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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Bittersweet Nazarick (ビタースイーツナザリック) is a game event that occurred in Mass for the Dead. It was released on February 4, 2021 to February 17, 2021. The event was re-released on February 3, 2022 to February 15, 2022.[1] And again on January 28, 2023 to February 8, 2023.[2]


A huge event item "chocolate" that Momonga had killed for. It is a non-buffed food with a low value in Nazarick, but there is a possibility that it is a rare high-class sweet confectionery for humans ...? Aura and Yuri are struggling to make gift chocolates for diplomatic means...![3]


In Ashurbanipal on the 10th Floor, the protagonist who has previously moved to E-Rantel, continues to visit the library with his escort Slimeko to consult and review the books in its shelves. At his old workspace, the protagonist is seen consulting with Mare Bello Fiore over an "in love" phrase he found in a book. Their deliberations catch the eye of Momonga who had just finished his meeting with Pandora's Actor over a shipment from E-Rantel. Momonga just wanted to stop by to see the protagonist back in his old haunt. Momonga's interest piques at the book Mare is reading, which is titled as "Aiming for Valentine". Mare initially thinks it to be some sort of archery related book, but after reading grew confused when it talks about chocolate. It turns out to be a Valentine's Day theme piece of literature, though besides Momonga no one in the library recognizes the name. The term is believed to be some sort of magical ceremony, as the book details pictures of angels, chocolates and heart shaped vessels. Since the book Mare has open assumes the reader is aware of the event's significance, Momonga clarifies to his subordinates on what Valentine's Day. In which it is a holiday, when mainly for women and men, who want to be intimate or have feelings for each other. Through custom both parties hand each other chocolates.

Momonga is glad Mare selected this book as it is a good introduction for his maturity, additionally all the talk about Valentine's Day causes the Overlord to feel a longing for the festivity. Back in YGGDRASIL, he and Peroroncino would celebrate the event together by making custom chocolate items for the Non-Playable Characters. During the holiday event, everyone could make "chocolate" as a custom item without the need for cooking skills. Though the chocolates were items meant to be given to NPCs and did not possess any buffs. Momonga then recalls that he still possesses a large quantity of leftover chocolate inside his Item Box and takes them to to allow the group to sample a taste of Valentine's Day. Mare instantly recognizes the chocolate to be "Honmei choco" as described in his book. The three then try the sweets and to their taste it is delicious. Momonga is pleased it confirms that the chocolate is indeed edible after such a long storage, laments that other than taste, this chocolate has no other use and is quite probably inferior to the "real chocolate" cooked by Nazarick's pastry chefs.

However a question is brought up by the protagonists on how this kind of chocolate would compare to the kind outside of Nazarick. The protagonist has an idea in that since Valentine's Day was brought up. Since it is an event which involves the act of giving a gift to someone who wants to be intimate it relates to his territory in "diplomacy". In the homunculus's belief he thinks that chocolate would have great appeal towards humans. Momonga catches on that his servant wants to use the confection as a means to open diplomacy with humans. From what is known about the New World, humans use low level magic to produce sugar and yet the method is not very popular and very costly. But with chocolate which is a common low level commodity it can be a high-class confectionery that is rare in this world. Momonga sees the potential use as chocolate as a trade item commercially, and recalls his former life as a salaryman and the use of souvenirs for business partners such as luxury sweets to entice clients. Momonga praises the homunculus for his insight for bringing value to a discarded item. The protagonist admits that most of the thanks should be given to Mare for inspiring him with the idea as the dark elf had selected the book that started this conversation, causing Mare to be bashful by the deed.

