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Big Three (ビッグスリー) is an unofficial group in the Baharuth Empire mentioned in the Web Novel.


There were no better words to describe the three of them. They were the greatest magic casters in the country, the representatives of the students, and the representatives of the teachers in the Baharuth Empire.


Overlord Second Half Arc

The Big Three were assembled in the cafeteria of the Imperial Magic Academy. Fluder Paradyne having registered himself as a student caused a stir amongst the students. The principal spoke to Fluder who insisted that he receive no special treatment for the Promotional Exam. The conversation was eavesdropped by Jet Testania and Dimoya, who listened as the principal inquired on Fluder's longevity. The conversation itself was dominated by the senior magic masters and was riddled with hidden cues between the two.[1]


This trio is recognized as some of the most strongest Magic Casters in the nation. The appearance of one of the alone would cause a commotion.

Known Members


  • So far it is unknown if this group exists in the Light Novel series.


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