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Black Scripture's Covert Evacuation Plan was an operation conducted by the Slane Theocracy's Black Scripture to recruit powerful adventurers from the Re-Estize Kingdom before the nation's downfall at the hands of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Background[edit | edit source]

After the Sorcerer Kingdom declared war against the incredibly weakened and corrupt Re-Estize Kingdom after one of their noblemen unjustly stole their Grain Transport meant for humanitarian aid for the war-ravaged Roble Holy Kingdom, the Sorcerer Kingdom called for a war of just retribution against the Re-Estize for their actions. A war many nations, including the Slane Theocracy knew the kingdom would never win.

Despite them being fellow human nations, the Slane Theocracy had long since deemed the Kingdom to be an eyesore and an embarrassment of a human nation due to its nobility's descent into decadence, corruption, and foolishness bordering on stupidity. It stemmed from their poor leadership becoming overly arrogant and complacent which was the negative effect by the nation's relative safety against the various hostile non-human threats that threatened their neighboring nations. More so, it was also because the Kingdom had not been badly plagued with the same difficulty in obtaining and defending suitable stable sources of resources and fertile land that constantly endangered their fellow human nations. As a result, the Kingdom's government and hierarchy becoming far too lax in maintaining itself that inevitably caused it to become immensely corrupt. Something that has caused the Theocracy to secretly advocate its destruction in secret for many decades.[1]

Originally the Theocracy wanted the much more successful Baharuth Empire to conquer the Kingdom in order to avoid sharing a border with the Argland Council State for their nation's safety. However, upon the Empire being transformed into a vassal state under the newly created Sorcerer Kingdom and the apparent "betrayal" of the Empire's Emperor, these plans changed.[2]

Knowing full well the end result and the nobleman in question only cementing their belief in the Kingdom's un-salvageable nature as a Kingdom, the Theocracy quietly condemned it to its doom and fully allowed the Sorcerer Kingdom to destroy it. However still wanting to salvage what they can and due to being severely shorthanded because of recent events, the Theocracy instead deployed their strongest Scripture, The Black Scripture to go into the nation during its downfall in order to recruit as many of its most powerful or talented Adventurers to escape with them into the Theocracy's territory to escape the Sorcerer Kingdom's onslaught of annihilation.

Incident[edit | edit source]

As stated by the fifth seat of the Black Scripture, Quaiesse Hazeia Quintia, who was assigned to be the lead negotiator and field leader for the operation, the Scripture had already talked to many of the Kingdom's platinum, mithril, and orichalcum class adventurer teams. During negotiation, he easily convinced them into migrating to the Theocracy territory, with many of them accepting primarily due to realizing how badly outmatched the Kingdom was in comparison to the Sorcerer Kingdom. At the same time, seeing first hand how the Sorcerer Kingdom was slaughtering and butchering their way across the Re-Estize Kingdom. In a way, this causes them to instead prioritize saving themselves above all due to deeming that fighting against the Sorcerer Kingdom's army to be suicide. Following the plan, the Scripture members having already evacuated a gigantic bulk of the Kingdom's adventurers to a safe location to wait out the Sorcerer King's army's advance before safely escaping the Kingdom's borders.

However, despite the success of convincing several mid-tier Adventurers into joining them, the Black Scripture still failed to acquire the Kingdom's two adamantite Class adventurer teams to join them. As seen where Blue Roses's team leader, Lakyus Aindra and her teammates outright rejected their offer and Red Drop's Leader, Azuth Aindra viciously and contemptuously rejected their offer and proceeded to further insult and antagonize their representatives.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Despite having failed to gain the adamantite level adventurers to join their side, the operation was still considered an immense success for the Slane Theocracy due to the sheer bulk of skilled, talented, and experienced adventurers migrating and joining their side.

However, despite this huge gain, a severe threat/risk to the Theocracy's national safety and integrity was revealed when Azuth Aindra had implied during the failed negotiation with the Black Scripture members that he possessed highly sensitive information on one of the Theocracy's greatest national secrets. Particularly the information regarding one of the Black Scripture's high ranked superior and his supposed status as an undead despite the Theocracy's religion. Although the details are unknown, the three other Seated members that accompanied Quaiesse were shown to be fully prepared to kill Azuth and the entirety of the Blue Roses members present in order to keep the information from being further leaked, further highlighting its sensitive nature.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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