At the 6th Floor by a large tree, a tea party is being held by Aura Bella Fiora, Yuri Alpha and Pestonya Shortcake Wanko. All three are enjoying each other company, which relates to their creators who were among the female members of Ainz Ooal Gown and close. Pestonya compliments the tea brewed by Yuri which the other woman offers to provide the recipe. Aura is more concern why Pestonya called a party, which the head maid provides the answer. She signals two general maids, Foire and Cixous, to cart in a tray of chocolate sweets that Pestonya would like Aura to try. The Floor Guardian is more than willing to partake, Yuri is more curious to know why the maids made so many chocolate based dishes. The head maid explains these sweets were made using chocolate without buff effects which were given to them by Momonga who instructed the general maids to make "sweets for gifts to humanity". The project is currently called "Valentine" with the goal of creating a confection for diplomatic purposes with humanity.

The maids were very enthusiastic of the plan and to contribute to help Momonga. Aura seeing that there are a lot of ingredients for "chocolate" makes a non-committal comment stating that she wished to make something for her master. Yuri taking that as an indication to volunteer for the project then offers to help her. The other maids find the idea great, as it would have the two collaborating to make sweets they wish to try. Aura is not sure as she considers herself unfit as she is an amateur at cooking. Pestonya reiterates that the help is welcome as Momonga declared, that he wanted them to make a sweet based on everyone's opinions. And at her request Pestonya, was able to include a tasting party to allow all the finished sweets to be tried. Having Aura included in making confections would be no doubt interesting. Before Aura could object she realizes the time for her shift at the Crack on her floor is approaching and quickly hurries to meet up with her brother to deal with the phenomena leaving behind the maids to look forward to the upcoming taste event.[4]

Aura runs at top speed to reach the Crack in the forest, though she is mentally conflicted on her abilities to make chocolate despite her peers belief that she could. Upon arriving at the Crack she is greeted by her brother Mare who tells her that she is late. Aura apologies as she has her mind on Valentine, causing Mare to he shocked she is aware of the term. Before Aura can tell her brother about the tea party, the Crack glows indicating the Chaos Beasts were due to appear. The two dark elves then concentrate on defeating the Chaos Beasts. Once the monsters are eliminated, Aura continues her conversation with Mare and learns that the idea for Valentine came from Mare, who humbly states that he merely read a book that begot the idea.

Aura seeing that Mare has contributed to Momonga's grand plan, then resolves to push away her insecurities and participate in Valentine as she doesn't want to lose to her brother. Aura thanks him for giving her the confidence and promising to make chocolate for him. Mare now alone wonders if Aura is planning to share chocolate with him if it should be called "family chocolate".[5]

On the 9th Floor the Pleiades gathered in a private room under the command of Yuri. At the table a plate of chocolate is present for sampling. Yuri at the head of the table explains the details for the plan to make a gift for diplomacy using the large amount of "chocolate" from Momonga and wants to hear their opinions and cooperation. The idea is called to be genius of their master, though concerns are brought up if the maids would be able to cook. Yuri assures them the chocolate material is not a pure ingredient and thus regardless with cook skills will not possess any buff effects. Yuri informs them that the plan was extended to the general maids, and she is also participating to help Aura. The Pleiades find Aura wishing to cook to be surprising as she has always been reluctant to be feminine. But her interest makes sense as she wants to give chocolate to Momonga. CZ2128_Delta tasting the chocolate material notes that the quality is different from what is served in Nazarick. Narberal Gamma has no issue as it will be served to humans a lower lifeform to her. The maids scold Narberal on her ignorance of the importance of the chocolate and its use in diplomacy. As for the chocolate itself, it looks unappealing appearance wise and some of the maids suggest using it to decorate food. A more disturbing analogy of chocolate is made by Entoma Vasilissa Zeta who compared it to something she seen in the Black Capsule. Yuri hearing enough opinions from her sisters thanks them for their time. Outside the room Yuri sees that she needs to provide a reference for Aura to make a sweet. Yuri wonders perhaps she if she should check the library for a recipe, but changes her mind, wanting to trust Aura on her judgment for the plan.

