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Blacksmith (鍛冶師) is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


In YGGDRASIL, a blacksmith was associated to be among the craftsman-types classes that players can choose from.[1]

Blacksmiths typically wore heat-resistant gloves to help them endure through the struggle of crafting armor-like items via the use of metal ores as materials.

In the New World, after Blacksmiths have finished crafting the weapons, they turn to magic casters for enchanting it with magic. Despite how skilled a blacksmith is in making magic weapons, they often had to rely on skilled magic casters more for granting potency to it.[2]

Known Blacksmiths

Known Blacksmith-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

Blacksmith is a class associated with making armors even the badly damaged ones if needed.[3] They also have the maintenance power to repair the equipment when it is broken from intense battles over time. The caring for and repairing metal weapons required the services of a professional blacksmith.[4]

By YGGDRASIL standard, players that possessed certain blacksmith skills could put new skins on items with other appropriate materials.[5]

Blacksmiths also have the capacity to modify the demi-human gear and make it usable among humans to equip.[6] Ordinary armor would need to be altered by a blacksmith in order to suit its wearer’s frame. Still, there was a limit to how far such alterations could go. Such a large suit of armor simply could not be resized enough to fit though the same cannot be said with magical armors.[7]


  • Many blacksmiths who specialized in weapons forging took up positions in E-Rantel.[8]
  • On the other hand, the magic weapons in the New World were created by having a magic caster enchant the blacksmith's crafted weapon. In other words, a skilled magic caster was more important than a skilled blacksmith when it came to making a powerful magic weapon.
  • The Forgemaster was responsible for the Dwarf Kingdom's blacksmithing.[9]
  • There is only one blacksmith summoned forth in the ranks of Enri Emmot's Goblin Army.[10]


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