Bike (バイク) was a human soldier in the Royal Army of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

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During his brief conversation with his fellow soldiers, it appears Bike is quite analytical as he was surprised at Jugem's intelligence and strength. Initially, he believed him to be a hobgoblin or perhaps a goblin king.

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The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc Edit

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Once Crown Prince's Barbro ordered his soldiers to attack on Carne Village, Bike and two of his fellow soldiers fought against Jugem. The goblin managed to injure Bike, forcing the soldier to retreat while his two comrades continued their onslaught.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Jugem estimated his strength to be around level 10 or 11.

Trivia Edit

  • Given Jugem's difficulty with fighting Bike, it would suggest that the latter was a season soldier, as opposed to a conscript.
  • Bike doesn't appear in the anime, instead Jugem uses his Goblin Blow against two soldiers that are attacking him.


  1. Overlord Volume 09 Chapter 3: Another Battle

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