At the same time, in the canteen of Nazarick, Foire and Cixous are working with the protagonist and Slimeko in preparing materials for the chocolate baking. The maids thank the two for their help as they acquired the recipe materials from the 10th Floor which is too dangerous for them to enter for the former. The women are eager to the event and look forward to trying the different sweets. They expect to have fun for the festival-like cook off. Their happy thoughts are interrupted with the appearance of Shalltear Bloodfallen. The Floor Guardian having heard rumors of the upcoming Valentine's Day plan asks the protagonist to confirm its validity. Slimeko answers this to be affirmative, but is dismissed by Shalltear who's interest turn towards the two general maids making them uncomfortable when she 'asks' them for their cooperation in the upcoming project. The maids are pulled out of the awkward situation when Albedo arrives into the canteen. Shalltear distracted accuses Albedo of trying to copy her attempt to use the Valentine plan to her advantage just as Aura is doing by gaining Yuri's assistance in the chocolate making process. The two women dramatize the taste party as another contest in their ongoing Queen War, despite when Slimeko and the protagonist try to tell them otherwise. The women regardless see that Aura taking an interest in this chocolate cooking project as an aggressive move to gain Momonga's favor and thus is a considerable threat to their bid to become queen. The two resolve to make sure that they won't lose to their opponents. Once Albedo leaves, Shalltear continues to boast on her upcoming victory for the event, which the protagonist then suggests the vampire let loose by hunting some Chaos Beasts. Slimeko and the protagonist escort Shalltear to the nearest Crack, leaving the maids to muse that the event has gotten much more complicated with the Floor Guardians.[6]

At the Round Table Room Albedo and Shalltear make an appeal before their fellow Floor Guardians and Momonga to join the general maids project in making diplomatic sweets. Both Momonga and Demiurge find the request to be odd, as the general maids are the only people in Nazarick with the qualifications to make the sweets as they being homunculi have similar taste to humans to accurately complete the task. Albedo understand that from her master and her colleague's perspective, but insists that she be part of the process since it's related to Nazarick's diplomacy. But notes that she can bring opinions other than cooking to the table for the success of this project. Shalltear adds that while she and Albedo are not required to eat like the maids, they can provide direction promising not to bother the general maids with non-specific proposals. Demiurge finds their reasoning to be a coherent proposal and Momonga acquiesces to their request as there is plenty of ingredients for making chocolate.

Aura standing at the side, sees that the two other women merely are participating because they want to make it into a competition against her and Yuri. Looking around she sense that she has become the center turmoil and sees even Mare suspecting her of only participating so as to have an opportunity to make chocolate personally for Momonga. Demiurge quietly informs her it's not her fault and should not doubt her usefulness, as Albedo and Shalltear's being included means that number of people participating in the event has increased which he suspects Momonga anticipated on happening. To the shock of Albedo and Shalltear, Aura garners the praise of Momonga for attracting attention to the Valentine project. As for the plan, Demiurge recommends that the other Pleiades be allowed to participate. At this Albedo request to be aided by Narberal as she believed her advice will be insightful since she has relative contact with humans to help her make the appropriate chocolate. For Shalltear she selects Solution, in hopes that the slime's time as the adventurer Soi will be useful as well for the endeavor. Momonga allows it, but insists that this event is not a competition and that they are only permitted assistants so as to remain fair since Aura is being aided by Yuri.

Demiurge them designate the remaining Pleiades: Lupusregina, Entoma, and Shizu as the tasters of the sweets. The organization of materials will be handled by the protagonist and Slimeko. Cocytus gets involved by providing security for the venue, while Mare also promises to monitor the Cracks. Lastly Demiurge assigns himself to be the moderator for the event. With that Momonga leaves to everyone's discretion and announces that he looks forward to their homemade chocolate. After Momonga, the protagonist, Slimeko and Aura leave, a spontaneous briefings emerged with the remaining Floor Guardians. As the talk continued, Demiurge cannot help but praise Momonga’s so-called conspiracy over chocolate. Though it may seem like a way to remove surplus chocolate, Demiurge sees it as his master's means to use the sweet to dominate the world by having humans addicting to it once they get a taste for the treat.

