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GA.png Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Bigosa (ビゴザ) is a dwarf from Mass for the Dead and the father of Tsuibayaya.


Bigosa shares an uncanny resemblance to his relation Tsuibayaya.


Like most dwarves, Bigosa has an eye for seeing high quality weapons. While a cautious individual, the dwarf is willing to risk his life for his friend. He seems to be tolerable towards people who have weird dreams and does not dismiss them, as his own son could be considered a weirdo.


Bigosa is a citizen of the Dwarf Kingdom and the father of Tsuibayaya. Originally dwelling in the city of Feo Raizo, he and his people would be visited by a lizardman named Zenberu Gugu, an event that would be remembers. Shortly after Zenberu left to return to the Great Lake, the city was abandoned and Bigosa moved to Feo Jera due to the encroaching threat of the Quagoa. Three years later, the Incident occurred, and the spread of the Giant Lizards plagued the Azerlisia Mountains. The threat of the Quagoa was replaced by these new invasive monsters and Feo Jera was at risk of being overrun. While the city was being fortified, one of Bigosa's friends, had decided to travel to Feo Raizo to collect more ore for his research. Bigosa out of concern for his friend decided to check on him in the mines. Several days later, at the abandoned city while searching the mines, the older dwarf found only a bloodstained cloak that belonged to his comrade implicating that the other dwarf may have been eaten by monsters.


Mass for the Dead Arc[]

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

Just after Bigosa discovered the remains of his friend, two Giant Lizards had entered the tunnel he was in. Using his friend's Cloak of Invisibility, the dwarf hid from their sight as the monsters feasted on the body of a dead Quagoa. Even with the cloak his safety was precarious, until a group of strangers including, Zenberu Gugu, Yuri Alpha, Slimeko, Cocytus, CZ2128_Delta, Mare Bello Fiore and the protagonist came to investigate the mine. Once the group killed the lizards, Bigosa cautious of the strangers remained hidden and watched them. He did not remain undiscovered for long as Mare detected him with his magic. Seeing that he was found out, the dwarf revealed himself. His striking appearance to Tsuibayaya caused, Slimeko to mistake him for his son. When he heard his son's name, he was suspicious to know how they knew him. But after learning that the travelers were acquaintances and hearing that his son was still fiddling with the idea of swimsuits, he believed who they were.

Bigosa recognized who Zenberu was as the lizardman had visited Feo Raizo previously in the past and was astonished to learn that the lizardmen tribes were at peace and that the demi-human was acting as a guide for the strangers who were in fact on a diplomatic mission for the Sorcerer Kingdom to establish trade with the Dwarf Kingdom. Though he never heard of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Bigosa decided to hear them out. He provided them information as to why Feo Raizo was abandoned and where the dwarves were now. Though he was hesitant to guide them to Feo Jera as the journey there was dangerous and most likely the city may have fallen. It took some convincing by the Sorcerer Kingdom emissaries that they needed to get to Feo Jera, but he reluctantly agreed to guide them to the city via the surface. While the group traveled on the magical beasts mounts, the old dwarf gave the group a brief overview of how the mountain range had changed since the Incident.

When the group finally reached the surface gate of Feo Jera and found the city in ruins by the Giant Lizards, Bigosa cried at what appeared to be the end of his people. He was then comforted by Yuri who pointed out that the bodies found belonged to soldiers and that his people may have escaped. Though he found some hope in her words, Bigosa did not know anywhere his people might have gone to. However Slimeko found an injured dwarven soldier, who Bigosa recognized. The soldier once healed by Mare, told the party what happened and where the location his people fled: the ancient capital of Feo Berkana that was under the control of Frost Dragons. Since the monsters were probably chasing what was left of the dwarves to Feo Berkana and having a big head start, the dwarf was skeptical that they could reach them in time to prevent a massacre. However he was proven wrong when Mare used his magic to carve a tunnel directly to the ancient capital. His doubts on the strangers abilities and strength further diminished when he saw how powerful they were in defeating hordes of the Contaminated Beasts at the outskirts of the city. While Mare held the monsters at bay, Bigosa and his comrades made it into the city, just in time to save the Master of Caves and Mines from being killed by the ruling Frost Dragon who refused to give the dwarves sanctuary.

The dragon refused to join an alliance with the Sorcerer Kingdom as well, having resigned itself to the approaching death of the world. The dwarf became a witness to Cocytus battling the Frost Dragon with relative ease. It was due to the Floor Guardians strength that the dragon decided to consider an alliance with the Sorcerer Kingdom as a matter of survival and agreed to protect the dwarven people in exchange.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Bigosa appears to be a skilled craftsman of sort, as he was able to tell at a glance that Decapitation Fang was a high quality weapon.

Main Equipment[]

  • Cloak of Invisibility: A cloak that can allow the user to remain undetected and formerly belonged to a friend.
  • Blacksmith Hammer: A small forge hammer he wields in his right hand.



Being his father, Bigosa shares a familial appearance with Tsuibayaya, though the two share different interests. Bigosa is well aware of Tsuibayaya's obsession with crafting swimsuits which he deems to be a fool's dream.

Gondo Firebeard[]

It's revealed that Bigosa was an acquittance of Gondo. While Bigosa did not think Gondo though of him as a friend, the other dwarf did and was concerned for his safety. His concern for Gondo may have stemmed from having to deal with a troublesome family member that pursued his dreams with reckless abandoned. After Gondo went to Feo Raizo to collect ores for his research, Bigosa risked death to travel to the abandoned to make sure he was okay. However the older dwarf found no trace of his friend, only a bloodstained cloak. Since no corpse was found, Bigosa hopes that Gondo may be alive.


  • While the developers reused Tsuibayaya's image for Bigosa, in the game lore, Bigosa reasons that to other races dwarves may look similar, but he and Tsuibayaya are in fact different.


  • (To the protagonist): "Why you, that idiot.....do you know the name of Tsuibayaya?"
  • (About Tsuibayaya): "Swimsuit...haa. That idiot is still like that, are you aiming for something strange, like that Boastful Sage.........it seems that you're still a disaster."


  1. Mass for the Dead Chapter 14: Mountain Range Lord


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