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Bell of Detect Secret Doors (隠し扉探知の鐘) is a magic bell that detects hidden passageways and doors.


For those without the skills of a thief or lacking the proper equipment to locate unseen gateways, this item is used in substitution.


Resembles a handbell, with a smooth, round shape and distinct marks carved into its surface. Upon closer inspection, it has blue designs etched upon its bronze surface.


Bell of Detect Secret Doors Effect

Bell's Effects

The bell is activated when near the presence of a hidden door. Once in proximity, a refreshing tone will cause the bell to ring out. This chime can only be heard by the user.

After signaling the user, the bell will cause a pale blue light to gather, indicating the location of the secret door.[1]


  • Gagaran possesses a number of magical items such as these and gave one to Climb,[2] who used it during a raid on a brothel owned by Eight Fingers.


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