At the 6th Floor, Pestonya with Foire and Cixous informs the protagonist and Slimeko that the collection of materials for the event have been completed as have the equal division of chocolate to be used by the participants. Aura and Yuri are ready to start making their dis. Aura though is motivated is still unsure and a bit remorseful that Momonga praised her specifically at the meeting, remembering how it riled Shalltear and Albedo. Yuri tells her that they shouldn't think too much and informs Aura of her brainstorming session with her sisters for ideas. Aura worries that Yuri may have violated some restriction for the vent by asking from outside her party, but the protagonist assures her from his standpoint there was no confidential information released at that point. Pestonya has a gift for Aura and Yuri, costumes for pastry chefs for them to wear when they make chocolate. Slimeko and the protagonist they excuse themselves as they need to ready the other participants and wish Aura and Yuri good luck.

Yuri and Aura then brainstorm together on what they should do with their allocated chocolate. It is suggested by the general maids to use it as a topping, though for what eludes the dark elf and undead cooks. Aura realizes that humans might not have prior knowledge of what chocolate is recognize what chocolate is so their might be resistance from humans. Yuri has an idea that they could use ingredients that are familiar to the other party that they commonly use. Aura then decides to head to the Great Forest of Tob to look for materials for her chocolate dish.[7]

While Aura and Yuri sought out ingredients, and head to the Great Forest of of Tob, Nazarick's canteen was buzzing with activity, where Albedo and Shalltear with their respective assistant have arrived after retrieving the necessary chocolate recipes from the library. Watching from the sidelines are the protagonist, Slimeko and the general maids, noting the determination on the women's faces. At Shalltear's section she speaks to her partner Solution on what to make, and poses an idea that chocolate by itself looks bland, which Solution suggests that they add some aesthetic touch to their sweet. For Albedo and Narberal, the two deliberate on how to proceed with their creation. From Albedo's perspective f humans eat this "chocolate" without any prior knowledge, it could induce a drug-like effect. And that's just with regular chocolate having that kind of excitatory effect. However, the drug approach is not general-purpose, and many drugs are expensive in the first place, so the impact will be small. So it makes more sense to make sweets but just be enough to shock human beings. The idea to use [Lightning] to cook the confection comes to mind to give it richness in flavor.

As the two teams prepare their dishes, they are watched by their small audience, enthralled by the lighting magic of Narberal and Solution's cutting technique. The maids of the Pleiades who are also observing the demonstration, wonder if their sisters are attacking the food ingredients. Shalltear attempts to call over the protagonist to try her work so far, attracting Albedo's attention to do the same. It devolves into a fierce argument with Slimeko and the protagonist sandwiched between the two overbearing women. The intensity of their verbal exchange causes Slimeko to shrivel into her slime form who fears that a brawl is about to begin despite the protagonist attempts to deescalate the situation.

Meanwhile in the Great Forest of Tob, Yuri and Aura meet up with Hamsuke, Kyuko and the Death Knight who they explain the purpose of their unexpected visit to the forest. The three are happy to assist Aura and Yuri in their project. To give them an idea, knowing that chocolate is an unknown item in the New World, Yuri allows Hamsuke and Kyuko to try a sample of chocolate. The black candy is unusual to the pair, but after tasting its sweetness it tantalizes them having never tasted it before. Ergo Aura explains her dilemma has to find a material from this world to supplement chocolate. Hamsuke thinking it through makes a suggestion to use fruits from the forest as they are commonly used by humans. But since the product Aura is making needs to be a gift for high-ranking people, the material they need has to be as valuable as possible. She wonders if there is anything like that in the Tob Forest. Hamsuke comes out with no ideas, but Kyuko has the answer. In her old village that she lived him she recalled the Longevity Nut, a type of fruit that was sweet and coveted by humans. To her its perfect to use with chocolate. Kyuko also states that while she never seen the nut in the Tob Forest before, she smelled something similar, from east of the Crack. Hamsuke is shocked that her comrades knows something about the forest she didn't know, but Kyuko explains that the Wise King probably was never aware of it because the fruit is located outside her territory. The fox them offers to guide them to the fruit's location, though she warns that they need to hurry before sundown. Not elaborating further the fox girl dashes into the woods. In response the others run after to her and give chase.[8]

