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Blacksmith's Guildmaster (鍛治師組合長) is one of the guildmasters in the city of E-Rantel.


No details were given on the guildmaster's appearance.


It appears that he views adventurers to be frugal and cheap.


A person who holds the leadership of the Blacksmith's Guild of E-Rantel.


The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

During a meeting with several high ranking members of the city at the Adventurer's Guild's in E-Rantel, which included Pluton Ainzach, Theo Rakheshir, Saint Clementine and the Blacksmith's Guildmaster. The guildmaster listened to various concerns that Ainzach put on the table that the city was facing. Namely the large influx of refugees escaping from the Chaos Beasts. As the city had no room to accommodate them all, the veteran adventurer laid out a proposal to build a fourth wall for the city. However Theo pointed out the serious problem in the labor costs of the endeavor, and his doubt on getting the refugees to help build it. As a joke, Theo stated that perhaps Ainzach could get money from medicinal herbs from the Great Forest of Tob. He even offered to give his old friend dinner as a reward. Before the two could banter, the Blacksmith's Guildmaster interjected stating they should get serious. There he witnessed Clementine accept the mission by the guildmasters to convince the gathered refugees to help construct the fourth wall.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

The Blacksmith's Guildmaster is in charge of all smithing in the fortress city of E-Rantel.


Saint Clementine[]

The guildmaster seems to hold some respect for the changed Theocracy woman, as the former apologized for his two colleagues trivial behavior at the meeting.


  • In the game, the guildmaster was never visually depicted.


  • (To Ainzach and Theo): "... Don't argue in front of your guests. ... Sorry, Clementine. These two people were originally adventurers. They're so cheap..."


  1. Memory of Chaos: Clementine


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