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Blasting Staff (ブラスティングスタッフ) is a type of staff weapon from YGGDRASIL


It appears to be a weapon used by "Ainz Ooal Gown" during his battle with Tsaindorcus Vaision.[1]

Appearance []

It has the same basic appearance of a staff.


The Blasting Staff had an enhanced knockback enchantment. The cost of that enchantment was the staff’s complete lack of offensive capabilities, but it granted distance between a magic caster and their foe, one of the most important things to a caster.

The staff’s knockback effect had all kinds of activation conditions placed upon it, however, blocking a warrior’s strike with the staff would not trigger the effect. The effect would not trigger at all if the staff was not used offensively. If an opponent blocked the attacker’s blow with a sword or shield, its effect would not trigger. It would only trigger if one were to land a blow on their opponents’ body with it. A sword or shield would obviously not count as an opponent’s body. However, the effect would still trigger if one were to strike an opponent’s gauntlet.



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