Enoute to the destination, Kyuko clears the path through the forest alongside the Death Knight striking down any wild beast that attempt to block their way. The chase ends when Kyuko stops immediately in front of a giant tree on the edge of the forest. After checking the scent to declares to her party that this is the nut that they seek. Kyuko shows them how to safely consumes the Longevity nut and explains that in her homeland, while they were used differently depending on the village, they were all managed by the chief and served only at festivals. Hamsuke looking at the nuts, recalls faintly that she saw adventurers come into the forest looking for this fruit. Her thoughts are broken when the Death Knight calls out in warning. Looking up the hamster tells Aura to look out from above. Aura sensing danger jumps out of the way, just as a Super Giant Sanitary Slime falls down from the forest canopy. Seeing the size of the slime, Aura guesses that this monster is the reason why this fruit was so rare in human society. Hamsuke remembering more from the past recalls that this slime attacked any prey that came close to this tree and even killed adventurers. Aura deduces that the slimes hides in the branches to hunt only attacking when the fragrance of the nuts call it. The Wise King tells her master that the slime was outside the territory, so she left it alone. The Death Knight growls at Hamsuke for her omitting this detail, but Hamsuke apologies as she forget until now but at the time when she was aware of its existence she didn't think it was much of a threat as the slime did not just only eat creatures but ate the Longevity Nuts. Kyuko shares the blame as she forgot to mention about the danger when she rushed to the tree.

Aura tells her subordinates that regrets are too late but now they should focus on killing the slime which the party wholly agrees. After battling it, Kyuko lands the killing blow with her fire attack disintegrating it. Yuri surmises that the diet of the nuts were what caused the slime to develop so robustly, though to Aura it was still pretty weak below her standards to tame. Now free of the distraction the group were able to secure a sufficient amount of nuts that had grown naturally in the surrounding area. In addition there were also other fruits in the slime's territory that were suitable for human consumption, and Kyuko and Hamsuke competed to collect the nuts for Aura and Yuri.

The specialty products of this forest are easily gathered, and Aura and Yuri thank the three fro their part. Just before the two are about to return home, Kyuko hearing that there will be judges at the tasting party for the chocolates asks if she could be included citing that her long experience in the human world would be useful for testing out the chocolate products. The idea is not conflicting to Aura or Yuri who agree to get permission from Momonga. Hamsuke and the Death Knight are fine with that, and agree to remain in the forest to guard the area while Kyuko heads out to Nazarick. Aura promises to provide Kyuko and Hamsuke some sweets once the taste party is finished and the three then head back to the dungeon.[9]

At the 6th Floor, the three are welcomed by Mare who noticing the nuts, Mare recommends that the make a mendiant confection and provides them a recipe he found in the library. Kyuko is excited that Aura has all the pieces for her dish and can't wait for tomorrow's tasting party as the group prepares for the contest. The next morning, the protagonist heads down to the venue for the event in the canteen where he is greeted by the Aura and Yuri. After giving his best wishes he allows the two to prepare for the event.[10]

The venue begins in the afternoon of the day. Many people have gathered in the canteen. Present at the gathering are the selected general maids and Pleiades. In addition Demiurge stands as the moderator of for the Floor Guardians, watching the preparations for the tasting party. Kyuko is also there as a guest. Overseeing the whole preparations at the upper seat with satisfaction is Momonga. Momonga begins the party, first by explaining that there was concern that it would take a prolonged time to taste the sweets, since there was a large number of participants, but at as a compromise, and at the request of general maids, Foire and Cixous who will be representing their co-workers will only be submitting one dish by collaboration. Again informs then that the purpose of this exercise is neither a game nor a competition. But to use the surplus resources for Nazarick's diplomatic ventures. He asks the participants to give honest opinions of the dishes they are about to try. The participants respond in understanding and after all the preparations are reported to be in place by the protagonist and Slimeko, Momonga has Demiurge proceed with the initiation of the tasting party.

