it via touch. A strand of blood from the sphere is required, which needs to be written into a character. The written word used looked like a Sanskrit letter or a similar symbol, and it was called a Magic Rune.

Shalltear, a user of this class, can reached into the orb of blood floating above her to bring out a pulsing lump of gore that was described to be a caricature of a heart. The user can then tossed the lump into the Zombie and have it turn into a Lesser Vampire as a result.


  • Blood Frenzy: The more blood the user's body is covered in, the stronger they become and their attack power increases over time. Because of that, they will slowly begin to lose control of their mind and become unable to hold back the urge to slaughter.
  • Blood Pool: A skill which collects the blood from a holder’s victims, and creates a ball that could be used as MP for a variety of caster purposes. For instance, resisting sunlight. It drain mana from the blood, so one could use skills that augmented spells without consuming extra mana.[1] It works in proportion to the level of an enemy killed while the [Blood Pool] is charged.[2]


  • In the Web Novel, the details of this class are less descriptive as it stated it could only strengthen spells.[3]


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