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Black Knight or Dark Knight (黒騎士) was a member of the Thirteen Heroes and the national hero of the City-State Alliance.


The Black Knight's appearance was that of a knight covered in black armor. He is also considered to be of demonic descent, so some speculate that he was a half-demon by blood.



The Black Knight was said to possess the blood of demons, having been stated to have been a mixed blood.

Two hundred years ago, the world was plagued with dangerous monsters known as the Evil Deities. At that time, he adventured alongside the Thirteen Heroes in search for the Evil Deities and helped to defeat them.

While the Thirteen Heroes were in the realm of fairy tales, the Black Knight was the most realistic of them due to the legacy he left in his swords.[1]

The Karnassus City-State Alliance considers him to be their country's national hero. For unknown reasons however, his origins were covered up in the saga of the Thirteen Heroes.


The Dark Warrior Arc

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The Swords of Darkness explained to Momon and Nabe their party's namesake. They stated that their group's goal is to obtain the last three remaining swords left behind by the legendary hero.[2]

Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: Men in the Kingdom Arc

Evileye recalled her past experience with the members of the Thirteen Heroes and that their group transcends all racial boundaries, uniting together to combat the Evil Deities. She made mentions of such members like the Black Knight who is the original owner of Lakyus's weapon.[3]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

The workers at Count Femel's mansion discussed the potential individuals who are said to be very powerful in their own right, Black Knight was mentioned as one of the strong pure swordsmen on their list.[4]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Black Knight and his list of weapons were infamously mentioned in contrast to its counterpart such as Safarlisia owned by Remedios Custodio.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Black Knight was considered to be a powerful individual with tales of his exploits being told even generations after he was long gone. He possessed four powerful legendary swords known as the Swords of Darkness.

Main Equipment

  • Cursed Sword Kilineiram (魔剣キリネイラム)
  • Corrupted Sword Crocdabal (腐剣コロクダバール)
  • Death Sword Sfeiz (死剣スフィーズ)
  • Evil Sword Hyumilis (邪剣ヒューミリス)


  • An adventurer group better is known as the Swords of Darkness was named after the four legendary swords that Black Knight owned.
  • One of his Swords, Kilineiram is currently in the possession of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra of Blue Roses.
  • Ainz speculated that he had a Cursed Knight job class and his level to be at least level 60, but given his skills, he was more likely at level 70.
  • Aside from the possibility of him being a Cursed Knight, it is implied that he could be a fallen paladin or Black Knight by name who uses blessing spells.
  • The Roble Holy Kingdom possesses one of the four blades that act as antitheses to the Black Knight's Swords of Darkness.
  • Similar to Black Knight, Ainz's adventurer persona known as Momon is also clad in black armor.


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