The first item is from the general maids, a Chocolate Layered Cake that is beautifully sculpted. It gives off a luxurious style that the maids aims to make suitable for elegance and enjoyment of chocolate ingredients. The dish is hailed by the members in attendance to be the collective ingenuity of the general maids.

The second dish brought out is one made by Shalltear and Solution called the Healthy Blood Marriage. It is a bell pepper glazed with chocolate and while it perplexes the participants on why the cooks would use a vegetable with a sweet, Kyuko having tasted a bite announces it to be delicious. The rest of the Pleiades soon agree after taking a bite of the dish. Shalltear choice of food item to complement chocolate is explained as to give her dish a more healthier feel and artistic quality.

The third dish is by Albedo and Narberal, Crispy Delicious Bites. The main quality of the confection that attracts the attention of the participants is that it looks burnt as Narberal lighting magic was used to cook it. Some wonder if the chocolate is even edible. Kyuko is the only one brave enough to try the sweet calling it sweet and a wonderful texture. It later revealed that filling of the bites contain fondant Chocolate.

The fourth dish is by Aura and Yuri, Natural Forest Chocolate. The nut and chocolate dish has appetizing reviews by the participants. Besides its flavor and fragrance the recipe for the delight is noted to be very complicated. It was deemed to be a considerate creation as it takes in the account of the introducing humans to chocolate with a familiar food stuff. A very simple and yet complex arrangement that Momonga highly praises.

Now that all the dishes from the participants have been tasted, Albedo asks Momonga for his verdict. Momonga however reminds the group that this event was not a competition, and if any one who should be praised for the success of this event would be Mare, who is not present, and Aura. The opportunity for this tasting event itself was in part made possible by Mare. And Aura who was inspired by the growth of her younger brother, took steps to grow herself, which triggered such a big event. The sweets made by Aura and her partner thus can be said to be the best, albeit by a small margin, based on everyone's impressions and their role as gifts.

Aura is overwhelmed by the adulation, but extends the credit to not just her brother, but Yuri for her instruction and also Kyuko by providng the main ingredient. Momonga is equally pleased by Aura's humility. Not just him but also Albedo and Shalltear are impressed with Aura's independent thinking and teamwork based on strengths and weaknesses.

As for the other sweets shown at the presentation, Momonga who like to reiterate that everyone's sweets were all wonderful. However, it may take some time for the protagonist to be the others gifts. Until that time, he asks Pestonya to direct the general maids to use the qualities presented in the various chocolates such as "beauty", "health", "surprise", "true value" and "texture" of each sweet and incorporate them to make one completed form. The maids pledge themselves to this task as Momonga brings the event to a close.


At a tea party on the 6th floor Pestonya recounts the events of the tasting party to Mare, the person responsible for the tasting event. Mare is happy that he inspired such an event, only regretting that he wasn't able to attend the female only event. From what his sister tells him, a lot of souvenir chocolates were handed out to the participants, Kyuko include who has since returned back to the Tob Forest. The male elf receives him own share from his sister and Yuri. The chocolate in question is a prototype of the main product, and it depicts the shape of Momonga casting the 9th tier spell [Grasp Heart]. Mare asks if Aura will be giving this chocolate to Momonga, sadly Aura admits that she is too shy to hand it to him and is just happy that she was able to do somethingfor Nazarick thanks to Mare.

In Momonga's chamber, the Overlord is pondering what would happen if Aura gives him a heart-shaped chocolate, and worried at the misunderstanding it could make especially with Albedo and Shalltear. Momonga finds that he is not sure what to do and asks what Bukubukuchagama would do in this situation. The stress causes Momonga to collapse on his bed depressed.[11]


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